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  1. Clannad is my first JVN. It's also the one I love, perhaps, the most. I have pondered over the same question numerous times, OP. After all, I've read little busters not too long ago and was all like "Yeah, it's great, but it's not Clannad". If I'll ever reread something, that's, probably, Flowers though.
  2. Because visual novels colour my grey life with emotions I can never experience irl.
  3. I started learning it cause I got really pissed off with some things about Nonary games' translations. I learned kana a few years earlier and read Tae Kim's grammar guide before starting. My first untranslated VN was koisora and it felt like bashing a head against a wall. Slowly, but surely parts of it go off, yet still frustrating as hell. It did feel rewarding though. With how often I stalled it and my reading speed it took me about half a year. Wouldn't take more than a few weeks now. I used ithvnr with rikaisama starting up, but it doesn't hook most of the VNs I play, so
  4. The Devil on G-string. Novel criminal setting and my favorite OST, which is heavily based on famous pieces of classical music. Awesome story that does something I've never seen before. Sharin no Kuni. Dystopian story from the same developer which is also quite good, sharing some of it's best plot devices with the above mentioned. Worse branching structure as it makes you spend time skipping stuff to see the side routes. Not on steam yet though.
  5. If I don't enter any data using it, it's probably okay. At most they have my ip address. Shouldn't be anything else.
  6. Gave vpn a shot. Bought ever17 to see how it goes. Went fine. Disabled vpn after adding it to the cart (seems it only blocks me from browsing). Had to use vpn again to download denchi-DRM thing it denied launching without. Also dlsite actually loads when I use vpn. That one's weird, wonder if it's intentionally designed to not load from Russia. God bless vpn.
  7. Buying things through vpn seems risky.
  8. Interestingly enough, clicking the link I found out that Fanza part of DMM doesn't block me. (Still can't access DLSite). I now think I might be permabanned on DMM games. That's not what it says, but why would it have a permaban message anyway. Just checked it with smartphone not connected to wi-fi and was able to use it just fine. Few years ago I've been trying to play kankole using a VPN. That might have been bad. Damn. Edit: actually probably not, seems like it lets me in when I'm logged out is all. 2nd edit: asked a friend to check; same result; seems dlsite is inaccessible because of
  9. DMM says このサービスはお住まいの地域からはご利用になれません。whenever I use search or go for PCゲーム. DLSite doesn't load saying: The page isn’t redirecting properly on firefox and ie. I think I might've already checked it a long time ago and it was the same. Doesn't seem to be blocked by the government though, so I'm clueless. Just those 2 deal with downloadables? That sucks. Thanks for the link.
  10. Getchu needs a prefecture on order for delivery, so no overseas deliveries? I have a feeling it also needs a japenese visa. Is it actually a digital download? That's what the but means, right? How did you guys use it? And I can't access dlsite from neither of my browsers and gadgets for some reason. Yeah I know, but those are more of rare exceptions. First grisaia game is also in English (speaking of frontwing). VNs I'm thinking about are either in english or not released on it.
  11. Recently, I figured out that jp amazon doesn't ship to Russia. DMM denies service in the first place. Steam usually has what it has in English only (as well as other western stores). Is there possibly anything else I can try? Something obvious that I'm missing. Besides taking a plane to japan every time I want to stock up on visual novels (I'm as poor as the next Russian guy).
  12. Finished Flowers Fuyu-hen (and previous titles). There's a natsu-hen review above so I'll try to be brief. I only ever started series to try out some yuri game as I never played those. Yet I enjoyed it a lot binging on it. I have some grudges with game design. I hate when you have to do all the endings or start again to get new pointless choices to get the true ending that's basically a continuation of the first ending. Also two of the games make you do all the routes to get Suou's viewpoint chapter which explains the events of the main storyline (Suou's), I didn't like doing side routes and I
  13. I'm 22 yrs old russian guy. Recently finished uni and been having a little break lately. I've started visual novels with everlasting summer about 4 years ago. I enjoyed it a lot and then decided to try fate stay night. My favorite VNs are Clannad and G-senjou no maou. Having finished virtue's last reward I've been disappointed in english translation (as it is made for slightly altered englisih voiceover) and so one year ago I've set out on an arduous quest of learning japanese on my own. Currently, I am reading Baldr Sky dive 1, which is my third vn in japanese. Finished second route yester
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