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  1. It has been inactive for months now, only time will tell if they come back or if another team decides to start a new TL project
  2. 'Tell me a (decent or sometimes good) story Papa!'
  3. already played G-senjou no Maou, majikoi and Euphoria, I'll look up for Sharin no Kuni, Hello Lady and Soushinjutsu 3 tho, Thanks a lot guys Thank you Clephas you are a god I'll look up all of them
  4. Translated, untranslated, eroge, otome, male or female mc, I don't care as long as it isn't BL I've hardly seen this type of protagonist in VNs and I'm really interested if someone know some Also If you know of a VN with a manipulative character that isn't the MC but it's still good or worth mentioning please let me know Thanks in advance. (Found this vn, with a supposed manipulative MC a while ago, looks interesting enough, but I haven't played it yet, I'd appreciate if someone tells me if it's worth my time and money or not)
  5. Fun fact: Urobuchi only wrote the script for the first episode of Aldnoah.Zero. My recommendation: Legend of the Galactic Heroes
  6. Try reading it, if you are still unmotivated then is clear that you just aren't enjoying KS, doesn't mean it isn't a vn for you tho. You could leave it there, read other things, and then come back with more experience in the medium. And maybe then enjoy it.
  7. Maybe just maybe, you are experiencing the same thing that happened to me When I was first getting myself into VN I had the problem that I thought common routes were the most boring thing ever, and when I got to the character routes everything started to get interesting. If you want, you could try the beginning of your waifu's route and see what if you feel more motivated
  8. I understand that feeling very well my friend. My Advice is: Don't force yourself into reading/playing it, just wait until you are in the reading mood (like in the mood to read a good book) get some coffee, maybe some snacks, get comfortable and be happy because you are doing something you like. If you think you are never on the mood to read the VN you are currently reading/playing, then maybe you should think to yourself if it is really your type of story, if you are really enjoying, and if that's the case, then move on to another one and so on. That's what I think, hope it hel
  9. In no particular order >The souls series >Mass effect trilogy >Persona Series >Anything done by Vanillaware >Shadow of the Colossus / Ico Edit: forgot rhythm games (Project diva series, cytus, deemo)
  10. who thought using "out of 5" score system for the reviews was a good idea?
  11. Anyone still playing katawa shoujo here?
  12. Thank you senpais, i really apretiate all the answers. If you guys says that the game has enough replay value to play it twice (original and remake) then I won't contain my hype anymore.
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