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  1. 9-nine-:Episode 1 coming January 31st

    The game is very good but too short for my liking. I know that it was episodic but it could have been handled better. Anyway, cannot wait for the next installments.
  2. Another name left the scene - RIP minori

    It's so sad. I mean Supipara looks like great game. Anyway, hope whomever get affected by this closure will become stronger after this.
  3. If only I can speak Japanese, I will try to do it.
  4. I hope this mean that Sekai can finish their remaining projects better. I can see that Sekai indeed try to do too many things at a time.
  5. Humble Hot Date Bundle

    To be honest I am quite surprised that Love In Space don't publish their own games. Anyway, I am glad that they have good relationship with Sekai.
  6. What I mean is 2 visual novel (2 different games), not the same game with different routes. Anyway, based on my experience, no matter how many heroines visual novel games have, there will be the main one. And the story will give more weights for the main heroine. That's a given. Personally for me, if I don't really like the ending but I like the heroines, then I will just pretend that ending never exist. That's just for me. Everyone is different though.
  7. Personally I think any ending type can be good as long as it was done right. There should not be only one ending type that can satisfy us, especially since most visual novels or games or books can only have so much variations of the same theme story. For example, 2 visual novels with the same theme can have different endings and both can be satisfying as long as it was done correctly. I agree that true ending doesn't mean it is the best ending. For me, I prefer Suikoden 2 best ending in which Riou get Rune of Beginning and lead Dunan rather than Riou and Jowy going on journey together.
  8. Your once in a lifetime VN

    For me, it was Muv Luv (extra, unlimited, and alternative).
  9. What is your favourite VN store?

    I prefer Steam since Steam has regional pricing. For someone like me who live in third world country, regional pricing is very important.
  10. I prefer PC since I don't want VN to be scattered between Android, IOS, or PC. Better for VN to stay in one system.
  11. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Wonder what happen between Yuzusoft and Sekai.
  12. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    Okay, my mistake then. Thank you for the correction. I can understand that Steam need to follow the law and staffs need to follow Steam policy, but it has to be fair and not bias. If there's no nudity or sex act or whatever violating the policy or regulation, no need to ban the game then.
  13. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    If Valve really cannot release 18+version for whatever the reason, I really hope that at the very least, they can still release all age version. I play VN not for the nudity or sex act but for the story, preferable the main char is adult.
  14. [new release] Innocent Forest 1 & 2

    Looks promising but unfortunately it needs VR.
  15. For me it was Stein Gate. I really want to play it but the artwork make me hesitant. Don't know why. Hope someday I can finish the game.