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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Forgetful Frank in Hi, I'm Forgetful Frank!   
    Welcome to Fuwa!, hope you enjoy your time here
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    DarkZedge reacted to VirginSmasher in Top 5 VN Heroines   
    Awesome list although I prefer Mei over Ran, but that's just me hating Ran's route quite a bit.
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Canicheslayer in Top 5 VN Heroines   
    I agree with those two and i'll add more, the positions don't really matter but ill re- organize them anyways:
    1 - Yumiko (Grisaia)

    2 - Kagome (Coμ)

    3 - Usami Haru (G-Senjou)

    4 - Tsubame (Majikoi S)

    5 - Ran (Edelweiss)

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    DarkZedge reacted to Decay in Information about Grisaia   
    The kickstarter page is the best place to get up to date information, since they update it with any progress they have to share. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sekaiproject/the-grisaia-trilogy-three-huge-visual-novels-for-p/updates
    Most recent word was from last week, Meikyuu is 75% translated.
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from birthofthecool in Koichoco (Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate) Save File not 100%   
    While i do agree that Mifuyu played the victim role a bit too much i still found the confrontation between her and Chisato entertaining and somewhat dramatic plus i did like the rain scene and all, overall when she's not victimizing herself i think she can be one of the sweetest ones though like i said my personal favorites were Michiru and Satsuki followed by Aomi then Mifuyu and last Chisato ( though i'll grant you that when playing her route she's much more bearable than in Satsuki's, Aomi's or Mifuyu's with Michiru she's kinda sweet because she never saw it coming until it happened since she didn't see Michiru as a threat)
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    DarkZedge reacted to birthofthecool in Koichoco (Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate) Save File not 100%   
    The funny thing is, that she was way less annoying in her route, once the romance started, than compared to some of the other routes where her jealousy went overboard (Aomi), OTOH, for example in Michiru`s route, she becomes pretty sweet.
    In the end I'd say the Mifuyu route was the one I liked the least. I just don't sympathize that much with her preferring to be the victim approach.
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    DarkZedge reacted to Pata in Favorite BGM/soundtrack of a Visual Novel   
    I have a feeling that i heard this song somewhere. Sounds very familiar. Is it just me?
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    DarkZedge reacted to Hackrabbits in Comyu - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku -   
    Comyu - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku -
    "We are the team. Yes, it's like a community...."

    There is a legend of a mysterious girl called "Girl A" who appears in the city and sings all night. One night, Akihito meets four boys and girls as if led by the Girl A....

    There is no friendship nor trust between them, but they can control a huge iron monster as they like by combining their power. Since the day they get the power, their extraordinary life starts....

    Akihito later knows that they will need to pay a price for the power. When the monster dies, their community will also disappear....

    They decide to head for another world called Communet with a help of Kagome, a black witch...

    Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order
    1st Playthrough - Route for Heroine 1. There is only one insignificant choice. If you reach a bad end then it'll give you a fun lecture and redirect you back to the choice so don't worry.
    2nd Playthrough - Routes for Heroine 2, 3 and 4 will be unlocked after the 1st playthrough. New choices will be available, so start from scratch and save at the choices you encounter to return to; because scene select will not work for you if you're going in an order other than Heroine 2 -> 3 -> 4. Lastly, remember to go through Heroine 1's route a second time for new scenes after the 1st playthrough!
    3rd Playthrough - Route for Heroine 5 will be unlocked after completing all three routes above. A new choice will be available. If you choose the correct choice, no matter what other choices you pick afterwards; you'll still be locked on Heroine 5 no matter what other choices you choose.
    There are a number of Bad Ends throughout the game but they are not important. If you do end up hitting a Bad End then the game will just give you a fun lecture and redirect you back to the choice you hit a wall with. It's actually pretty fun after hitting one so go find them!

    Route Guideline

    Takekawa Benio
    Good End

    Soejima Hisoka
    Normal End

    Good End

    Yuubana Mayuki
    Good End

    Ayaya Enishi
    Good End

    Hinaori Kagome
    Good End

    This walkthrough is based on the two versions Hackrabbits and sysBlank put together. Some info was attained on g-seeker.net and vndb.org.
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from TheGuy21 in Need help! SOS!   
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    DarkZedge reacted to Nosebleed in Where to watch/read anime/manga/light novels legally   
    List of Legal Anime, Manga & Light Novel Sources
    Figured this topic might be useful to be pinned in this section.
    The plan is to list down legal sources where one can watch anime and read manga/light novels and support the industry as much as possible instead of using illegal sources.
    If you wish to contribute to the list, please post in the thread or PM me so it can be added.
    Other mods are free to edit the list as well, although I would appreciate it if you could check the box that shows you edited it.
    Disclaimer: Obviously I don't use every single one of these sites so I can't provide personal experience for all, so please do read each site's ToS/FAQ before using it and make sure it will work for you, I only be giving a brief overview of each site.
    If you have any experience with any of these sites and want to give feedback to other members, please do make post about in the thread.
    Streaming Sites
    This might be a good place to start to see if the series you want is even available for streaming.
    Crunchyroll (Subscription based. Usually tends to have most of the recent shows. Offers subs in multiple languages) Funimation (Subscription based. Offers English dubs for a lot of the recent anime) Daisuki (No subscription needed. Streams worldwide with possible restrictions) The Anime Network (Subscription based. Streams worldwide I think? Possible restrictions) Hulu (Subscription based. Streams in the US only) Netflix (Subscription based. Streams in some regions depending on the show) VizMedia (Hulu based so same thing as Hulu) Non-english streaming websites:
    Wakanim (French, has subscription, non-subscription and VOD offers) ADN (French, subscription based) Both My Anime List and Anime News Network have also recently partnered with some of the above sites to stream on their site as well.
    Buying Anime
    There are several sites and stores across the globe that probably have some anime in stock, so you should always check your local retailers first. Also check anime databases like MAL or ANN for the official licensing companies as those are usually the ones in charge of providing the product directly to their consumer.
    The most useful sites tend to be Amazon and RightStuf.
    AmiAmi also tends to have the most recent blu-ray releases, often the limited editions as well. Note these are strictly in Japanese.
    You can also use Amazon Japan if you have a proxy or a forwarding service that can get you your stuff.
    Before you do anything, Manga Updates is an awesome database to find information on the publishers of any given manga/manwha/manhua/light novel, including webcomics (something a lot of other databases leave out) so you might want to look up the title you want there first and foremost to see if it's been licensed or where it's being published.
    Digital Manga
    Crunchyroll (Subscription based. Usually up to date. Available worldwide. Has an iOS/Android app) Book Walker (Commercial. Offers Light Novels too. Has an iOS/Android app) Book Walker JP (Same as the above but offers only Japanese manga and light novels. Has a bigger catalog though) Kodansha Comics (Commercial. Offers lots of both digital and physical manga) Comic Walker (No subscription needed. Is often out of date though) Comic Walker JP (No subscription needed. Much more up to date but offers only Japanese manga. Also has links to purchase) Viz (Offers usually both digital and physical versions of their manga, usually through Amazon) Shounen Jump (English simulpub of Shounen Jump. Available in English-speaking countries only) Amazon (Commercial. Amazon often tends to offer digital editions of the manga in their catalog) Amazon JP (Only Japanese manga, usually the most recent stuff. You'll need to have a Japanese amazon account) Physical Manga
    Amazon (Usually people's number 1 site for purchasing both physical and digital manga) Book Depository (Free shipping to a lot of regions. Is also a regular book store) RightStuf (For some reason the manga is under "Graphic Novels) Kodansha Comics (Offers lots of both digital and physical manga) Seven Seas Entertainment (Has quite a wide range of retailers) Amazon JP (Only Japanese manga & books. Usually the most recent titles are on Amazon JP and amazon does ship manga and books internationally) Honto (Only Japanese manga & books. Ships internationally, often said to be cheaper than amazon JP) Light Novels
    The subreddit /r/lightnovels has a very extensive list of upcoming releases with several purchase links so feel free to bookmark that page and follow the sub if you're interested in keeping up with the latest stuff.
    I would once again heavily recommend checking out Manga Updates to see if the light novel you're looking for has been licensed in English, and if so, by which company, before you start googling away.
    Light Novel Licensing Companies
    Yen Press Vertical One Peace Books Tokyo Pop Most of these companies end up selling their books through third parties like Amazon or Book Depository
    Region Restrictions
    A lot of these publishers, mainly anime streaming sites, often have restrictions depending on the region you live in. However, you can always use a VPN service to change your IP address to the respective country where the service is available, which more often than not tends to be the US. Some sites only require your IP address to belong to that region during the sign-up process while others always require you to have that IP address when viewing their site.
    "But isn't VPN illegal?" you may ask. Yes, in theory changing your IP address is illegal, however you're supporting the industry by purchasing or watching/reading from any of these sites, so I think most people would agree that it's a lesser evil for a greater cause.
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from lllusion in Hey...   
    Welcome to Fuwa!, hope you enjoy your time here and feel free to ask anything

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    DarkZedge reacted to Zenophilious in Happy New Year! 2016: Who are you?   
    Yer a faggot, Harry.
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Dergonu in Comyu stopped working...when it used to   
    It seems Re-Downloading and Re-installing finally did the job..it's working so far..i'll report here again after testing to see if it happens to stop working again (hopefully not though, fingers crossed)
    Thanks you so much  for your help everyone, i really appreciate it   - bows-
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    DarkZedge reacted to Yuuko in Comyu stopped working...when it used to   
    My Coµ seems to work fine on win10 64-bit with the WIN8WOH patch.
    Try reinstall or something if possible.
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Dergonu in Comyu stopped working...when it used to   
    I have tried compatibility with win 7 and Xp sp 3 but no change, tried admin rights also no change and yeah my text format, region and unicode apps rights are set to japanese, they have been for a while now
    Any clue where this Vn's save files are located? i have saved when playing it so they should be around but can't come across them..
    I shall if everything else fails T.T, hope i find a solution though
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from lllusion in Greetings.   
    I bring you Moe ^^, hope it's to your liking 
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from lllusion in Greetings.   
    Welcome to Fuwa, enjoy your time here and don't hesitate to ask anything to anyone...we're a friendly bunch
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    DarkZedge reacted to Tellah in I'm not the best at introductions...   
    Hello all-
    I'm Tellah. I've been reading visual novels for a long time- but I mostly keep to myself and so some of the lingo might escape me sometime. Most of the VNs I enjoy the most are plot-heavy, but there are always exceptions to that rule. I was a little mopey when I could never figure out how to make Nocturnal Illusion install/run on Windows 7, but I kept the Memorial CD I bought it on anyway.
    I mostly play VNs that have official releases, but I did import a copy of the first four episodes of Umineko ages ago and fiddled with it until I was able to run it. I've also enjoyed some OELVNs- so my tastes are kind of all over the place.
    I suppose I'm just poking around and seeing what this community is like (and possibly hoping to keep a little more on-track with reading VNs I own because my backlog is ridiculous).
    So yes, in sum... hi?
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    DarkZedge reacted to Fred the Barber in Which would you recommend more..?   
    Comyu is great - definitely read it, but given what you said you're looking for, maybe not right now. If you're looking for light and fun, I'm betting KoiChoco is the right choice for you.
    But you know, maybe you're actually looking for something really great and only think you're looking for something light and fun. And if that's the case, Comyu. Definitely.
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Dergonu in Which would you recommend more..?   
    OOOH it stands for Chunnibyou ( i already know what that is xD) i thought it stood for something else silly me
    I gotta agree with you a bit here, i do love me a classic blonde twintailed tsundere ( especially after just being done with Komomo  in Hoshizora)
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    DarkZedge reacted to Dergonu in Which would you recommend more..?   
    There aint nothin' better in this world than a good old tsundere with twintails my friend.
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    DarkZedge reacted to Dergonu in Which would you recommend more..?   
    Dont know much about the rest, but ikinari anata ni koishiteiru has not been edited and so the game has quite a lot of "engrish" in it. Also the story is apperantly 90% tsundere girls being mean to the MC.
    (Which sounds awesome to me but ... might not be something everyone would enjoy )
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Suzu Fanatic in Hatsune Miku graphics / wallpapers   
    Will this one help?
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    DarkZedge reacted to Dergonu in Hatsune Miku graphics / wallpapers   
    Confession time: 
    I love hatsune miku; honestly... like, I don't know what it is, but I think its uber satisfying to watch and listen to her. The point of this thread is basically:
    I've been looking around online for some good high quality wallpapers / graphic pictures of miku in a few of her outfits, Infinity, Cherry blossom, "snow miku", white eve. But I haven't really been able to find anything.
    EDIT: Got a lot of cherry blossom, primarily need snow miku, white eve and infinity now.
    As long as it looks nice I don't mind if its fan art; as long as it is recognizable as her its fine. I've checked some sites though I haven't been able to find much. Probably just me being horrible at searching.
    Would be awesome if someone could help me out.
    EDIT 2: This is how her infinity and white eve costume / forms looks for reference. If you can find some good art of those outfits I will give you a hug! 
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Kawasumi in Fun video about kanji and Japanese people   
    I will!- Does inspired pose-  It's hard but i really wanna learn ^^ never surrender.
    It is a relief seeing and knowing that even natives have issues with it haha xD
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