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  1. Root Double is 50% off @ Steam !

    You can always try to ask for a refund if there isnt that long ago
  2. I thought I could share if someone wanted to add it to their backlog.. It is a good one right? Its not like it will be 50% ogg again anytime soon so might aswell..
  3. Overwatch Group

    Who is still playing and what heroes? I have gotten extremely hooked on this game recently Got a comp group from my old WoW guild and playing mostly Mercy. But also D.Va and Mei.
  4. NO IT IS NOT! This is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE GAME and I have played it for a year straight now. Bought the JP Future tone when it was released, and then I bought the EU Future Tone when it was released recently. I also play X, f and f2. My boyfriend is NOT into jpop at all, or rhythm games. But guess what? After I got the arcade controller he got completely hooked. lol. I REALLY recommend Hatsune Miku <3 And also, of all the ones I know that are addicted to HM, they are all males
  5. Lots of choices recommendation (Video Game)

    The Witcher 3?
  6. Okay I had to pull myself together and not buy all of them. I was thinking that Im waiting with buying Tomoyo After and Side stories till i have completed Clannad (Wont be right now) So I ended up with: KARAKARA Nurse Love Addiction Thanks for the reccomendations Fuwa!
  7. Thanks guys. Or maybe I shouldnt thank you as Im now buying all of them. lol. 40-50% off though. 60% off clannad as and tomoyo after! And I gotta read MuvLuv at some point anyway, and Alternative will be a separate game.
  8. I need to feed my backlog because... SALE. KARAKARA? Harmonia? Clannad side stories? Tomoyo after? (already have Clannad) Muv-Luv? Nurse Love Addiction?
  9. Root Letter - spoil me please

    I think you misunderstood. I have the game and I've seen 1 ending. I wanted to know the other endings without wasting more time on this crappy crap
  10. Playing VNs in window vs fullscreen?

    Dual screen setups to the people!! I mean... how can you guys even live without? But I realize that the majority of you might play on laptops?
  11. So Im making one of theese threads for a game I will never finish. I got the ending with her being a nurse and going to Australia (?) because of the real Ayas wishes after she died and blabhlabh) Dont know if this is the true route or not? Tbh I didnt like this VN much. But Im kind of curious of how far out the other endings are but Ive heared that some of them are just very weird and even paranormal? Share all your thoughts on all routes please!! So what really happened to Aya?
  12. Playing VNs in window vs fullscreen?

    Full screen when it's not too blurry. And always fullscreen on my 8" tablet obviously. And guys, I have the solotion multitasking/translating: Thats my setup xD (And yes thats also my badass pink chair and my wannabe wolf )
  13. I have bought Kindred Spirits on the Roof and will be starting with that one! I saw all the amazing reviews and I think its just what im looking for. Coming back to this thread for more when im done with KSOTR