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  1. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind are my favourite games, while Ace Attorney is my favourite series as a whole. No game appeals to everyone, as has already been said, but these are the ones that I love to share with friends. Though outsiders to the PM games might not expect this from such a seemingly kiddy franchise as Mario Bros., The Thousand-Year Door is a strong JRPG that makes combat fun, rather than grindy and tedious, and the sheer amount of worldbuilding in the game is astounding. As a diehard fan of the original Paper Mario, I remember being
  2. http://xy12.pokemontcgxy.com/en-us/home.php cool
  3. Just saw your earlier post and noticed that you're an AA fan yourself (wasn't sure if you just appreciated the 10/10 animated adaptation). You have supreme taste, my friend. Who needs Chinese porn games when you can have authentic American courtroom drama set in the great city of Los Angeles, right? Have you played Spirit of Justice yet?
  4. I came because of that sweet avatar. Welcome to the forums, @Gaikonaiko.
  5. @Rooke @Tiagofvarela I think you guys are misreading me a bit. To clarify my words, I'm not saying that those cases aren't entertaining or less of a good mystery because of that allowance by the writers, or even that mysteries of their kind are objectively inferior. I'm simply raising the point that, to a new player (e.g. OP), it might give a false impression of the series' content. I should have elaborated on this more. The format isn't a "problem", but a player without prior knowledge might incorrectly assume that they'll never be tasked with solving the whole mystery and will a
  6. They're pretty entertaining mysteries, but I must admit as a diehard fan that the first and second cases of the first game lack one very important component: They both reveal the murderer at the outset of the chapter rather than allowing the player to piece together the crime and discover that themselves. Ten years ago when I first played Ace Attorney, this actually made me less interested and invested in what was going on; I knew where the chapter would ultimately lead to, so even if smaller revelations along the way were surprising and interesting, the killers' identities being est
  7. I second that suggestion, but just in case it wasn't already implied, I recommend trying out the war gameplay once it's become abundantly clear that you're the most advanced nation on the map. It's almost like target practice at that point, but war takes a little bit of getting used to so it's a great opportunity. Also, OP, don't be ashamed to choose a low difficulty setting at first.
  8. They already bought Civ 5; don't you think we should answer that rather than pointing at other games? @Seth, Civ 5 is one of those games where the vanilla was a total joke but it got better with expansions/DLC. If you have everything, I wholeheartedly suggest installing it all and playing that way from the start. I hope you enjoy it. Have you played any of the other games in the series, or will this be your first?
  9. Can't say I have a preference. I really love both types of RPGs. Favourite games are The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Undertale. So...an American WRPG, a Japanese(-made) JRPG, and an American JRPG. As a general note, though, I'd say the defining aspects of quality (in my eyes) are very different for both. For WRPGs, I care a lot more about world-building and exploration. If I feel like I've been set free into an open world with innumerable possibilities (which was what I liked so much about Morrowind), I can forgive a predictable or even weak
  10. Great observations all around. I couldn't agree more with your assertions, both in my experience with VNs and their readership alike.
  11. First of all: If you don't like Katawa Shoujo, don't fool yourself into thinking you do. A lot of people like it, sure, but if you're not feeling it and it just feels like you're forcing yourself to read out of obligation, then maybe it's not the story for you. I remember dozens of people raving about Grisaia no Kaijitsu when it had just been translated. I gave it a solid 5-6 hours before putting it down, never to play it again. It just wasn't for me, and there's nothing wrong with that. That said, if this is a general issue with restlessness and an inability to relax...try settling into
  12. 10/10 superb introduction, McMuffin. Glad to have you; hope you enjoy your stay.
  13. Not to keep you involved in a discussion you'd rather not be, but I agree with this 100%, and KnS is my favourite VN. I actually learnt this lesson from experience years ago -- recommended a friend the game and his commentary was largely "Why is there all of this random porn?" for the first couple of hours. It's a great story, mystery and thriller all-around, but it's written with VN fans in mind (and henceforth laden with fanservice and ero scenes unessential to the plot). That's kind of a shocker to someone expecting a murder mystery with music and visuals.
  14. Oh God not more Kancolle I thought they'd surely aborted it after the shipwreck that was the anime. Edit: Thought it was another season; didn't notice it was under the "Movie" section
  15. This. It introduces the storytelling medium while being an entertaining experience and relatively challenging puzzle for gamers of other persuasions. I was so taken with how the stories were told as a 12-year-old that I began to actively seek out other games like it, which naturally led me to VNs. Kara no Shoujo and its associated titles ended up being exactly what I was looking for, although I imagine that people more interested in the comedy/drama elements would feel at home with different VNs.
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