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    Hello everyone, I'm back with another progress update. First of all, about the translation... I've finished translating all of the scripts for the story! (Yay! XD) Now, this doesn't mean that the game is fully translated. There are still many things that need to be translated such as the Eushully Room, the character information, etc. I'd say around 85% of the whole game have been translated. Next, around 1/3 of the menu images have been edited. Chapter 2 is still in tlc and editing. The in-game terminologies list is also being translated. I think that's about it this time. While this is quite a big milestone for us, it'll still be a while before the game is fully translated. Please bear with us until then ^^. Thank you, and see you next time ^^!
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    The key difference you're missing is that Sol Press is an all=ages company which sells more than just all ages visual novels. They also sell other products (especially LNs and manga) from license holders which will not accept being associated with adult content (unlike most VN license holders, since even those releasing all ages content are typically comfortable with 18+ associations, by the nature of the VN industry). There could conceivably be both an all ages site for Sol Press and an 18+ site for the separate company which deals with 18+ releases of the associated adult content of some of the VNs for which Sol Press releases all-ages versions. However, said site does not currently exist. Maybe it will in the future; I do not know any more than you. The all-ages shop is a sound business decision, because they will benefit from selling their LNs and manga, and yes their all-ages VNs, themselves. Whether it makes sense for that separate company to make an 18+ site to sell their wares, and to then go through all the associated likely payment processor woes mentioned here, is a separate concern. I'll also add that, from my understanding, payment processors handling adult content typically charge a great deal more overhead due to the higher-risk nature of the product, especially when dealing with small companies. Long story short, it's a lot more complicated than you're claiming.
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    Fuwanovel Logo Contest 4

    In honor of Freedom Day, I hereby submit the following: Naturally, you may use this banner year-round, because honestly every day is Freedom Day when you're a citizen of the BEST DAMN COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.
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    The number of lines is no problem. The time it will take to do said lines is what might disappoint people. I estimate it taking at least 4 months. I plan on translating after work a few times a week. This is merely a hobby projet. I have never actually played Noratoto, but got interested in helping out after seeing the discussions about the cut content here on Fuwanovel. I will probably buy the original game so I can have it running in the background while I translate. Translating Japanese without context can be a nightmare. That will not be necessary. Using a machine translation as a base would just hinder my progress, if anything. I am sure there are some people who would be satisfied with machine translated h-scenes though. Maybe you could make a machine translation patch for people who do not want to wait for my translation. It will take a while before I finish. Thank you very much for the spreadsheet.
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    Well, it's been a lot longer than any of us hoped, but lo and behold, we have a Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/972160/The_Witchs_Love_Diary/
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    Since it's only 10 days before AX, I think it would be appropriate if I'm open the thread about it. As for the schedule, you can see it below under the spoiler. In case you'd have a hard time to adjust the time, it's Los Angeles time and it's timezone was at GMT -7. Since we'll probably will going to have a lot of announcements, I'll probably either put the announcements in the spoiler box or just link it to the post that contain the announcements. For my comment here, I think we already know that Denpa here would be announced all of 18+ version of Sekai announcement if Sekai decided to announce a VN that did have 18+ contents censored, and occasionally some original announcements so we can treat Denpa and Sekai announcements as one for the most part. Mangagamer curiously only have one announcement planned according to their announcement page, although we may have sudden announcement from them like back at last year AX though. No much comment from both of Fakku and Aksys seeing that most probably their announcement would be nukige and sci-fi respectively, although I wonder though what Sol Press will bring to the table here. I guess that's all for what I can say now, and I'll bump this if AX is started or whenever there's an announcement (Duh). PS - I'll use PS for the announcements below, and since the number will be a lot I'll use spoiler box for the announcements. JAST Sekai Project Denpasoft Aksys Games Mangagamer Sol Press Spike Chunsoft That's all for AX announcements here, and I'll try to comment on those later.
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    Well, announcements are announced, so let's see how they look... The order in which they appear more or less reflects my interest in them. Excited: Interested: Indifferent: Won't Play: Now, let's do a counter for each publisher to see who had the most interesting stuff for me. So yeah, this was a good round of announcements! Good thing I'm part of the casual pleb audience that actually makes these publishers some monies. If you didn't like this convention then... sucks to be you!
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    Status update Overall progress: Translation: 7205/43896 Editing: 4403/43896 On other news, we are currently working on UI tl
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    Oh boy, another discussion I've had with Poltroon in the past. Are you sure you're not his alt? The issue with stances like this is- yes, you're right, it might not feel like you're missing anything at all. It's probably cut in a way that makes sure of that! But, that doesn't mean you aren't actually missing stuff. In fact, with the amount of H in this game you probably are. I haven't read the console version, so I don't know to what extent it cuts out H content, but the H is certainly "important" in this game, (as important as H can get; there's definitely "plot" related talks during the scenes, and many of them happen directly following emotional scenes, where dialogue will naturally continue in the H scene, instead of it being a complete scene transition into an isolated H-scene.) Often the feel you have when reading the cut game will be quite misleading. You don't know that you're missing out on stuff, because... well, it's not there so how would you know! I'm all for all-ages versions being available if someone prefers those, but the original not being available at all is in my opinion a problem for this very reason. People might start saying it's just as complete as the original, because it doesn't feel like anything is cut, when in reality, a good chunk of content might be missing. But with no 18+ version available in English, people aren't able to check just how much content is missing. The all-ages versions of Grisaia is a good example of this issue. I actually feel like people buying those are being ripped off. The actual ending in Rakuen is just staright up missing in the all-ages version. You actually don't see the way the story ends for the characters if you buy that. Yet, people don't complain about anything missing, because... well, they don't know it's missing! See the problem?
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    Suggest VN´s for frontsite

    If you have a visual novel you want to be added to frontsite you can leave a suggestion here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScEb9_4tAFmq4sPag_lh98Mu99s15oGF8iW1U1PnSQDx93wlw/viewform if possible please include VNDB link. otherwise it might be added in due time, but submissions make them get up faster and easier for us.
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    @Plk_Lesiak I'm not sure if your original question was ever answered, so I'll hop in and see if I can help out In regards to tools and resources, here's a list of some with small descriptions, in no particular order. https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/purdue_owl.html Your one-stop-shop for literally anything grammar and writing. Great for both professional and personal work. https://app.grammarly.com/ I use this tool to help with the proofreading that word/google won't catch. 11/10, would recommend, but don't rely on it alone! https://www.thesaurus.com/ This site will help with both definitions and, well, anything any thesaurus would help with. https://www.google.com/drive/ For EVNs, Google Drive is standard. Studios that don't use it are very rare. Touch up with how docs and drive works, if you haven't already https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/index.php The Lemma forums are great for stuff like this. Have questions? Looking for work? Here you go! https://github.com/ A tool many use for script implementation. Some studios require it as part of their editing pipeline. Good to be familiar with regardless. https://atom.io/ The best text editor you'll ever use. For real, use it! It even has Ren'Py in it as a recognized language. Here are some skills that are generally required: Editing Specific: Firm grasp of the English language Understanding of story mechanics/tropes/themes/etc Firm grasp of character voice Understanding of how to prioritize changes Understanding of assets and how the Visual Novel medium works For example, VNs are a visual medium. You don't need to describe the trees if they're already on screen, unless it's for a specific weight. Knowing what natural dialogue sounds like, especially for voice-acted projects All edited scripts, time allowing, should be read out loud before turned into the lead writer/editor/director etc. Firm grasp of how people act and interact. General Skills: Time management Communication (specifically with writers) Including the ability to give constructive feedback Firm teamwork skills/understanding of the chain of command To touch up on some topics mentioned in this thread: I do not believe that non-native English speakers cannot or should not be editors for English games. They most certainly can, as long as they have a strong understanding of conversational English. If you've been part of the English speaking world for a long while, even if you didn't initially start with English, you still can edit. The important part is that you must understand how it works from a real-world perspective, both academically and conversationally. Here's an excellent example: I've known people born outside of the US that moved over in their early twenties. Now they're in their fifties. I am not about to claim they can't edit. Another example: If you grew up in a multicultural/multilingual area, you're generally good to go. The internet is a wonderful place for that. Again, as long as you have a strong grasp of the language both academically and conversationally. Also, to tackle another more controversial side of the debate I've seen here: VNs are not pure novels, they are not prose. They are specifically written closely to their cousins, the screenplay. In fact, the jargon is the same! We write a VN script. We are going to edit scenes. This jargon comes from both video game and screenplay verbiage. Remember: in VNs, dialogue is king. Longform prose is not as useful, as VNs have a visual (and audio) element to them that novels do not have. Don't describe the tree in front of us if we can see it - unless it's important to the script in some way. The exception is, of course, for senses that we can't have even in games (smell, touch, taste, and if the VN doesn't have SFX or for accessibility reasons: sound). Also: it is VERY BAD PRACTICE to have editors only proofread. Generally speaking, if I'm hired on to consult or edit for a studio, and they have editors only for proofreading, I see that as a massive, massive, MASSIVE red flag. I get it, we love the stories we tell. We want them to be our own, right? Well, actually, no. If we're releasing the VN to the public with the expectation that we'll get good reviews or sales (or if we want to make people feel something), then we need to understand that we must be able to kill our darlings. That is to say, when we make a game, it isn't (generally) a solo endeavor. If we have an editor just for proofreading, then we're shooting ourselves in the foot. Of course, if we don't care about how good the game is and just want to make something of our own, go for it! Everyone makes games for different reasons, and I am very fond of (most) any reason to grow the community! Over the internet, there's a mountain of resources for editing, so I'm sure others can lead you to more useful resources. If you want to sit down and chat with me about editing, I'm always available! I've been working on (and editing) visual novels for half a decade. I also know a lot of bigger editors that you could talk to, should you have the need! Feel free to catch me on our Discord: https://discord.gg/watercress (My name is WolfGameDev [Watercress]#1785) Edit: Wanted to make sure I mention that these are just my opinions! We all have different experiences, and I don't want to devalue the other viewpoints. These are my opinions based on my experiences
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    So, I found this obscure idol group with a slight retro-pop/R&B feel and it became a constant source of amusement for me for some unexpected reasons... Otaku idol, lvl hard: Idol industry reality check, lvl soul-crushing:
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    Fuwanovel Logo Contest 4

    The Logo contest that was supposed to be hold 4 times per year but died off after 3 times or so. now have a revival when we have as little users as possible also that the logos havent been updated in 3-4 years. The theme is.... Nothing. Make it whatever you want, a good way to maybe waste 2 minutes of your time / maybe make it a meme no loli,porn troll. Rules (Please read): you can submit as many as logo´s you want. You may change your logo at any time during the submission phase, just make sure to indicate which is your final version (in case you post more than once) so there's no mistakes. To submit an entry you must post the logo you made in this thread or send it to me via PM if you wish to be anonymous. Entries should be around 354px by 90px and must include the title "Fuwanovel" font, styling and design are up to the artist. max 354x120 The logo should have a transparent background, it also must be visible when being used on the layout (black letters would likely not be visible without a colored stroke for example) No porn, sexual acts, genitals, female nipples, or excessive female cleavage If you wish to add (a) character(s) to the logo there is no restriction as far as whether that character comes from a VN/Anime/Manga/etc. or whether it's Male or Female. As long as you think it looks good and doesn't violate previous rules it can be submitted We'll accept entries for roughly 14 days+ after this post goes up Once 14 days pass we'll make a poll where users can vote on their favorite logos There will be three winners per contest: The "official" winner will be the logo with the most votes, the second winner will be the runner-up in the poll, and the third winner will be chosen by a secret logo council run by mods We encourage people to be creative and have fun making logos, but all logos -- even if they win the popular vote -- have to be approved by mods before they'll be displayed on the forums We'll cycle through the logos periodically between contests (including the old stock banner and possibly previous contest winners) Submitting a logo gives us the right to use it forever and ever however we feel like it You dont have to include "make visual novels popular in the west" if you dont want to. if you want to use the original logo as a base its here : or the version used in the Beta theme here: but remember you can use any font/design you want. Voting will begin on 19th july. even if we get 0 entries.
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    Why? MG fucked up the Hapymaher translation worse than Sekai fucked up the Chrono Clock translation, and at least Sekai knows that Chrono Clock had issues, whereas nobody but me seems to be bitching at MG for their absolute butchery of Hapymaher. I know the people slated to do Amatsutsumi and I have every confidence it's going to come out great; meanwhile, it would've been the same team from Hapymaher butchering Amatsutsumi on the MG side. SP getting it is great news.
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    AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    More Aokana
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    Now, now, announcing things isn't the part they have difficulty with. I'll get back to you when Katahane releases late next year.
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    Here is a live tweet version of the JAST USA panel: The three new announcements: Eiyuu*Senki GOLD Mamono Musume-tachi to no Rakuen ~Slime & Scylla~ Yamizome Revenger -Ochita Maou to Ochiru Senki- Besides those there are some other news: - You can now preorder the physical copy of Majikoi. There will only be 500 copies and the games releases this summer. But apparently some of the minor voices are missing. There should be a blog post about that later. - Katahane is coming out this autumn/fall - Flowers -Le Volume sur Automne- is also coming out this autumn/fall - Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi. (Totono) is also coming out this autumn/fall - Sumaga is coming out this winter - Saya no Uta is getting a higher resolution release this month and it is apparently coming to steam? - Was the Princess X Fandisk announced before this panel?
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    It's hard to believe, but it has been over a year and a half since I've started writing my blog and a full year since I moved the "center" of my activities to Blogger. For those interested, I wrote a short summary of my experience with writing about EVNs, along with some minor announcements about the future of the site. Thank you all for following my work thus far and all the encouragement I've received from the community here! And if you're interested in my musings, check them out here: https://evnchronicles.blogspot.com/2019/07/evn-chronicles-first-anniversary-rant.html
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    New update Nanami route completed~~~ Thank you so much flame-san _(._.)_ (≧▽≦)b
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    Yeah, definitely. I tried to rely of the text parser rather than on MTL, and the result I got was just barely understandable, and probably only because the original text was rather simple. And even text parsers made a lot of mistakes. Honestly, this method just isn't worth it in most cases. Admittedly, the results MTL produced there were rather comedic at times.
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    Well, I tried... is basically working...? I just have 2 problem that need to be solved, first is the fucking sprite don't works, I'm feeling like an idiot because the [image] tag is not showing up shit, the BG/EV image work because I used the [ev] tag... The second problem is the speaker face in the textbox, the face don't hide when is the protagonist who speak... well... I don't liked much of the result, because the old engine have very, but very strange function names, like this Then I tried see the function code to try understand this shity, and I got With lazy to 'convert' this strange code I just commented out and I forgot about this shitty command, So, basically, Worked but i'm sure there are minnor effects like image roll that has 'ignored' by the conversion. After spend two days into this, fuck man, I want die.
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    As I proud myself with my poor life choices, I'm flirting with the idea of getting into this wonderful, overcrowded and grossly underpaid niche known as editing and I was wondering whether the wise people around here, such as @Decay or @Fred the Barber could recommend any sources to learn about common tools and skills associated with said craft (preferably free, but reasonably cheap ones, like audiobooks or online courses, are also within my interests). If I ever go for it, I'd probably start with offering my services for free to some small-time EVN devs, to gain some experience (you don't need any unpaid workers in your projects @Zander? ), but it's still not something I'd like to go into blind. I obviously have experience with editing journalistic and academic work, but hardly in truly professional capacity. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. PS And, of course, if anyone is willing to share their experiences on what editing work for VNs looks like in practice, it'll also be highly appreciated.
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    Suggest VN´s for frontsite

    So some notes of things that been mentioned in survey: There will be a small survey hold in near future with some questions regarding for example titles without english patch or release should be on site etc. we dont have access to the survey results from last time tay did it over a year ago. so the reason titles show up on "recent releases" while not being recent/released is that we have a huge backlog to go thrue and add. the titles that show up in recent releases is the latest ones we have added to the site. once things is more up to date and we add things it should look better :-) and thanks for the sexy John Cena, a must read
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    Ahahahahahaha, you're not wrong about that. I recently graduated college, so I've began thinking that without classes and stuff, it feels really weird reading the stories of people who are supposedly "in the height of their youth" and stuff being in high school and stuff. Consuming stories like these makes me think back to my time in high school and makes me ask myself, "Why are their experiences so colorful and stuff when I just toiled over my 12 hour schedule and bulky assignments?" I sorta realized the answer to that at some point, but I find myself still wondering about that every now and then. In a way, it makes me feel lonely and sorta sad that I didn't make as much of my time back then like what these people are doing in these stories. But the feelings don't stop there. If anything, loneliness that comes up from memories of high school almost always comes up with vague nostalgia for me, regardless of being able to directly relate with the events in the story or not. I guess it's because more than 'making use of my experiences to the highest extent', I've began to realize that at some point in time I've worked as hard as they have for a certain goal, bantered with my friends so much that it made my stomach hurt, and grieved over something that I deem trivial these days. And that makes me feel good even if just a little, knowing that at some point, I was also living my own kind of story to the utmost extent that I can manage to. The loneliness ceases to come from not being able to live life to the fullest, instead coming from a sort of yearning for those times that have passed. But hey, I also use it as leverage to launch myself forward! If I haven't managed to do my best for the days that have already passed, then I'll do it for the coming days in the future! If I did live my days to the fullest ever since those times, then I'll continue doing so, even if the days currently feel stagnant! If it happened in the past, then I'm sure I can make it happen again. HS settings do make you yearn for those colorful experiences, but they also remind you that you can have those experiences, even as early as high school! Better late than never, you know! I hope you find these stories to be ones that remind you of good memories as you gain more years on you.
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    I have nothing to offer that can help, but I do have a couple of opinions on this topic. Whilst I ordinarily would add to the pile of 'don't become an editor if you aren't a native', for this particular field that are Visual Novels, I have to say: Go for it. There are so many good stories in Western VNs and even some fan translations that are simply unbearable due to how they use and misuse English. If your efforts end up alleviating these cases even a little, I'd say they were worthwhile. Maybe to some 'making crap a bit less crappy' doesn't sound like a goal, but I assure you, as part of the casual plebs that consume anything and everything without caring about the original material or anything like that, just that little bit of improvement makes a huge difference. All that said, dON't Do tHis tO yOUrSeLF.
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    Just travel to America and live few years together with some local high school girls and you will know how to edit moeges.
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    You sir, are in desperate need of To Heart 2 Trope king, very light on drama, more like anime than a visual novel, romance galore, 11 heroines, 9 routes, hours and hours of enjoyment, and translated by yours truly.
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    Robotics;Notes Elite and Robotics;Notes DaSH have been confirmed as coming to the West (Elite in 2020)
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    That's like 2 months in JAST time.
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    Fuwanovel Logo Contest 4

    EDIT: Damn, format does not match... Does this work?
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    Visual Novel Steam Sales Declining?

    Saying that they backed out from Hello, Goodbye isn't quite right since NN had to make additional changes to the all-ages version removing the panty shots and lingerie, you can look up Chuee's tweets about it. It's fairly obvious that they don't consider that decision a "mistake" per se. Making additional changes to the all-ages versions to appease Valve isn't even a rarity nowadays, we see it everywhere from Moenovel to EVNs. Just like those are also not the only all-ages games they have banned, from the top of my head I can remember Yotsunoha (even if we did predict it because one of the heroines looks a bit younger than usual but it still clearly wouldn't be banned under the old policy) and I'm sure there are games I'm forgetting about. I can't say that Valve got more "strict" after the implementation of the porn content, you can't get "stricter" when there isn't really anything to compare with, it's just that they are now actually looking over certain types of games, and since Valve's guidelines are completely non-existent even light fanservice can easily get your game banned depending on the reviewer's mood. Everything is arbitrary even with all-ages games, there's no real even relatively consistent logic behind their decisions, in that sense the situation got considerably worse for the industry, nothing is worse for business than unpredictability of your main sales outlet. There are times when you can be more sure in successfully selling your game on switch than in getting it on steam so yeah, I wouldn't try to give them any objective measure as of yet. I also don't agree with these VN STEAM DIE topics we get every few months which highlight random few games that supposedly aren't selling well yet and then make huge sensational blanket statements. Right after people were surprised how well Hitotsuba is doing on steam based on some weird internal numbers when it has the roughly same number of reviews as Trinoline (30-40)...? Or when we literally just had a very succesful launch (if you believe those same people and NN staff) of Sankaku Ren'ai? You guys also do remember the steam's peculiarity in how sales are mostly happening over time and during sales? I think pretty much every person in the industry commented about this. That's why steam is so important to them, it gives a constant stream of revenue. Even Eden didn't start all that well but turned into a real sales monster with time. I remember how I was disappointed that most MG VNs back in 2016 couldn't get even 10 reviews for a very long time but many of them turned into very fine sellers. It just shows that there have always been games with barely any reviews for months, the instant hits do happen but they are few and far in between. Heck, Subarashiki Hibi/Wonderful Everyday started with like 30-40 reviews+absolute gloom on the forum too and is now at 325. And those are all english reviews, SH doesn't have chinese TL. I don't even see any food for discussion in the OP to be honest.
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    What are you playing?

    Huh. I forgot to post about it, but I finished Hate Plus. What can I say, @Mr Poltroon was right. That's hella good. Better than the first game. It was interesting how screwed-up things that led to the first game were. Also played the two LoveKami games on Steam.
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    Whilst not download and play on your windows, Jast allows you to play its classic games in a browser for free https://jastusa.com/classic-game-archive/ Asenheim has heaps more also web based. https://tss.asenheim.org/
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    The images above confuse me a little. Are these people looking to translate the rest of the game? In that case, I shall be stepping down. There is no reason for several translations of the same thing. I wanted to pick this up as a hobby project since no one else seemed interested, including the original developers. But if someone else has started translating, there is no need for my help I suppose. I am sure someone with more knowledge of the game will be able to produce a better translation.
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    Ohh, I found the command to show the sprite ... isn't [stand], [sprite], or any other obvious shit, the macro to show the sprite is...!! ...Object.
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    the effect? Isn't a issue at all, I just cut off the effect because i'm with lazy to understand the strange command of the old engine. But if are you asking about the issue that I said in the top of my post, I'm sure they are fixable... The problem is the Nora to Oujo major part of the .tjs script is compiled and the .ks is in the .scn format. I don't have many hints to discovery the right macro used in the nora to oujo to rewrite the script
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    Hello, Thank you for your encouragements ^^. As for the patch, right now, we don't have anything planned. However, we may release a more polished and more complete partial patch. I think it'd be better if we could include our translations of the Menu and UI in the partial patch. We'll be able to get some feedback for them before releasing the complete patch as well. I'll make an announcement if there's another patch coming, whether it's the partial or complete patch.
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    49 and even translating moege professionally. Most have burnt out long ago, but I'm still going strong. I started playing them 20 years ago.
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    Actually that's from the PS4 version. This is the default Steam version of the art:
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    Well, I'm 35 now, and I just started recently (reading school moeges and watching HS romcom anime ) And, isn't @ittaku way past 40 and still doing this? (I think he mentioned his age in some post)
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    Synergia [Cyberpunk] [Yuri]

    Synergia demo is now out, be sure to check it out!: >>STEAM DEMO<< >>ITCH.IO DEMO<< Oh and now we have a website too: https://synergia-game.com
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    Suggest VN´s for frontsite

    Hmm. I'm pretty sure there were more VNs listed there during the dark past, or am I wrong? Edit. Also, since these VN pages are linking to the walkthroughs, wouldn't it be better to go through VNs that already have a walkrthrough available first?
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    What is this? Robotics notes and it's sequel announced? This is the best day i've had in a few days!
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    No, you don't need to buy a new computer lol. Ever heard of PC-98 emulators? There's also emulators for FM Towns, MS-DOS... And like @Dergonu said, if you want to play Windows 95/98/2000/XP games, you'll probably want to play them under a VM. I've even had to emulate W7 under W10 before (mostly Mink games). That said, there are extremely rare cases where you need native OS to actually be able to play the game...and even rarer, the actual machine. I have a friend who actually bought an old Japanese computer (not sure which) just to play one game... Well, it also makes for a nice antique to have around the house. You can try checking the company's page to see if they're still selling it, perhaps as a digital release.. If not, they are effectively abandonware and I'd call that a gray area...but this is not the right place to ask for illegal downloads. Like the others said, try and look for used copies, but good luck with that.
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    How the hell did Yui Horie not make this list? I get that there are way too many godly seiyuu out there to fit on a single poll, but still.
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    I wish that never exist... [sighs]
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    Hello, Before I answer your question, I should say that I'm the type that read anything as long as they don't make me fall asleep. So I'm probably not the best person to ask for impression on the story. In any case, I think the story is quite good. It's not amazing or anything, but it's enjoyable. At the very least, I haven't fallen asleep while reading KnR yet XD. In comparison to Kamidori... It's been so long since I played Kamidori so I don't remember much of it, but if I have to, I'd rank them around the same.
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    Considering how most people feel about it, work will start on making a patch using honorifics and rewriting scenes that had been adapted to make sense without using them, It'll be posted here when it's ready. @Merkom Oh yeah, you are right, that line was definitely a mistake on my part, I'll fix it on both versions of the patch.