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  1. Confession: I just nearly died I learned today that really cold rain is not a force to be reckoned with.
  2. Huh, lot's of strange issues in this thread that I didn't even know were possible. That is, they're far from being outside the realm of possibility, but, even having worked with various digital devices as much as I have, these issues still seem strange. Err, there is that. I share your pain, for that most part (I'm gonna jinx myself by mentioning this, but it seems like my headphones break less often when I have at least two sets of them, and currently I have two such working sets).
  3. I'd say I have a pretty clearly defined opinion about voice acting; If it's actually good, it can add quite a lot to the experience. If it's anything less than good, or if it's too inconsistent, such as if side characters pop up much at all but are unvoiced (unvoiced protag is fine), it tends to detract (and distract) from the experience more than it adds. Of course, while I don't know if I can honestly name any cases where a VN which had no voice acting would suffer from somehow gaining good voice acting, or any cases of VNs with good voice acting that would improve in the abse
  4. To be honest, easy mode seems to make these maps harder, so I went and did one with just halftime (no nofail :P). Amusingly, despite being absolutely lazy with this, it turned out to be a higher overall score than my highest nofail on this map. Anyways, its a C rank: Btw, my images work for perfectly for me. Are you somehow blocking postimg or something? In any case, those previous ones are all runs of Linkin Park, Steve Aoki - A Light That Never Comes [Insane], just as this one is. The first one is D rank, 181730 score, 46.32% accuracy, 262x300+309x100+36x50+194xMisses.
  5. Depends on what kind of readme it is, then. I'd stick by my general estimate of "most readmes", but VNs don't really have much to gain from said readmes. I have played a decent amount of RPG Maker h-rpgs, and translators for those often put important stuff in the readmes, or just make more useful ones. There was one such game that had a "translation notes" of some sort, and I read that. It was interesting to read, at least, and gave me a better understanding of why some parts of the game seemed slightly off in their translation. Basically, I read readmes for pretty much everything, but sometim
  6. I would say I read most readmes, and that I tend to turn to them as one of the first areas to search for a solution when running into an issue. However, some readmes are basically useless, and sometimes readmes are still in japanese (such as with some fan translations), or some other condition makes the readme unreadable to me. Of course, I actually read documentation and consult search engines to find problems to technical issues on nearly a daily basis, so I doubt I could be considered the norm... Having served as a temporary tech support for some of my friends in the past, I've been exposed
  7. Err, by score, I meant how well I did. I guess accuracy percentage is actually what I use. I suppose something to keep in mind is that my ability to read maps is WAY ahead of my physical limits... that is, I know what I need to do to beat any given map long, long before I can actually do that thing well enough for that information to be actionable. That's probably a pretty big factor in why what I do seems to actually work. Here's a score from the end of last month (pretty much just a week ago), on an insane map, which is above my play level, but not as far as some of the stuff I pla
  8. To be fair, I can actually get extremely consistent scores on maps I get low D ranks on. For example, when I was just re-getting into osu, I was getting as low to 10-15% on certain really hard maps, but the accuracy I got on such maps stayed extremely consistent at any given time. At this point, I seem to get 20% consistently on the super hard ones, and as high as 40% on certain ones. For any map, however, the accuracy doesn't change too much within the same day for me, unless I specifically note certain mess ups I'm making and actively practice my way around those. I do attempt this mindful s
  9. Just as the titles says, I would like to know; has moege ever improved your life in some way? To give an example, I point to my own experience: There was a time where, due to having read a bunch of stuff I really, really did not enjoy reading, for an extended period of time, with no real breaks (school related, so I had to read it) , and a bunch of other stress from other things at the same time, I ended up burned out on reading. When I say that, I don't just mean something like "gah, I really don't want to read anymore", but rather that I found myself unable to read anything beyond
  10. So, I've gotten slightly better than when I posted that score. One thing I like to do is play maps that are way above my skill level on no fail. It serves as good practice, and is even, somewhat ironically, far less stressful than practing on my skill level. After all, if the map is so hard for you that just getting a few hits is pretty impressive, then its quite a decent bit easier to brush off failure as being normal, while still being possible to learn from it. Here's an example of a score I got on the insane difficulty of the map I previously posted about; Also, here's a legit, no
  11. I don't actually remember what exactly the first 5 VNs I played were, but I think that among whatever those 5 were includes Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius and Katawa Shoujo. I'd be tempted to also say Ever17, but I'm pretty sure I dropped it the first couple of times I tried to read it, and then, quite a bit later, actually read through it. Thinking about it, I also played a number of random flash games, some of which I'm pretty sure were at least similiar to VNs, with some of them perhaps qualifying outright. Also, lots of non-VN h-games. I think I even played True Love at some relatively early p
  12. Confession: I had read through a very large portion of this thread as a lurker, starting quite a while ago, simply because I was bored and figured this kind of thread would have amusing content. I've come to the conclusion that there is both amusing content here, as well as simply interesing conversations. Extra Confession: I tried to get through Fate/Stay Night, but I simply couldn't get myself interested enough to even get past the beginning part of the game. So I get where you are coming from.
  13. The wine version seems to be up-to-date, so that indeed would not be the issue. reg.exe seems to be a way of modifying the registry (which, in wine, is simply a file within the wineprefix). If wine is complaining about reg.exe, I'd have to guess that the game is trying to work with the registry using reg.exe, but is failing in some way. If it's complaining due to a missing disk, maybe there's something it tries to grab from the disk that it can't get. It could also just be a different issue. Unless the game uses a registry entry to determine whether it needs the disk or not, you probably
  14. Hey, someone else who plays VNs in wine! (I use linux, but its the same software doing the emulation, ultimately) "To the Radiant Season" looks like an... interesting case. I'll try to look into it directly, and see if I get that issue. The Clannad issue seems like it can be worked around by using the previously suggested RLVM. "Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na" might indeed be worked around by mounting the whatever serves as the "play disc" (this would just be the game disc iso if there's only one, and the first one if there's multiple). As a tip for accomplishing this in wine in gene
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