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Ugh. Still more roadblocks. Need to get an as-yet unknown password from Nay in order to get this sucker changed. For now, please enjoy the mess of a forums we've got, and dream of the forums we will probably never one day have.

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    Man, I was just tryna be a good socialist and advocate for living wages for translators. Now we here
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    Hello everyone, I'm back with a small update. The biggest (and only) news this time is we have found an image editor: hubb2001! XD We will continue to look for image editor though, since there are a lot of images. So if you want to lend us your help, please post in this thread or send me a message. Any help is appreciated ^^. The full patch will only be truly 'full' when all the images are edited, so that won't be released anytime soon. But I may release another partial patch in the near future. I'll try to include all the translated text into this patch ^^. Well, that's about it for now. Thank you for reading and see you next time ^^.
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    Another day, another big brain post by ange. It's not exactly a bad thing for a hobby to be more closed off than others. There are plenty of VN communities. How about writing a book/manga/LN??? Yeah, well, that's what fan translation means, dude. Hello??? I think they're partially at fault for this. They could announce games only when they're closer to completion, not run update blogs, and not create things like discord servers where they're more easily exposed to toxicity. I imagine it's the same for something like anime. Anyhow who studies Translation will have their teachers tell them that literary translation pays the least. It's just the way things are. Not sure about this either. There are plenty of decent EVNs which are recognized by the community. But there's also a ton of games that are simply amateurish and sometimes try too hard to be Japanese. This is BS. There is more stuff being released nowadays than ever before. I've talked with several Japanese learners who say that if VNs were translated at the same pace as they are now back when they started, they would never have started learning Japanese. Had to re-read this a couple times to actually understand what you were trying to get at. Honestly, tell me what matters most: the amount of people you can talk to, or the quality of the discussions? I am completely fine with sharing my opinions with a restrict group of friends, though now and then I feel the urge to write a review or two. Perhaps you're the one at fault since you seem to enjoy sharing every little opinion you have with the wide world.
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    Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    A shame Jack has to leave, but real life takes priority so it's understandable. Anyway, I'll be taking over as main editor and project leader of the restoration, and right away I'll be making some changes: We will do two patches: One with the original translation + H-scenes, and another doing a TLC pass for the whole game. After reading it for a bit, I realized right away that the base translation is atrocious and the inaccuracies are abundant, so we've decided to go the IMHHW route and do a TLC pass over the whole game. This game DESERVES a proper translation, and not the butchered version TokyoToon/Harukaze shat out. But we also decided to split said TLC effort from the H-scenes patch, so as to not make people wait for it (it would make me happy if you did, though). There will be some style changes too: We will use present tense for the narration. The great majority of visual novels are written in present tense because they're meant to be seen from the eyes of the protagonist, and while I do agree that past tense does look a bit better than present tense if done properly, in this case it was obviously NOT done properly, and I don't believe myself good enough to try. Regarding Noratoto 2: The hacker said he'll start working on it, but I don't want to get ahead of ourselves. This project's been going slow but steady, so let's not rush it. The translation's been stalled for a bit because our TL has been sick, but we should start picking up speed again soon. So yeah, the H-scene patch is still months away, but we WILL see this restoration done.
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    There is a phenomenon that a lot of people don't account for... the fact that a large portion of eroge players can't get it up for uncensored material. The mosaics become more sexy than the underlying artwork *Clephas happens to be one of these*
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    I see the real suffering are the friends I made along the way
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    this is because vns are bad remove vns and everything goes well
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    cleans off dust Ahem, okay folks, what's uuuuuuup?!?!?! MaggieP is in da building!!! It's been a whole while, and while I still didn't graduated from my position of elusive shiny pokémon in the early gens just yet and I am very much still quite busy to handle multiple communities together with gacha, I decided to drop here this fine day to at least give you guys a big hello then a big bye and go my way. And while I'm here why not we chat and catch up over average quality tea? Do tell me what happened around these parts aside from the big warning of doom from Tay in the front page. I'm seeing new faces, new medals, new mods, and the same old shit all around, so whatever more did I miss? Do give me your worst barely intelligible tl;dr k thx bye* *This still isn't the big bye I mentioned yet, rest assured.
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    The Harisenbois are delighted to present you with a full patch for Shinobi Harisenbo, a short otomege about a princess and her loyal shinobi (tl note: ninja) set in the Sengoku Era. Beset by an apparition that will kill her if she speaks untruth, can our princess at last tell her shinobi how she really feels? More info & download links here: https://memeshii.home.blog/2019/11/01/shinobi-harisenbo-complete-english-patch-release/
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    what an asinine remark. the guy merely warned about how shitty the pay is, and the constant cost cutting measures affecting quality. if virtue signalling is "please pay me something livable" and then leaving when the company refuses, then consider me a virtue signaler. if all the employees just keep their mouths shut then nothing changes. If companies like SP and MG are unable to survive without worker exploitation, then they deserve to go under. You seem like the kind of person that would have defended the government for their actions during various union busting exercises. After all, workers were virtue signaling and taking their problems into the public sphere by demanding 8 hour work days.
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    But we could also be getting rid of the mosaic covering the penis, and that is the exciting part!
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    Website | Tumblr | Twitter | Discord | Itch | Lemmasoft | VNDB Download the full game on itch.io: https://pinlin.itch.io/darknights ♦ Game info ♦ Commercial or free? Free Release date? 31 October 2019 Screensize: 1280 x 720 Genre: Mystery, fantasy, romance, horror, psychological Rate: 16+ for violence, blood and suggestive themes There are 3 different type endings per route. Romantic End | Normal End | Death End ♦ Features ♦ ♦ 4 routes, each with a unique storyline ♦ 16 possible endings, 4 per storyline ♦ At least 10 hours playtime - 60,000 - 70,000 words per storyline. Total 270,608 words ♦ 8+ side characters, vary per route. ♦ 60 CG art/20+ cut scenes ♦ 60 Original background art ♦ 40 Original soundtracks ♦ 29 Achievements ♦ Opening video ♦ Bonus material ♦ Story ♦ The protagonist is student who has no goals in life. She lives in a calm village and grows bored of the environment. Despite her potentials, she doesn’t work to develop them. Suddenly disappearances occur in the village. At the same time the protagonist meets new faces. It is suspected that a new resident is possibly involved in the events. The protagonist chooses one to investigate. From there the plot separates in four different story lines. Along the story she realizes what is important to her and discovers new things about her environment. The story is told through moving sprites, original background art, unique illustrations and original soundtracks. Despite the title, Dark Night’s world is vibrant with visuals. The story appears to be slice of life, but it quickly gets down to its true color. ♦ Main characters ♦ Miyoko (can be changed): The heroine (you) in this story. A strong, badass and intelligent daredevil. Junoru: Just like his appearance, he is a real gentle man. He always speaks in a polite manner and is kind to the heroine. On the other hand his expression always carries a little bit of sadness. He is often absent-minded, which makes the heroine wonder what he is thinking about. Kurato: A strange guy who suddenly appear in front of the heroine's house. After a few incidents and misunderstandings, he is labeled as a stalker. Despite his cheerful personality, the heroine suspect his true intentions are different. Sachiro: He is a little shy around new people, but keeps his friendly attitude. He is often seen alone during night. Somehow he disappears exactly when the murders occur. He may not look harmful, but what is hidden behind this innocent face? Zeikun: Blunt and straight forward character. He prefers to be alone and often chases others away. Despite his cold attitude, he saves the heroine on the verge of death. Since he avoids questions, the heroine thinks he is hiding something. ♦ Art ♦ ♦ Questions for you ♦ Which route was did you and play and which did you enjoy the most? Share your thoughts of: - Writing/story - Visuals - Music/sound - Game mechanics - Characters/overall experience ♦ Solo project ♦ Story, sprite art, bg art, cg art, GUI and programming are done by myself. I worked with a few composers to create original soundtracks and sound effects. This game will NOT have voice acting. It may change my mind depending on how much support this project gets.
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    Unfortunately, risk of disappointment--or even project implosion--is part of the crowdfunding experience. Never back more than you're willing to see disappear with nothing to show for it. Don't back companies you don't trust. Don't back with any expectation of timelines being met or delays being properly communicated. Companies have no obligation to refund your money if you aren't satisfied. If you have concerns about any of the above, you shouldn't be pledging in the first place. That said, clearly Sol Press is in pretty dire straits if a few thousand dollars is more important to them than their company's reputation. It sounds like their main concern right now is stopping the bleeding rather than long-term health.
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    And... I'm done with the true ending. Dear God... I'll share my complete thoughts on a different occasion, but my general impressions are that as a piece of storytelling, I've enjoyed it slightly less than euphoria. It's generally better-written and more cohesive (no incomprehensible weirdness or obvious plotholes), but also so utterly relentless in its fanservice that it absolutely killed the pacing even in the most dramatic and interesting moments. Also, many of the scenes are just such hollow fanservice... There's a whole witch character that serves no other function beyond being abused in arbitrally-placed scenes. There's also a whole side-arc branching from the first chapter that is nothing but literal hours of unrelated futanari porn. Why isn't it just a bonus scenario? It absolutely murders the flow of the story. You can say that's the point of the whole experience, but after a while it just stops being a good excuse when the game also tries to tell a story. It's one thing to have tons of h-scenes, it's another inserting one literally every 5-8 minutes, no matter what's going on in the plot. It's mind-numbing through its sheer intensity, and I imagine it could be so even for some people that get off from guro. And with just how much time is spend on plain porn, the core story... Is actually quite short and simple. On the other hand, I have to once more applaud the quality of the writing, including h-scenes. If I ever felt sick from something, it was the descriptions rather than visuals. The latter, for the most part, really did little for me... I think after euphoria I just stopped reacting to this kind of extreme porn whatsoever. Plus there were like three scenes that could be vaguely described as romantic, and I think I was just too numb from the guro imagery by that point to enjoy those in any real way. In summary, if I had some hesitation in calling euphoria a nukige, I have no doubt in this case. It you're looking for an ultra-violent porn game, it's definitely extremely high-quality and full of content. If you're looking for a dark story, maybe just go for a chuunige... 6/10 PS The first ending is my headcanon, a lot more fun than the true one.
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    Just saw this announcement trailer for Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York and it looks pretty interesting. Apparently it'll be a VN/RPG hybrid which will also have some additional game play mechanics like quests, hunger, feeding, disciplines and time progress. It's definitely it's own thing and not your typical OELVN that tries to emulate Japanese anime tropes, and I'm rather curious how this will work out. Will it get more attention from people who aren't into anime art or just miss the mark? I'm also a bit worried if they go too far with the game mechanics and hurt the narrative with it. Regarding the trailer itself, the backgrounds and atmosphere are great but the characters look a bit wishy-washy to be honest and they don't seem to have different expressions. But I'll definitely keep an eye on that title since I'm a big vampire fan and of White Wolf in particular (Bloodlines is one of my all-time favorite RPG's).
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    Today âge hold their 20th anniversary event called "Still Breathing". During which they announced a few things: - Muv-Luv Alternative Sequel Called Muv-Luv Integrate Release TBD Here is a link to an article on Twinfinite: https://twinfinite.net/2019/10/muv-luv-integrate/ - Muv-Luv Action Game for PC and Smartphones Code Named: “Project Mikhail” to be released on Steam in Japanese, English and Chinese in 2020 or 2021 No gacha, but possibly a subscription or battlepass Here is a link to an article on Twinfinite: https://twinfinite.net/2019/10/new-muv-luv-action-game-code-named-project-mikhail-announced-for-pc-and-mobile/ - Kimi ga Nomzomu Eien Reboot Scope is still undecided Here is a link to an article on Twinfinite: https://twinfinite.net/2019/10/kimi-ga-nozomu-eien-rumbling-hearts-reboot/ - Muv-Luv Alternative Anime No more Details just a teaser. - They are also working on a mobile version of Muv-Luv and are still planning to release Muv-Luv Unlimited The Day After Episode 04. Here is a link to an article on Twinfinite: https://twinfinite.net/2019/10/muv-luv-mobile-unlimited-day-after-4/ The full livestream (including an english tranlstaion) can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIPDPs3eAv4 Here is also a good summary if you don't want to wtach the whole thing: https://aaltomies.wordpress.com/2019/10/22/short-synopsis-on-ages-20th-anniversary-stream-2019-10-22/
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    You're all sick.
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    Yet Steam opened the floodgates for porn in a situation when they were in no way forced to do so by their financial situation or pressure from the community, pretty much only censoring content that could be deemed illegal – illegal due to decades-long legal crusade against paedophilic material that is based on very classic form of moral panic which is always in its core reactionary/conservative. Maybe my perspective is different specifically because I'm in this country where conservative ideologies have way bigger influence on my life. But generally, while the Sony case is probably the biggest one suggesting deep consequences of left-wing cultural movements scaring media companies into self-censorship... For the most part, actual customers and their money always win and it'd take some extremely radical shifts to "eradicate" Japanese popculture. The biggest, very real threat is the anti-child-porn hysteria personified in progressively-more-strict laws, which, once more, has very little to do with any "SJW" positions. Plus, it's not like the line of what's culturally acceptable shifting is a new idea. We're living, generally speaking, in times of unprecedented access to all kinds of media. Incredible freedom to consume whatever we like outside of anyone's scrutiny. People that want to genuinely change that or hate our favourite niches... I still have doubts if they have more to say than actual market demand. Sony's case worries me because of the influence it might have on eroge market and the all-ages versions of VNs that were always primarily aimed for PS... But you suddenly have Nintendo opening arms to more daring third party games and Switch is a gigantic market. Maybe I'm underestimating the impact of the culture wars... But really, both sides of them suck to such extremes that I can't force myself to take sides myself. I know the "all libs are Antifa" statement you spew makes me cringe as much as the most ridiculous leftist mischaracterisations of anime. At least I'm very sure this world will burn (quite literally) thanks to the beautiful capitalist order that gave us those decades of prosperity and stability before any communist utopia can take over. And I'm quite unlikely to run out of VNs or anime before the shit hits the fan. ^^
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    Give feedback on new feature here: https://vndb.org/t13136
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    I was basically an all-around tester. I had to make sure there were no big bugs and was essentially another editor (looking for grammar/text issues). I made some blogs posts to show a little insight on how a project like this may work from a QC standpoint. This isn't meant to throw shade at the translators/programmers for making a mistake. In fact, making mistakes is expected in software development (and probably translations) and I kinda just want to show how I personally found and presented the issues to the programmer/translator before they fixed it. I posted these on /r/IMHHW (which coincidentally is where you can find the latest patch for both the MoeNovel/Steam version and the Japanese version of the VN): Entry #1 - Basics, Explanations, Being a Second Editor, All in the Details: https://www.reddit.com/r/IMHHW/comments/dctt60/konosora_retranslation_qc_findings_blog_entry_1/ Entry #2 - Actual "Blocker" bugs and being on the current correct Dev Patch: https://www.reddit.com/r/IMHHW/comments/ddtxp2/konosora_retranslation_qc_findings_blog_entry_2/ Entry #3 - One line of text going over engine's character limit can mess up a scene's worth presentation of names, lines, and voice clips: https://www.reddit.com/r/IMHHW/comments/dm24xf/konosora_retranslation_qc_findings_blog_entry_3/ Entry #4 - Odd CG Disappearance and Engine not liking % symbol: https://www.reddit.com/r/IMHHW/comments/dnhxir/konosora_retranslation_qc_findings_blog_entry_4/ Entry #5 - Accidental copy pastes caused lines to have a completely incorrect translations: https://www.reddit.com/r/IMHHW/comments/dosdqg/konosora_retranslation_qc_findings_blog_entry_5/ Entry #6 - Having to ask for context to make sure a line was spoken correctly https://www.reddit.com/r/IMHHW/comments/dq6xlj/konosora_retranslation_qc_findings_blog_entry_6/ Entry #7 - Keeping terms, names and ellipses consistent: https://www.reddit.com/r/IMHHW/comments/drl007/konosora_retranslation_qc_findings_blog_entry_7/ Entry #8 - Amane's route epilogue movie text was kind of a hassle (spoilers): https://www.reddit.com/r/IMHHW/comments/dt3xkl/konosora_retranslation_qc_findings_blog_entry_8/ Entry #9 - Even the TL notes needs QCing!: https://www.reddit.com/r/IMHHW/comments/dunjrn/konosora_retranslation_qc_findings_blog_entry_9/ Entry #10 - The Steam/MoeNovel version of the patch almost didn't happen https://www.reddit.com/r/IMHHW/comments/dvouz5/konosora_retranslation_qc_findings_blog_entry_10/
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    New Project + Recruitment

    I'll give you the same advice I give any and all new VN fantl groups. Pick something short and easy for your first project. It is tempting to answer a fan wishlist or fan demand, but VN translation is completely different from anime or manga translation, both in difficulty and in length.
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    First of all, watch your language, that's the second time you've done this in this thread. If you want to actually explain your point, go ahead, but if you're just here to insult people, you might as well just refrain from posting. To reiterate my point, Harukaze wanting to create an all-ages brand does not change what they have already released in the past under their current label. So, them releasing an old IP, Noratoto, in the west 18+ would not change anything. It's exactly the same game, and anyone actually googling the game will find the 18+ content anyways. It's an eroge, after all. In other words, their all-ages re-brand and their release of Noratoto could absolutely have been separate things, done under the two different brands. And since it has already been stated directly by their partners that the reason for the censored release was voice license costs, it's very obvious that this was just a move done to save money, not specifically a move done tactically along with this re-branding.
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    ive heard about this one for years and its finally here! @Dergonu read it before it was released in the west and warned me of its horrors! normally i wouldnt read this one but it is from a company that i really enjoy, clock up. ive read euphoria and enjoyed that, as well as eroge! sex and games make sexy games, as well as... please, rape me. all of these i have enjoyed from the writing to the H and style. now im gonna make the plunge into something truly vile to see if my love for them holds up! call this a test of sorts. a test for what? idk, sanity? pray for me!
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    Anyway today we have the release for the awaited Bethly's patch, and as usual you can get it from their site here. No much to say other than Irru said that they'll try to not take as much time for Hinata's patch later, and have fun playing Bethly's route later if you've been interested with Bethly ever since Ginharu being released back at 2016.
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    Hello again. Ever since the last update, I have some great news. We have found a translator willing to do the branch school routes. They've completed a few projects in the past, and are capable of helping us finish this project. That being said, don't expect the pace that Ittaku had when he was working. They're gonna take their time and do the best job they possibly can. We're also still searching for a second editor who is good enough to work on either the branch school section or the main school section. If you think you have the capabilities to do so, please contact me here or on Discord at VS#1496. That's all for today. I don't know when this will be updated again, but look out for some positive progress in the future.
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    Holy fuck, the incelspeak is strong with you. Steam is pandering to SJW? You think that's where child porn laws are coming from? That's fuckin' delusional. Western ideas about porn and the general idea of porn and art/serious entertainment incompatible with each other are possibly the biggest factor keeping VNs niche. Those have nothing to do with SJW positions. You can blame the "leftist culture" strawman as much as you want, but you'll be just deluding yourself.
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    The guy does have a choice, yes. he exercised it and you called it narcissism and virtue signalling that he warned others. Your obvious personal distaste for the guy aside, I am failing to understand your point. If the industry cannot survive without exploitation of worker passion, then the industry should not survive. The demand to support higher wages isn't there and MG along with other companies deserve to go out of business. Unfortunately, the VN community is stupidly passionate about working for free and taking for free, so yes, you are right. I doubt much changes. Maybe it's just the fact I study a lot of worker exploitation, have first hand experience with worker exploitation, but I will always supporter someone wanting a livable wage. The translator made a choice and is being paid better by translating mobile games. So I'm glad he made a choice while also telling others where they might be able to make more money and live more comfortably in a different market.
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    The Steam page is up now https://store.steampowered.com/app/1189440/VenusBlood_FRONTIER_International/
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    Not sure what you are basing this on, but as someone working in the industry I disagree. Sure, some companies pay low rates, but there's equally many, or more, who pay pretty good. Some pay very good. You obviously can't get too much information about specific rates as an outsider due to NDAs and such, so whatever information you have to go on is probably just from specific cases of drama etc in the community, which can hardly be used as the actual industry standard. It's absolutely possible to make a good living working in the VN loc scene. Many people do. Just know your own worth and have the guts to say no if you get offered a terrible rate. Uh, once again I must disagree. In fact, most of the big names in the translation industry right now came from fan translation, and did so thanks to loc companies offering very nice deals bringing them onboard. I myself got started with a fan translation, and I know many others who did too, none of which were "screwed" by loc companies. Tbh, if you are good at what you do and you have a partial translation for a game, contact a loc company, chances are you will "get lucky." It's... not as hard as people seem to think. Very little screwing involved / 10.
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    New Project + Recruitment

    you have to add me to the credits for all your releases now, in return, I will do nothing chuffed to be 'working' with you lads
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    Will just post this here but just like I suspected, the reason why Noratotos are not getting 18+ versions are because they want to keep the company, Tokyotoon, all-ages. If you take a look at their new game's website you can see it says it will release on Steam with English and Chinese versions too. It will also only be all-ages with no 18+ version even made. https://uyragnigotocr.am/
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    How much do you play VN a day/a week?

    When I'm seriously playing a VN and I have nothing else that is demanding my attention (such as work) I will play it until it is complete or it is time to sleep... meaning up to fourteen hours in a day.
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    Made my Monthly Visual Novels New Recap for October 2019! Lots to talk about including important releases on Steam, a whole bunch of crowdfunding related announcements, the bombshell of announcements related to Muv-Luv and more localization industry controversy.
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    Have you ever wondered just how many Mahoyo translation projects there were? And if any of them were any good? And would you like me to marry your sister? If you answered yes to just one of those questions, you're going to love this podcast, which features a light-hearted deep dive into every project except the new French one because we recorded it like 3 months ago. Fuck! Oh well there's a picture referencing it and our general opinion (it's probably gonna be shit) so whatever. Oh, and there's some high level opening and ending videos. Plus autism. Large amounts of autism. Holy shit. The actual host isn't me, but that's an unimportant detail.
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    Mr Poltroon

    Fall 2019 Anime Discussion

    I even posted here but forgot to pin it! Someone could've reminded me... So... This season looks pretty good! Very much so, actually. Kemono Michi (3 episodes) - This was the first thing I watched this season, driven solely by the fact that the original author is the same as Konosuba's. Thanks @littleshogun for bringing that up! Anyway, I like it! I see some people may take an issue with at least the first episode and the main character's obsessive and possibly sexual interest in animals, but I think further episodes toned at least the sexual aspects down. I found the show to be very much funny, and compared to Konosuba... Well, the dynamics are necessarily different, for one, because Kazuma is a very different type of person to the protagonist here. Unlike Kazuma, the protagonist here is the one lacking the common sense, and others usually act as the straight man. Since it has only just started, it also lacked a consistent cast (though I think that'll change from here on) and Konosuba's gold really came from the cast's interactions, so it is natural that it wouldn't hit the same good points yet. Episode three offered some very promising scenes that probably resemble what's to come, so I'm very much looking forward to this in the future! Kabukichou Sherlock (1 episode) - A detective show and an adaptation of Sherlock. There's no reason not to like it, and so far I like it, so I'll continue with this. Oresuki (3 episodes) - It, uh, went in a lot of directions, so if you haven't watched these three, stop reading for fear of spoilers! Cautious Hero (2 episodes) - There's a whole lot of bloody competition this season, so I can't say it wins comedy of the season, but it definitely wins best animation for a comedy! The first time I heard about this title, even before it was announced to be getting an anime, I became super interested because of the way the manga had drawn things, and I'm so so glad the anime did not ditch the style! The show itself is still super funny, and that is all I really need to have a whale of a time. The goddess's reactions are currently the gold mine, with the occasional ridiculousness of the guy's actions thrown in for good measure, such as Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun (4 episodes) - The surprise so far. I started it because I liked the character designs, and I felt like it would fit a fantasy/adventure-ish mould that I like. So imagine my surprise when I realised it is doing literally everything that I like! Iruma-kun (aside from his age but Japan's Japan) is everything I've ever wanted from a protagonist. Everything from his general demeanour to his ability to "dodge everything" (a premise I've often dreamt about seeing in a show; and now, finally, here it is! If you know of any other pieces of entertainment with similar abilities, do point me in their general direction) to the course of events of "accidentally win at everything" is all I wanted from a show, so I am ULTRA happy with this. I hope to god this doesn't fall into the shounen tropes I dislike later on. I can see I can't avoid fights and other such things. Okay. But please avoid getting the protagonist to attempt irrational things and pulling through on willpower alone. Don't make him attempt to do things that others better suited to the job are already tackling just because he can't sit and wait when it's not his turn. Additionally, try to make it work without adding more abilities to him, or particularly changing them. It always irritates me when someone that's supposed to have no attack power suddenly gains some. Don't lie to me and get my hopes up if you're not going to make it work... I'll see how they tackle it. I hope it continues to be a funny story as it has been so far!
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    I'm probably a bit late to the party but I've just noticed that Ouka Sabaki, the novel I kept requesting in surveys, is now available on Steam by the courtecy of some new folks called ShiraVN. If Doddler is to be believed, the TL should be more or less fine so it would be great if they gained a bit more support, poor Magistrate seems to be doing pretty bad for the assumed Ace Attorney: The Eroge right now. I also remember seeing that ShiraVN have close ties to DMM Games so Magistrate's success (or, well, not a complete failure) just might open up the possibility for a decent official TL of the stuff like Iwaihime, Ryuusei World Actor or, say, DiGination titles. Though currently it feels more like we are drifting away from those possibilities. Ah, right, there's also a very weird release format and they pushed it out as the Early Access game. Quoting VNDB page Sure doesn't look like a wise decision in hindsight. Even though I bought it, even I'm not going to read it in a "three chapters beta" form yet. Oh well, maybe more people will buy a complete version next year (?), who knows, I still have some hope that this will trigger a new player on the market with an actual access to some of the more demanded VNs.
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    What are you playing?

    So, I've been reading a lot of short to very short VNs lately to get back into rhythm after all the RL crap prevented me from reading anything for a while. I decided it'd be fun to summarise my experience a bit, so: Phenomeno was quite a cool experience and actually a lot more robust than some opinions led me into believing. It's disturbing exactly in that way horror VNs excel in, with vague, creepy visuals and graphic descriptions working in wonderful harmony with unsettling music and sound effects. It has a little bit of that "prologue to a bigger story" feel, but still left me plenty uneasy and plenty satisfied. 7.5/10 Soundless had a lot more artsy vibe to it and got straight-up bizarre by the end, but in general, it was just as good as people made me believe. It'll get a full review from me soon, but I was absolutely captivated with its doujin feel and how interestingly it tackled its main themes – and there's a ton of them, with the primary one being mental illness, but with bullying, scapegoating, religion following close by... Quite easily in the top 10 VNs I've read to date. 8.5/10 40 Days & 40 Nights of Rain is an old, rather highly-rated doujin VN about a soldier in an apocalyptic war who takes into his care a strange orphaned girl. There's a lot of meandering and religious symbolism in it and honestly... It felt quite pretentious to me. Maybe the translation has something to do with it, as it felt very clunky, just as the game's structure (NVL text display can be confusing when done poorly and here I often had to wonder who's saying what). There were some really good moments in it, but with me it definitely failed to achieve the emotional/thought-provoking effect it was aiming for. The visuals were cool I guess, I really like these crude artstyles. 6/10 A Midsummer Day's Resonance, on the other hand, was quite a lovely coming-of-age story with a touch of sci-fi and yuri. It communicated quite a lot with a short story and limited assets, ending on a somewhat sad, but ultimately hopeful note. Kind of a bite-sized nakige. 7/10 The Dandelion Girl is one of those rare literary adaptation VNs... And it's probably a really good way of experiencing this short story. It's something of a sci-fi classic, so I won't spoil anything, just say you should really read it if you haven't already in some form. It's short and sweet, and it's referenced in Clannad, so there are no excuses here. 7.5/10 April was a Fool was quite a surprise to me. It's one of those free EVNs I barely expected anything from, at least beyond being a cool distraction... But it proved to be a lot more. It's a humorous, RPG-themed VN about a barmaid that is randomly picked by a team of famous adventurers to stand in for their recently-deceased companion, as she resembles her physically and they don't want the news of her death to spread. The core story is mostly about how that loss destroyed the team's unity and it's up to the protagonist to learn their backstories and patch things up. The premise is used surprisingly well and the heroes prove quite memorable – it's not a particularly deep experience, but I had a lot more fun with it than I expected.7.5/10 I've also finished the prologue part of Maggot Baits and read a little bit beyond it. Quite a strong start, although the first h-scene made me chuckle a bit with how over-the-top it was, even if one particular description really grossed me out too. The first gore scene feels a little bit like the class rep electrocution at the beginning of euphoria: a signal of how far the game is willing to go and a warning to drop it if you're not ready to see that another 50+ times. I'm not yet engrossed in it quite like I was in the death game parts of euphoria, but on the other hand, I immediately liked the three "good" witches. I'll be reading it in short bursts in the next few weeks, we'll see how quick I can finish it and whether it can change my mixed feelings about clock-up stuff. :]
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    It is funny, but it is a true phenomenon. If you do something enough, the magic of it will disappear or lessen. And then something else needs to make up for the difference. This is the reason I don't consider cases like this "exploitation", exactly. As fans, people are willing to take on bad deals or volunteer for things. But this spirit will not remain forever. Once the magic is gone, they might end up feeling like they let themselves be exploited, but at the time they did not feel as such. Regardless, fans that work for free enough will generally start to feel like that isn't enough anymore. Not out of greed or any such thing. It's not the desire for money that increases, it's the will to work hard for their hobby with no recompense that decreases.
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    Like, really? Give me the proof that the global histeria about child porn is a leftist idea. Or lead me to those giant shops with pornographic media in major cities in the West. Las Vegas doesn't count. Or to any Western media that combines serious storytelling and porn that is not clearly Japanese-inspired. Those 5 hyper-niche new wave movies don't count. You can hardly separate the two outside of literally a few franchises which achieved mainstream popularity. Half of them owned by Spike Chuunsoft which treated its expansion to the West seriously and without aiming at the super-niche VN community, but marketing them as any other games. Most other VNs are weighted down by just the same stigmas and cultural misunderstandings. For people not knowing much about the genre Clannad looks quite similar to any "creepy dating sim" or "hentai game". I didn't say there are easy answers to it, but I think you have a point about trying to please everyone. Because VN companies aren't willing to dedicate themselves to one or another, they keep their whole output is this weird shady corner. If they drop porn, they might gain something in the long run by creating a different image for the genre (or not, because it's reading and other unpopular stuff), but kill themselves in the short run by alienating the eroge fan base. If they do nothing, they'll never break through and are destined to forever barely scrape by. If they just focus on ero... Not sure if they can grow that much as porn games. We're fucked. On the other hand, there might be solutions that we didn't think of yet. MangaGamer seem to follow a truly Japanese philosophy of changing as little as it is possible as long as it's even marginally sustainable, so they'll probably not be the ones to come up with one. And there's the issue of number of releases, which is in no way a clear one to me. Would less releases/less competition mean larger profit margins for the companies? Is the market oversaturated? Maybe Sol Press with their "love of the medium" are not really helping the niche, but adding another nail to its coffin? Anyway, my prediction is not a full implosion of the publishing market, but downscaling. The same seems to be happening to the EVN scene (which is very "SJW" BTW) for both related and unrelated reasons. We can all "stop scapegoating" and try to "take responsibility"... But then what?
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    They obviously do care about all-ages content though. They have expanded to anime, light-novels and even mobile games. Advertising with the train company was also for the "anime" because you can't do that with porn just like Maitetsu showed us when their thing was cancelled. Harukaze believes that if they want to make it big then eroge is not gonna cut it. You need to appeal to bigger masses and I think Harukaze can do it with their IPs.
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    Spice and Wolf (11 Volumes) - The first light novel I ever tried reading. I brought a load of volumes during a holiday a couple of years ago, and it became my sole source of entertainment. Homely entertainment, anyway. As a result, I ate the volumes up in a week, reading 10 or 11 of them. It, uh, exhausted me, to say the least, and also ensured I failed to commit most of them to memory. Especially with the complicated topics that were oft breached and the Yen Press translation that I thought made it harder to parse for a plebeian such as I. I like the character interactions and am okay with the economics, so I should love this, but I found them rather dense. And now, when I try to restart at volume 12 three years later, I quickly realise that the gap creates issues of both memory and engagement. But every time I see the volume 16 cover I feel compelled to try again...! I should try and make it daily reading on the train or some such. In Another World With My Smartphone (5 Volumes) - As the translator, which I follow on twitter, often talked about his work on this series, I felt tempted to try it. Indeed, it tackles a lot of themes I really should enjoy. And I did, as I read it. The main character finds romance and there's actual development on that department; He's overpowered and free to do whatever he feels like; He's a "political player", even though the politics here are more hilarious than anything else. By all means I should love it, and yet there's one big problem: Not enough focus on character interactions. There's loads of characters, and all of them have moments, but with such a large cast a lot of them seem to be lacking a personality, or, more specifically, seem to only display it whenever the author feels it is convenient. This is a recurring issue I have with Light Novels: The non-reader-perspective characters only speak, interact, or act whenever it is convenient for the plot or if the author has determined this is to be a character interaction moment (such as some slice-of life chapters or group discussions), and they'll be ignored or just be in the background (doing not much in particular) otherwise. How can this be fixed? Well... Konosuba (9 Volumes) - Unquestionably the best light novel I have read. Characters have character! They do things! They have personalities! They're doing things even when it's not meant to be their moment or required for the plot! Even if characters are "off-screen" you hear about the consequences of their actions or how their mood has been affected or whatever! Konosuba is the king of character interaction, and that is the single aspect I most appreciate, and the reason Visual Novels are (usually) my entertainment medium of choice. Phenomenal. Especially so for the plotpoint that started in volume 5 and came to a head again in volume 9! @cro-mag - With Volume 6 of Konosuba I definitely felt... odd. It's like it suddenly took a random turn and veered right off-course into the middle of chaos. I initially thought the development to be kind of generic, but quickly found that I love the characters too much to mind. Whatever position they're put in will turn out alright when you consider their ridiculousness, in my eyes. It's also the first moment that I came to realise that they're really all trashy human beings that require a lot of poking and prodding to let their stubbornness go and play nice. I'm glad I still love them all. How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom (6 Volumes) - I loved the first two volumes! A whole lot! The themes this tackles are very much to my interest (government, politics, military, development, etc), and there is romance and development in that area! Lovely! However, the more volumes I read the more it came to suffer from the same things as Smartphone. With so many members of the cast, it becomes difficult to give them all life. Those who were interesting and intricate in 2 were by now forgotten or flanderised in 6. I can clearly recall moments created to provide them with personality and all that, but I cannot do anything but file away those attempts as generic, or at least, they failed to elicit a good reaction from my part. I have cause to believe that perhaps large casts on this level are simply unmanageable. I cannot keep an emotional connection with them all. Minatosoft most writers are not. Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi (2 Volumes) - A fan translation, which unfortunately isn't very good, on top of the topics already being... slightly uninteresting to me (lots of cooking, butchering, hunting, etc.). The premise of the novel itself, however, is excellent. The characters are excellent. Romance is one of the main topics, and it's really good! I like the personality and design on of the main character and his wife. It's really great. It's just that the existing translation for it is not very good in English. An Archdemon's Dilemma (3 Volumes) - Volume one was perfection. It feels as if it were made such that the whole thing could've ended there. Wonderfully self-contained and loose ends generally tied. But it continued, and I'm glad it did! Romance is one of the focus areas, so that's already 11/10, but it goes further! I like the personality of the protagonist, and, for once, the battle scenes! The Sorcerers' fashion sense slightly aligns with mine own, and for some of the battles the descriptions try to show the main character as keeping calm and taking care of business with a single arm with the other behind his back. Not every time, but it's enough to make me all happy inside. Second best series I've read to date, aside from Konosuba. About the Reckless Girl Who Kept Challenging a Reborn Man Like Me (Completed) - A oneshot. A beautiful, emotional, powerful oneshot. I think this is very much worth reading. As usual for me, Romance. Marietta-hime no Konrei (Complete) - Something I stumbled upon whilst looking to see if 18+ Light Novels were a thing. This is the fluffiest fluff that hath ever fluffed. It's fantastic, and the princess in this is the most precious thing in existence. Characters are not real people, so it's good to be able to appreciate a character that can be made to be so lovable and... just create happiness. Lazy Dungeon Master (2 Volumes) - Probably the third best series I've read. Unlike others it's not particularly addictive, but it's always enjoyable while I read it. The character interactions are also fun. The main character's got a strange fetish that gets played up all the time, but at least it clears any illusions of possible romance, so it's way better than those novels that constantly tease something that'll only be resolved in 20 volumes. As a side note... It's also got the most explicit illustrations in a light novel series that I've seen! One of the colour pictures in volume two would not look out of place in my local eroge (and I actually prefer its intimacy to what is typically present in said eroge)! I also like the character design for the main character. It's interesting. Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! (6 Volumes) - Love a whole bunch of stuff. The main character has traits I really enjoy, the most stand-out of which is being unabashedly (technically not unabashedly, actually) OP and everyone recognising that is the case. I love that it's generally light-hearted and that it's an adventure story. It also does the cast pretty decently. It's not ideal, but the characters in the party have personalities and I do feel attached to them to some extent (though I may be starting to lose that a bit at this point). It's also somewhat of a problem that most of Mile's inner thoughts and jokes very specific weeb references I don't get or puns that scarcely count as puns because they only make sense with a Japanese pronunciation, for example (by Japanese pronunciation I am referring to, for example, the English words that have been incorporated into the Japanese language. Their meaning sometimes even changes and they don't always sound like the English equivalent). After all this, I wanted to ask if anyone has any recommendations. I'd be especially interested in anything that has romance that is actually romance and not just "feelings" that'll get addressed in the centenary volume. I can take waiting 5 volumes or something for there to be a confession or something of the sort after the interest was teased to the reader. But if that's not going to happen, then please have the decency to not tease such a thing!
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    Y'all read vns? I just save them to my folder then alter my binary file to access the data directly. That said, if I (hypothetically of course) were to read vns, I would say that my time spent with entertainment media is split based on my relative interest level in the current things I am consuming. I'd say I spend on average twenty hours per week consuming entertainment media and on average about 40% of that is spent on reading vns, so about eight hours per week.
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    You just spared me years of psychoanalysis trying to figure out my deep sitting issues when the answer was this simple. Thank you so much!
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    Jun Inoue

    What are you playing?

    Not gonna lie, slightly troubled about how obsessed Under One Wing is with the trope "all men are potential rapists." Particularly when I'm seeing the MC feeling bothered by not being seen as a potential rapist by one of the characters. Like, wut
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    Jun Inoue

    What are you playing?

    Starting Under One Wing and Aokana. Go big for the sky or go home, I guess?
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    You want them to be imprecise about their shades of red? What a shameful attitude...
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    "Under the same roof" comedies

    * Princess Evangile . Has a Tsundere, but she doesn't have a route (unless you get the fandisc Princess Evangile W Happiness ). * DS Dal Segno . * If My Heart had Wings . Not all heroines live in the same dorm. * Little Busters! . It's not all fun and comedy (the comedy IS really good though), but this VN really does the whole "best friends" theme justice. * Sakura Sakura . * Nekopara series. * Onii-kiss . Not quite under the same roof, but the heroines are all little sisters. There's supposed to be a Tsundere sister too. * Muv-Luv Unlimited and Muv-Luv Alternative. Technically, they do live in the same place, and technically, it does have some comedy, but....