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  1. I dont use any (i am just cautios with what i download and what i install), from time to time scan my pc with The best antimalware soft i'v seen for 7 years of my work, so if in the end i start using one it will be Malwarbytes anti-malware.
  2. Yea..i agree, they overdid it... the first episode was dissapointing and the opening is pretty meh...second episode was much better, but i hoped for more =( Manga did it better... Also watched Fate/Ap well...so far looks like a typical fate episodes Nothing special.
  3. I am gonna watch Kakegurui (dem girls goes ahegao about card games in the middle of schools, sounds nice ) Katsugeki Touken Ranbu, the art looks nice, plus i like swords so i am gonna give it a try. Not sure for 100% yet, but gonna give Fate/Apocrypha a try too becase....ruler is a nice waifu And a lastone is obviously a new monogatari season, dem Ougi gonna get unfolded in it plus more Arararagi is always good Might pick up some more based on the upcoming reviews Might drop some aswell
  4. Becase of plot obviously. Also, when i read VN it feels like i have friends (less lonely and more cheerfull) So i seek: nice story, lots of waifu and memomarble and likeble characters.
  5. Chaos;Child it is then Thanks
  6. I'v read Kara no Shoujo and Katawa Shoujo already.... Chaos;Head looks nice
  7. checks tags -> Boys Love only N-no, thank you! Canvas...hm... i will think about that one.... Anything else?
  8. A normal eroge... nukiges are a bit too lewd for me
  9. I am not a "fan" but even i was dissapointed with how Zeref thing got resolved, sure it was somewhat logical, but all that build up was for nothing...unless he make a comeback. The rest is okay, still better than bleach
  10. Greetings! I have some spare time and i guess i will spend it on reading a VN, so, suggest me some which will satisfy my megane fetish to the max!
  11. So, since amount of fucks given are close to zero, i gues it is about time to let some stuff go rip. I officialy close this instalation of fuwa-anime club, thread can be unpinned and forgotten It was fun running this ded club, thx to all who participate See ya space cowboy~
  12. You wish So lookslike "Comedy" it is, throw in some recomendation And since i have no idea what i am doing, i am gonna nominate Gin no Saji
  13. SO! The time has come! Lets vote for the first genre of almost not ded fuwa anime club 2017!
  14. Happy New Year to everyone.. i gues since noone cares, the genre list is confirmed We will start first votings of the year at about 15th january
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