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  1. I'm looking for VNs with Romance, especially Bishoujo VNs with decisions and routes. The only one I can say I've played of this kind is Katawa shoujo.
  2. I think I could play some VNs in my phone, any recommendations on what I could play? I don't think there are many options but maybe one with routes?
  3. I'll consider playing it then, more detail in the charachters is always welcome, I'll search about Lucid 9, thanks for your help!
  4. I'll take my time to play steins gate I have only watched the first season of the anime, Is it better than the anime? like, does it have anything I haven't seen in the anime already?
  5. Thanks, I'll think of what I would like to play and I'll make a blog about it tomorrow so I can get recommendations, There is no problem in what I can ask? obviously following the rules...
  6. Yes! Katawa shoujo was my first VN, I'll try these but Wich one do you recommend me to play first?
  7. Well, I saw some videos on youtube about Katawa shoujo, after I played that VN I really liked it, after that I started to play other VNs and I thought I could join a community to receive recommendations and talk about this, What got you into this?
  8. I just created my profile and I thought I should introduce myself. I'm not used to creating blogs of any kind but I'll try to be active here and to learn how this is done. I'm new with VNs and I'm learning all the terms I can but I haven't played many, so I would appreciate any advice and recommendations. Also just to clarify if there is any inconvinience with my writing, I speak spanish and I am still learning english, I hope I didn't write anything without sense... I just read the rules but let me know if this is not the place i should be posting this or feel free to delete my post.
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