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  1. I use blogger to write my opinion and review books and games and also other things. You can try it.
  2. I feel sad to hear this. Personally I don't mind people whom cannot afford it (due to their low income) to pirate it. But for people whom can afford it, I hope they will buy more VN to support the company.
  3. 9-nine-: Episode 2 released

    Right now I am playing the second. Hope it turns out better than episode one. Anyway, cannot wait for episode three.
  4. Personally I prefer my visual novel not in High School setting especially since many visual novel is hentai. Makes me feel like pedophile. That's why I respect visual novel not in High School setting. It feels much more realistic. But I can understand the benefits of having your characters as minor (not adult). Besides, my High School life doesn't have any resemblance with visual novel. As far as I remember, I have to keep studying just to survive High School (my High School is one of the best school in my country).
  5. Pray for their shop. Hope it will help their sales.
  6. Job available for visual novel game studio

    I am from Indonesian too but currently live abroad. Wish you best of luck.
  7. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    I wonder when some of this tittle will get out. Cannot let my hope up especially for Sekai Project.
  8. Trinoline Release

    Personally I prefer chunige and something like that with plot and story even though it's simple one. I have read some romance and cute visual novel before in the past. Ff it's not boring, I will read it until the end. I don't know why but current romance and cute visual novel is quite boring. Don't know if it's the story or maybe I am just lack patience like before.
  9. The fastest you've ever dropped a VN?

    Yes. Even until today I cannot play it. Don't know why.
  10. Trinoline Release

    I really want to play this game. But after reading the review, it makes me hesitant just a little bit. I cannot even manage to finish under one wing even though I force myself to finish it.
  11. It's good not to depend on Steam. Just wondering how many people will buy the game on Discord. It must be loss for Discord since I heard even with 12 percent revenue, Epic still take a loss.
  12. Visual Novel Steam Sales Declining?

    I wonder about that too. Maybe because of lack of promotion.
  13. Cannot wait for this. Hope everything gonna be okay.
  14. Your favorite voice actors/actresses?

    My current favorite seiyuu: 1. Nobunaga Shimazaki 2. Mamoru Miyano 3. Tomokazu Seki 4. Takashi Kondo