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    It is done. The translation is officially 100% done Progress will now move on to post-translation, where there's TLC and QC to be done. I'm hoping to finish everything else and release the patch by end 2020 (unlikely, but hey, you never know). If not, then at least get the TLC done by end 2020. So do refer to the TLC tab of the sheet for progress on the TLC. I will save my translation remarks for after the patch is fully released. For now though, rejoice that the translation is done! Yay!
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    I personally think that VNs right now are in a sense stuck in a cursed loop. VNs as a medium just really lack variety and as a result appeal to a small number of people. Even most all-ages titles follow the same story structure: even in non-adult titles a male protagonist always has to be surrounded by a lot of female love interests; it almost always has to take place in high-school; even in plot-focused stories there are a lot of slice-of-life scenes, which aren't even well written, and mostly just serve as a way to stall the story for some time rather than developing the characters; finally, the personalities of the protagonist, the heroines and even the side characters typically just follow certain well-known archetypes. So, if you just happen not to enjoy some of these titles and just want to find something more unique, you're much better off watching some anime or reading a manga. Otome games are a bit different, but, from my limited experience with them, they seem to have a bag of different, though slightly similar, problems. There are indeed some unique and experimental VNs that do things differently, but most of these are doujin titles and don't get that much exposure. Most of them aren't even that good, since good authors are likely to join some company at some point and start making a lot more standard VNs, or leave the medium altogether. Also, we, the current VN fans, enjoy these tropes to at lest to some extend, and a lot of us actually prefer them. As a result, in a short run it's not a very good strategy for companies to experiment with story structures, since they don't know if the fans would like these changes, and they just stick to the strategy that worked thus far. And VNs are also expensive to make, so they don't allow for much flexibility. Nowadays, manga and light novel authors don't even have to make any initial investment at all, since they just can start posting their stories online and see how people react to them, or even completely stick to episodic online distribution. In case of VNs, even a single financially unsuccessful product can make a whole company go bankrupt. I personally think that if VNs somehow let this loop, there's a good chance that they would start appeal to a bigger number of people. They probably wouldn't be the same people as the current VN fans. Will they ever do that? I doubt it, but I don't know. EVNs might actually lead to something interesting at some point, who knows?
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    Iwaihime coming west October 23

    Publisher ShiraVN and developer DMM Games will release an international edition of supernatural horror visual novel Iwaihime for PC via Steam and Johren on October 23. It will support English, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified and Chinese) language options. A demo is available now via Steam. Written by Ryukishi07, the creator of the When They Cry series, Iwaihime first launched for PC in January 2016 in Japan. An updated version, which was partially rewritten and contained additional scenario and CG images, was released as Iwaihime: Matsuri for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in July 2017 in Japan. The international edition of Iwaihime includes the scenario adjustments and CG improvements Iwaihime: Matsuri. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/10/supernatural-horror-visual-novel-iwaihime-for-pc-coming-west-on-october-23
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: With all my love for computers, I'm apparently a complete idiot when it goes to tech. For like a year now I was getting more and more problems with my PC's tiny (128GB) SSD, always running out of space and bottlenecking my system despite me putting all large apps on the accompanying hard drive and actively trying to keep things tidy. For the last few months I was thinking about various workarounds and only today it occurred to me that I should check out what kind of SSD it is, buy a larger one, make a system backup to an external drive and switch it out... Which will cost me like 70$ and a few hours of work max. Aren't my last two living braincells amazing? Edit: So, the surgery was successful and the patient is stable! Quite possibly, he'll soon be better than he ever was... :3 I had to make a clean Windows install after all, but I guess that's for the better after a few years of continous use. This should make the daily use quite a bit nicer... And my life by extention, considering the coronavirus is going out of control in Poland and I'm likely to sit in this room, looking at this screen quite a lot in the coming months.
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    Status update Overall progress: Translation: 17186/43896 Editing: 9324/43896
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    Welcome aboard @Senpai Ken who's offered to help with the translation. He'll be translating Misaki and Sumika's routes and has already begun on Misaki's. Here's hoping the curse is finally broken. Ruu \o/
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    You guys kind of underestimate the effort and resources necessary to make a decent VN. Art is really expensive, and voice acting even more expensive if it's meant to not sound like shit. VNs are a really good, cheap tool for people that want to create basic interactive stories for fun or are artists and want to apply their own skills in such a way... But when we get to levels of quality that could be attractive to a mainstream audience the difference between VNs and simple 3D game or other types of 2D games isn't that massive. And I'm not sure I have to remind anyone how huge 2D/retro gaming is right now, so we shouldn't really have to use AAA games as the point of reference... Anyway, I think most arguments people already listed are valid (massive amounts on text in aggressively pushed "kamige", questionable porn, anime aesthetic)... But an important point people forget about is how many, often high-quality VNs don't have mainstream appeal because they defy expectation/do not provide the kind of interactivity Western audience wants. Every time I see Steam users complaining about a VN they played not being a game or having too few choices, it reminds my how either bizarre or dull the idea of interactive literature is for an average gamer... And at the same time, people who are not into games in the first place have few incentives to get into this particular niche of otaku media. And the way the industry handle stuff hardly helps. One genuine perk of VNs over other otaku media is conclusive romance, but for example, we in the West never get the anime tie-in titles that let you pursue a non-canon romance from popular shows. We never see VNs coming to the West with a proper marketing budget either. The result is that you have things like Steins;Gate and Clannad, with legendary-status anime adaptations, being the only VNs with proper reach, alongside gameplay-heavy adventure games such as Danganronpa or Ace Attorney and occasional lowest-common-denominator moe crap like Nekopara... I don't know if I'm right about it, but the longer I look at it, the more botched the whole "bringing VNs into the Western market" feels. Mostly because it relies on the existing fan community nearly in 100% and its ideas of outreach stopped at MoeNovel's delusions of 12-years-old French girls playing Pulltop's waifu games. Either VNs truly have no appeal in the West outside of porn and the small crowd of people looking for romantic stories, or they are selected and marketed in an atrocious way. I would hope it's at least partially the latter, because that still can be remedied to some extent... Like not letting this category on VNDB to forever stay massively neglected.
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    What are you playing?

    Alright I'm apparently 69% of the way done with 2017 YU-NO Switch ver. , so I'll do a midway thoughts review thing. I went Mitsuki -> Mio -> Ayumi -> currently gonna start Kanna's route ^----- 69% It's been pretty fun so far. A bit "grindy" via the time travel/jewel save point mechanic because you'll have to frequently backtrack to recollect items that are needed to progress through whatever branch you are pursuing, because certain items are once-you-use-them-then-you-lose-them, even if you return to the past where you did not use that item yet, and so you have to return to the point where you actually got the item (did that make sense LOL) and then return to that branching point in order to see the other branch. And then there's also the HUGE vulnerability where you forget to replace a save point (whenever you use a jewel it returns to your inventory AKA that checkpoint is removed from the map and you have to set the checkpoint again if you want to return to that point again but its soooo easy to forget when you're skip-grinding through the VN). AKA you set checkpoint A, load it, checkpoint A is now gone. If you continue the story without setting checkpoint A again, which is very easy to do, then you literally locked yourself out and if you want to go back to checkpoint A then you'll have to start the VN from the beginning and grind back to that point. Very annoying especially when you just want to see the other branch on a lategame decision. One thing I like regarding the flow of the events though is how, uh, consistent? all the heroine routes are with each other. In other VNs with branching paths/multiple heroines it's very easy for the writers to just give whoever's not the main focus the vanish treatment, where in the back of your mind you're always wondering like, "Ok I'm currently flirting with girl A so they're obviously the focus, but I wonder how and what girls B/C/D/E are doing right now"... Well, technically, the vanish treatment still happens, but since all 4 of YU-NO's heroine routes take place over a very, very meager 3 DAYS the writers have the luxury of allowing the reader to keep tabs on what the other heroines are up to, even if you aren't on their particular route. And the vanish treatment is a bit justified because even If you're off flirting with the hot teacher Mitsuki trying to find out what's the deal with Ryuuzoji, you'll still get glimpses of tsundere classmate Mio doing her Triangle Mountain investigations, you'll still see gentle stepmother Ayumi getting shrekt HARD by her Geo Technics controversies, and more often then not you'll bump into enigmatic student transfer Kanna mysteriously appearing and disappearing during pivotal moments as if watching over Takuya. That being said, even though it's just 4 heroines over 3 days you may fall victim to the Time Travelers' Omniscient Burden, where you're burdened with knowing things Takuya technically shouldn't know because his own memories are reset every time you start over, and you can become overwhelmed with keeping track of what's going on/has happened/will happen/only happens in another timeline yada yada yada if you're not taking notes on the side or something lol. The remastered soundtrack is 9/10, very good stuff, idk, most of the BGMs just clicked with me. Very catchy and memorable and I found myself playing them in my head more often than I did any other VN that I've read this year. The heroines all have distinguishing themes appropriately titled after their names. I can't even remember any heroine themes of any VNs I've read in the past... Ok wait I just thought of one. Rewrite's Kotori's piano flower theme. Ok YU-NO's heroine themes have nothing on that tbh lmao, but the main point is that they were distinct and memorable to me and would bring a smile to my face to see Ayumi or Mio pop up on the screen with their accompanying theme. Dialogue/writing/translation feels subpar, it's still readable but there are times where my very limited Japanese familiarity can call out the translation freestyling. One example being Takuya audibly saying he knows a girl's "three sizes" and yet the dialogue instead said he knew her height. I'm like dafuq, is that a result of censorship??. Also sometimes he/she pronoun is mixed up, very confusing when it happens. H-scenes are reduced to Takuya and the heroine professing their love for each other, making out, and then blacking out to post-coitus-cuddle dialogue. I actually prefer it that way, I was never into H-scenes to begin with and would always skip through them. ~~ Ok I'll be honest, I ended up wanting to write this post because I just finished Ayumi's route. Mitsuki and Mio were aight, nothing too special to note. But Ayumi, man oh man Ayumi, there was just something about her that drew me in so I was heavily invested into her. Dare I say it was the whole pretty, gentle, caring stepmother and forbidden love concept LOL. Overall her route wasn't too special either, more infuriating if anything due to the worst scumbag of the earth ever that is Toyotomi, but that bad ending though! Misc. Thoughts/Spoilers! (Ayumi route)
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    Riddle Joker Release Date Revealed

    Nekonyan's next release will be Riddle Joker on the 18th of December, so we'll have something new to play over the holidays which is always nice. More Yuzusoft Moeges . Havent completely finished Senren yet though lol. Blogpost: https://nekonyansoft.com/blog/aokana-extra1-riddle-joker-release-date I wonder if they are having issues with Hello Lady's engine or something since the base game has been done for months now and i believe even the fandisc is almost done (already TLed/Edited), hopefully thats their February release
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    True Love's Lily Dyes Red/Manakashi | 18+

    Hey all, thanks for the replies and encouragement! I realize that if one only uses this forum as their information source, the progress on this will probably have seemed rather scarce And I admit, I haven't updated the thread at all to create any additional hype or expectations, but that's kind of been on purpose - I'm the sort of the person to typically walk the walk before talking about it. That way I can't let anyone down, heh. Actually nothing in particular prodded me to post this update either, and I don't have a grand announcement to make right now, I just thought I'd pop in to say hi while coming to the forum to answer a few PMs. So, how's it going? Well I'm not dead and the project certainly isn't either, all in all it has chugged along very well. I've been pretty active on a few big VN Discords and received a ton of help from a ton of absolutely awesome people, but for the past month or two I've unfortunately been very tied up in some other responsibilities. Such is life! However, I'm trying my darndest to get back to the Manakashi project right about now, so don't worry. I will, also, actually create a new teaser video of some sort soon to show off the quality and progress we're working with, as well as how I solved certain technical challenges. I don't like talking line counts - and actually I don't keep or know exact line counts, either - but while there's a whole ton still to translate, I can at least say that I am rather proud of the quality of what has been done so far. So anyway, I guess all I wanna say to you lovely people is that if you want to see this project happen, please don't hesitate to keep letting me know Reply to this thread, talk to me on Discord (yumi#0163), PM me on Fuwanovel, whatever - It does help me gauge interest and thus my own time allocation to the project, and actually means more to me than I'd like to admit. I might've started the project for entirely selfish reasons, but due to the sheer volume of material alone it's not going to end that way. So, in addition to the previous paragraph, I guess I'd like to put out a lazy call for reinforcements. Translation (and the editing that follows) is the job I'm most picky about, but if you happen to be a proficient translator/writer and would want to help with this project, don't hesitate to get in touch. I also periodically need a few trusted people to QA/test the project while it is in progress. If you'd like to do that and think you'd be good at it, feel free to DM me on Discord, preferably. Additionally we will need a real TLC down the line, but that's actually not very critical right now. So yeah, alright, that's the Manakashi project right now! Talk to you again later Maybe I should ask for a developer role on the forums to create one of those dev diaries...
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    Kiriri (きりりw)

    Kiriri is a newer self substained vtuber and is not part of any network. Kiriri can be a troll at times and is an big otaku.
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    Taking the first topic in this Forum😎

    Yo, Yuuko here with another spicy topic. Please watch Natsume Eri. She is very kawaii. Also watch my sheep friend Ps. I'm dumb.
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    Well, to be honest, I really don't care about v-tubers, but this app (game?) kind of caught my attention. I wonder if it's possible to use it to create original characters for RPG Maker games with it. The design feels a bit too moe for something I've been thinking of, but maybe it's possible to do something like that. PS. I was thinking about something like face portraits or in-game CGs. In-game sprites, obviously, would have to be done some other way. Edit. Well... I really should've used the translation patch...
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    Yes, writing is actually super important for moege. Charage is actually just moege with good writing, but people just call them charage because their ego does not allow them to like moege.
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    Hi everyone!

    Hi all, Long time lurker over here. I've been around since 2014 but don't really post or comment (I'm kind of a shy guy hahaha). I may not be present in words but I'm still here. You can call me River or Alphy (I forgot who called me this but I got the nickname back when I was watching and commenting on Meph and Ren's Cocoro@Function stream a looong time ago. I think it might have been Zaka but not sure). I'm interested in all sort of Japanese media from the typical manga to anime to WNs, VNs and LNs. My first ever VN was One (from Tactics) but the VN closest to my heart is Key's Little Busters (I really resonate with the theme, the characters and I had followed it from the time translation started to when it finished). My favorite VNs are probably moeges and charages. I read some nukiges also but I tend to avoid ones with dark plotlines (with a few exceptions). Out of the VNs I've played recently (within the last year), I'd have to say AnoHare has got to be my favorite so far overall (I love rockets and space and I learnt a lot). My favorite VN heroine so far is Inamura Rio from Dracu-Riot. (she's my waifu :3). And my favorite protagonist is Ninomiya Hajime from IxShe Tell for being hilarious. My translation wishlist is Kurano-kunchi no Futago Jijou (where my profile pic comes from), Natsuyume Nagisa, Karumaruka Circle, Mashiroiro Symphony, Fortune Arterial, and Natsu no Ame. My favorite developers are Key (for general story) and Saga Planets (for general visuals). If you have any recommendations, feel free to leave it down below. I'll be around! Cheers! P.S. Zaka and littleshogun are 99.9% of the reason I'm even still lurking around (I read littleshogun's blog every week hahaha and kudos to Zaka for the VNTS). Please notice me Zaka-senpai and littleshogun-senpai >.< P.P.S. For anyone curious enough, I have a list of played VNs at VNDB under the same username (https://vndb.org/u116199/ulist?vnlist=1).
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    Hey, those are the brain cells that count!
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    Status update Overall progress: Translation: 16661/43896 Editing: 9324/43896
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    Good evening. We've put our upcoming visual novel, Where The Stars Brought Us, demo into open beta. This will be rolling out to production at the end of the month. We'd love to get your feedback. This VN will be full voices, however; the demo will not be. The game is currently in English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese(Taiwanese). We hope you enjoy. Story: “Where The Stars Brought Us” is a visual novel game about a boy, Ryo Yung, who is from Seoul, South Korea. He and his family (mother, father, and sister) take what was meant to be a week-long trip to Tokyo, Japan. This begins Ryo’s many adventures. Though he does not embark on these adventures alone; Mae, a non-human girl with healing powers whom he met by chance in the Narusawa Ice Caves, joins him on his journey. This very journey begins with Ryo searching for the aforementioned ice caves, where he meets Mae along with another odd being. In that time, Ryo’s sister, Nam, has gone missing. Mae uses this opportunity to strike up a deal: she will help Ryo find Nam, if Ryo helps her in return. Ryo agrees, and the events of the game are set in motion. iOS https://testflight.apple.com/join/Lc5GjYRy Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.EbonSoft.WhereTheStarsBroughtUs2D (Android link) https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.EbonSoft.WhereTheStarsBroughtUs2D (Web link) Windows http://www.mediafire.com/file/k8oc07fxn7v54st/WTSBU_Windows_v0.29.7z/file Mac http://www.mediafire.com/file/ktfjtifhzzdki3j/WTSBU_Mac_v0.29.app.7z/file
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    Otogelib is an otome game translations text library for all. Visit: https://otogelib.tumblr.com/ This project is made possible by [DC] @viethoagame.com (Hacking and Programming.) How it works:- It's a library of Japanese otome games texts in google sheet format, for you and/or your group to easily edit and translate.- All projects currently don't have any project leader. You can form a team to take the project or just contribute by translating things here and there as a hobby.Sample of a google spreadsheet: LinkWhat makes it special:- All game texts from this library provided in google sheets format, so you can translate on the go with your mobile device. You can also view who are translating what in real-time, no longer to assign a script/scene to somebody, or translating things while afraid there are people working on it already.- You can save revisions and revert changes someone made if it's harmful.- There is a name table that syncs across all sheets, you only need to translate names of the characters once, and it will automatically sync across the whole file. You can:- Translate various Japanese otome games from the fully extracted game scripts provided in Google sheets format. Translate anywhere, anytime with a mobile device.- Freely post your part of the translations onto your blogs/websites.- Step up to take the project leader position for these projects. If you ever completed a project (either by yourself or by a group of people that you lead), you can request me to make a fan translation patch.Join the community and get edit access to the google spreadsheets:Apply as a translator: GoogleFromApply as a proofreader: GoogleFormDiscord: https://discord.gg/GtGK9ZGAvailable google spreadsheets: STILL UPDATING, if you want any games to have spreadsheets (idea factory/otomate games only), you can request it And be sure to participate when the sheet you requested become available.1. Norn9 Last Era2. Amnesia Later x Crowd (78% translated) 3. Reine des fleurs 4. Variable Barricade 5. Nil Admirari no Tenbin + FD 6. Hakuoki SSL (98% Translated) 7. Black Wolves Saga (50% translated) 8. Clock Zero (12% translated) 8. Binary Star 9. KLAP! Kind love and Punish 10. Amnesia World 11. Hana Oboro
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    SaDistic BlooD released now!

    SaDistic BlooD was released today. It's the first ever Black Cyc VN to get translated, if you like to see more make sure to support them . You can buy it here: https://jastusa.com/games/sadistic-blood
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    Formlose Gestalt

    DMM/ShiraVN/Johren Survey

    So recently DMM opened up an English storefront with the name Johren. So far they offer primarily Free2play games and some untranslated VNs. Iwaihime should be the first English translated VN available there. In any case they have now asked for feedback. Here is the tweet by ShiraVN that is the english publishing site of DMM: https://twitter.com/shira_vn/status/1318028914942373889 And here is the direct link to the survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1aZCpqRPNsi96RBCwiaIR1v76dvoVh_eAa-6odvAqAfE/viewform?edit_requested=true If you have the time tell them that you are interested in translated VNs and not just F2P titles and tell them what VN you want to see translated. While DMM has quite a lot of licenses under their umbrella (check out DMM Games and Hobibox and all of their subsidiaries on VNDB), they already picked licenses from other companies so you don't need to restrict your wishes to just DMM games.
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    So, introductions are not my thing but I don’t want to leave a bad impression. I’m Allan, also known as AsGryffynn or AstonGryffynn throughout the internet. I’m dedicated to, strictly speaking, content. After being totally disaffected by my career of choice (yeah, a lawyer that regretted his choice is writing this), I decided to indulge the creative side of me that I neglected for millennia and dedicate myself to creative pursuits, of which writing is my favorite and I’ve been doing for at least eight years now. As a result of a major windfall, I was always able to quit my day job early on and dedicate myself to writing a book series. However, I also dedicated space for gaming and have had a fascination with narratives like that of the Ori duology and the lore of the Elder Scrolls series. I’m a Microsoft fanboy and total Xbot by the way. Visual novels are, however, something that emerged as a response to my dissatisfaction with the PSVita and general Sony VN catalog: all otome games unless you were willing to jailbreak the thing like with iPhones, which have a similar issue (no wonder I’m an Xbot bruh!) and I wanted to resolve. I first started by launching a side gig to a much larger project (launched as a way to support my platform of choice and show the world you don’t need to be Final Fantasy to be a great, graphically impressive RPG): developing something I call “VN on Rails” which is more of a method than program. The idea you could run VNDS within a DS emulator on an iOS device. I’m still working on that. Which brings me to side gig B: translating. I happen to have staff/colleagues with Japanese knowledge and have a fascination with modding games, including Visual Novels and wish to translate some projects and test them out. So that sums up the wagon of infinite to-do lists that is me... greeting and good Foodrum!
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    If I can tolerate waiting for both Amayui Castle Meister (progress unknown but not dead) and Gin'iro, Haruka (on Hiatus atm due to Trip being burned out) to finish being translated then I'll gladly wait for Aiyoku no Eustia to finish translating. Goes to show Stormwolf being negative in this thread was entirely unnecessary, no one agreed to his negative stance to begin with.
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    The font name can be found in the exe (in this case, it is MS 明朝) which can be patched via a hex edit, or overridden with other means. But that's the easy part. For Portuguese, you also need to have some way to use accented letters, which is something not natively supported in SJIS encoding. There are some ways to handle that, such as an edited font, or patching in support to the exe. This game's engine doesn't accept normal ASCII text in the script, so you're forced to use full-width letters which makes everything look wide in the game. That also can be fixed by patching the exe, which seems to have a hardcoded amount for the text's letter spacing. A decent looking starting point could look like this. The new font being used here is Comic Sans MS, of course.
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    What are you playing?

    Just finished AIR.... man this is the first time i've loved an ending, and yet still i can't come to a conclusion about what the ending means
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    Coronavirus discussion thread

    https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/science/coronavirus-vaccine-tracker.html You can find info about all of them under this link. Honestly, things are advancing at a very good pace and I heard rumours that in the EU the vaccine might start appearing around late December/early January. Of course, it will be a while before it reaches wide availability – it will be used for medical personnel and high-risk groups first. And if that's indeed how things will go in the EU, India won't be far behind with its massive pharma industry. Still, this means there might be many, many months before you'll have the opportunity to get the vaccine yourself. Stay safe everyone!
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    It's Nice To Meet You All

    Good evening everyone. It's a pleasure to be part to the community. I've played a few visual novels over the past few years before deciding to start a business in developing them. I plan on having more of a presence among the boards as I get more time during the development and QA process. With that being said, I'd love to get input from individuals within the community about our Kickstarter and the visual novel, Where The Stars Brought Us, that my development team currently has in Alpha Testing for iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows. Once again, I look forward to interacting with you all more and helping the American Visual Novel community grow. WTSBU Website https://wherethestarsbroughtus.ebon-soft.com/
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    What are you playing?

    Ehehehehe I wonder why Robotics;Notes scored relatively poorly compared to Chaos;Child and Steins;Gate (130 votes avg 7.36 vs 1806 votes avg 8.39 and lol 8132 votes avg 9.02 respectively) I'd like to think it's just that most peeps who tried R;N were going off of the high from S;G and then got disappointed, or maybe it's the use of 3d sprites, which can look pretty jank: Worst case scenario it's cuz the plot actually is subpar, god I hope not. We shall see~
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    Good writing in pure waifu games makes the difference between a satisfying experience and absolute trash. I don't think even art or sex scenes can redeem a moege that doesn't do a good job of making the heroines endearing and/or interesting. Because if it can't suck you in and create this kind of emotional connection, it has no advantage over a random anime drawing or a hentai short you might find online with little to no context. Of course, there's also the issue of taste, as some people will find even good renditions of moe archetypes unbearable after seeing them too many times... And then there's a subset of VN audience that can consume utter s*** unironically and somehow find in enjoyable. But generally, I think cleverly written slice-of-life never truly gets old and moe tropes are fun tools for that kind of content. In hands of someone with genuine talent, they can make for a great, light experience. You can overdose on moe though and in the hands of a talentless hack it will quickly devolve into something disgustingly stale and uninspired. Which is, I think, why the formula has such a bad rep nowadays. Even on our market there's now more of it than anyone can reasonably process, and when done poorly it's really hard to justify its existence, as the only thing it will do that nukige wouldn't is waste a few days' worth of your free time...
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    Good evening everyone. It's a pleasure to meet you all. My team and I are developing an OELVN, Where The Stars Brought Us, which will be going into Beta Testing(October 15 - October 22). We'd love to have the community give their feedback on the demo. The demo is staged for the iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. We'd also love to get your opinion on the Kickstarter rewards. We look forward to hearing everyone's feedback and hope that you enjoy what we've created thus far.
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    I think that one of the problems with VNs is that so many of the heavily recommended VNs are very long. So many of the ones that are really often recommended and very highly rated are 50-100 hour titles and I just don't think that getting into something where those types of titles are seen as an introduction is easy. Another thing is how so many in the community tries highlight VNs as some sort of high art superior to every other medium and completely disregard anything part of the VN market that doesn't adhere to what they consider good, like calling moege and nukige trash and trying to make it out to be as if VNs would be way more amazing and mainstream had it not been for those damn genres. I personally think that one of the ways to get people into VNs would be to actually get people into things like moege or nukige as I think there are a lot of people who would want harem anime and manga to actually have conclusive endings and based on the amount of 18+ doujins of popular characters there is a demand for ero content with characters you actually get emotionally attatched to during a story. I think trying to highlight VNs as having good stories won't really do much as every medium has good stories to offer, I think instead it is important to highlight the things which makes VNs special and the types of content you either won't find in other mediums or you won't find done as well. Some I would highlight is integration of porn in the story, harem stories with branching routes and romantic development as well as mystery which can be enhanced by route and choice systems. Take nekopara for instance, in the realm of moege it was well done but nothing special, but it managed to go sort of mainstream and there seems to be quite a large base of people who are fans of it outside of the VN communities. I think some of this love people have for it comes from how it has done stuff they haven't seen before as they haven't gotten into VNs.
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    Genshin impact

    The gacha system is total BS. I don't find it particularly disadvantageous to use 4* characters to progress the game, but the barrier to fully utilizing 5* characters is absurd. Diluc isn't even worth using until he's at max constellation, and he is one of the most sought after DPS chars in the game. In that regard, Genshin Impact really does have the worst gacha. I've never encountered a game that expects you to roll multiple high-tier characters to make them usable (I couldn't even imagine the outrage). I don't think the resin system is as restrictive as the post makes it out to be, but it could definitely be better. I'm able to get more resources than I need just from exploring, and I never felt like I ran into a progression wall (which already puts it ahead of Dragalia Lost), but man do I hate running out of mora all the time. It ends up taking away from the time and resin I could be spending on acquiring artifacts with better set bonuses. Mihoyo's censorship of critical feedback is deplorable. No matter what people may think of a product, their feedback should never be tossed aside and ignored. China might not have that many qualms with censorship in general (at least going by what a Chinese friend in college told me), but for the international community blocking feedback is only going to make matters worse when people look outside the company-owned platforms for criticisms. Normalizing shitty gameplay aspects is never productive. You might think that Genshin Impact is great by modern standards of f2p gacha systems, but that is a really low bar for the mainstream gaming audience. I've played enough gacha games to understand how relatively good Genshin Impact is in terms of enjoyability, but I've been divorced from them long enough to understand people's frustration with it. Bad mechanics should always be called out. If a game wants to market itself to a mainstream audience, it needs to hold itself to a higher standard. It's like marketing KFC-tier food with a few fancy doodads to people who are accustomed to 4* restaurants. No matter how well you try to dress it up, crap will always be crap. The feedback on artifacts is kinda meh. Finding favorable main stats are not that hard to come by; heck, it's not even that hard to find good set bonuses with favorable stats. And as for the substats? Even good rolls will barely contribute to your overall effectiveness. Finding a good artifact with the best substats is essentially min-maxing to an extreme. Yeah, it might be worth doing eventually, but only when you've already maxed out everything else. I strongly disagree with the argument that 99% of the game is locked behind resin. It's not the kind of game where your progress is completely halted when running out of stamina. I do think the resin system should be done away with entirely, but there are better arguments for that. There's still a lot of content to enjoy while waiting for resin to refill. I also think the chests argument is a little eh. I don't mind frequent chests with half-decent rewards, and I kinda like the way they're implemented in the game. The process of finding chests is, itself, fairly enjoyable, and the loot is never useless (unlike many other RPGs I've played). That said, I think it'd be nice if the precious/luxurious chests had better rewards considering how rare they are. The criticisms are fair, tbh. There are some points I do disagree with, but there are plenty of ways the game can improve.
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    What are you playing?

    Aight, finished YU-NO. I actually only had 1-2 more hours of readtime when I made my prior post lol. Overall enjoyable. My failure to appreciate the final route as much as I could've was more due to my tendency to come into final routes waaay too overhyped. I blame Ever17. Ever since that VN I've always expected true routes to be mind blowing braingasm experiences so it can be very easy for me to bamboozle myself and end up disappointed. One of the things I liked the most was the jigsaw puzzle plot revelation format, where every heroine route focuses on a core mystery and you only get the complete picture once you've read everything. It's a great way to keep the reader hooked. Not gonna do too much of an indepth misc. thoughts, I'm kind of out of mental power atm sorryz (Spoilers): And that's that. Love reading VNs. Every time I finish one I get antsy because it's like, damn that was good, I wanna read another one like this, will the next VN i read even be as enjoyable? Then I pick a completely different genre and setting and then come to enjoy that and the cycle repeats. Question is... what shall the next VN be..? (and no, it's not gonna be AoKana, sorrz no pureblood high school SoL for me plx) *Looks at the date* Oh, I know!
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    General Information VNDB : https://vndb.org/v28160 Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai - Rikka to Anata no 1-Shuunen Kinen, Icha Love Birthday is a very short fandisc that takes place between Rikka's school route and after route in Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai. The fandisc unfortunately does not come with voice acting. Despite that, I think it captures the essence of Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai perfectly given it's short length. For such a popular VN, I'm surprised that barely anyone noticed that it has this small fandisc accompanying it. Even when restricted with language barriers, the work is free, extremely short, but the VNDB vote count is extremely low (7 votes at the time of writing). I thought that I could give something back to it, after being completely engrossed by Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai. And so, a small passion project was born. This will be the first time that I have done any translation for fictional works, much less in digital form. A programmer I am not, there are some things that I just can't be bothered to fix in this release (removing the character limit when rewriting names). With this limited experience, there will be the possibility of unnoticed errors or shortcomings in this release. Any pointers or constructive criticisms regarding the release would be appreciated. I also have added the SD art for all the 6 girls extracted from Hoshi Ori as a little extra bonus. With that said, I have to humbly disagree with any opinion that does not think 0003 is the best girl. Also thank you to Tsurezure Scans for giving the permission to use their assets. You can download the .zip file here. It requires AlphaROMdiE to run (included in the .zip). Drag SiglusEngine.exe to AlphaROMdiE.exe and you're good to go. The system locale should be set into Japanese; I cannot guarantee that it would work without having this setting.
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    What are you playing?

    Actually that change of pacing didn't bother me much. Rather, the final route was perhaps my favorite part of the game. I'd say that it was a bit artificially slowed down by all that adventure game mechanics. Of course final route makes some huge timeskips, but it still worked for me. And I really appreciated that it ditched the point'n'click mechanics. Disclaimer: I played fan-TL of original with added voice patch. Maybe remake does some things differently?
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    As for ShiraVN itself, so far there's no much controversy when it come to their policy especially in regard of all age release only. Not to mention that their VNs so far are quite well received and there's no much complain (Or perhaps almost none) in regard of bad translation, so I can say that in term of release number they already doing well compared to Sol Press lol. Lastly, it's good to see that we can see more Ryukishi's work being translated even though it's not by Mangagamer, and Iwaihime here is one of most requested VNs to be translated so I'll look forward to see what ShiraVN can do in the future. About Iwaihime itself I played the trial and as I can see some of the characters are quite deja vu of Higurashi (Susumu here is like Keichi while Kiko here is like Mion), although of course this time there's none of the bad art happen in there. For the Rika's clone that Dreamysyu ask about, obviously it's Toe even though her hair is not blue especially if you look at her setting later.
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    Congratulation on the successful Kickstarter, and it's just too bad that it barely almost reach sixth stretch goal with ~37,660,000 yen funded (Sixth stretch goal is at 39,600,000 yen funded). But reached five stretch goal there is still a sizeable feat compared to Frontier when it only manage to reach three stretch goal with ~23,600,000 yen funded, so overall I'm content with it. I look forward to the eventual release on Hypno, so good luck.
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    Birthday thread

    Happy belated, littleshogun! And happy birthday to you, Mr. Tiag!
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    Birthday thread

    Happy 34th birthday to our mod @Mr Poltroon and also happy belated birthday to our @Yuuko. I hope that both of you will have a good birthday. PS - Thanks for all of the birthday messages to me yesterday. Also Yuuko here is more easier to type compared to Kiririri lol.
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    While not the average weeb's first choice, I can't not recommend Shibuya Scramble. The game works in chapters and more or less you play 5 routes (with different protagonists) at the same time, where your goal is to make everyone reach the chapter's end alive and well. One MC's choice may very well ruin things for another (or for all of them) so even choices that seem useless at first can lead to some... meme interesting endings. And this game have around 80 bad ends iirc, so if ending hunting is your jam, this game is a delight. I know it sounds a bit confusing and it kinda is at first but it's a ridiculously fun game. It does have a flowchart and a hint corner in-game to help too.
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    Key VNs generally have quite a lot of choices that generally matter to some extent. The best example would be Clannad. Though you will probably need a walkthrough to play it, since the choice system is just too complex, so getting some specific routes may be troublesome. Otome game Steam Prison has a pretty interesting route system and quite a lot of endings. Though, in this case, not that many of the individual choices matter, but they affect affection counter with the characters, and which ending you get is decided by how much affection the target character has (there are exceptions though). Not what you ask for, but I'm also going to mention Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi. as a VN you may be interested in. It's very linear and, in a sense, only has a single route, but the choice system in it is very unique, for a lack of a better word.
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    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone my name is arad ralami, Recently I've read the language of love, it is a really pleasant Love Story, combined with a very cute Family Life, I got really attached to the main characters, then I searched about the other your novels and I found your community so I decided to register, my other hobbies are playing games, watching anime and movies, so I hope we have a great time with each other here. Sorry if i have any mistake in my grammar English is my second language.
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    Iwaihime coming west October 23

    Yeah, I wasn't aware them either, but I took a look at their Steam page, before downloading the Iwaihime demo and they seem like they might be a really good publisher. I don't see any of the bad translation or "only offering all ages" complaints that some publishers on Steam have. This "Master Magistrate" game looks like it might be something I'd enjoy. Despite being on Steam it has an easily accessible free restoration patch. It seems like they're trying to do everything right based on my first impressions at least. https://store.steampowered.com/publisher/ShiraVN
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    So you want Sekai to license it? I see. Although that said, it would be an uphill battle though seeing that the cast are quite well known and not to mention the MC is voiced. Not to mention that one of the cast is the late Fujiwara Keiji, which mean that Sekai probably need to negotiate about on how they'll license his voice as well if we look back at on how currently JAST keep fighting the uphill battle in regard of Majikoi which currently did have dilemma whether they should cut the voices from one of the characters or not. As for me, while I personally didn't want Sekai to license this I still need to respect them if they manage to get this licensed like I said back when I promised that I'll respect them if they manage to get both of Baldr Sky and Eustia licensed back at VNDB several years ago (And surprisingly they manage to release Baldr Sky even with the fact that GIGA force them to not release it with sex scenes), and also I should respect your wish to see Eustia here released by Sekai. Seriously I would say that I rather not to agree with your stance of pessimism there, at least until it announced that this project got some severe technical problem. Also it's still too early to say being fooled there, so you better save that word until Sekai really announce it as you 'wish'.
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    Genshin impact

    my main one atm
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    Umineko Discussion (SPOILERS)

    this is exactly the message of Umineko! Glad that you reached it
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