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  1. Is it okay if I put some japanese sentences that I stuck on I'm very afraid about posting this japanese sentences
  2. now I want a remake of oreimo or make OVA about ruri,ayase,manami and saori
  3. hey there welcome to the forums
  4. Yo yo yo welcome to the best friendly VN community in the world
  5. Yo!!! Here the lastest partial patch its cover CD and RD as well here the link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/jmu886bxm24oxiu/ML_Chronicles_CD_and_RD_partial_patch.rar also there's a text file with TL notes for further references to the terms used.
  6. As long as the story is good I personally dont really care bout the MC voice
  7. Yup you can do the original later
  8. I personally prefer go to Clannad Tomoyo route then go to Tomoyo After
  9. Yeah yeah Tomoyo After is the best sex scene I watched ever
  10. 1.Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier 2.S2TW 3.COH 2 4.Fallout New Vegas 5.Tom Clancy's Endwar
  11. Yo!!! Welcome to the forums Try playing FSN and tsukihime its really amazing story
  12. Yo!!! Thanks for the support also here the rough update proggress Rain Dancers TL - 444/444 (Fix lines) TLC - 402/444 The Day After 00 TL - 1546/3362 TLC - 116/3362 I'm very sorry the proggress of TDA still same as last week, but the good news is partial patch of RD will coming soon
  13. To be release : Muv Luv Alternative Chronicles 04 To be TL : Muv Luv Altered Fable,F/H Ataraxia,LB EX,Tomoyo After ME,Kud Wafter,Yosuga No Sora
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