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    I think the Switch is a great platform for VNs for 2 reasons. You can read on the big screen, and you can read in a more portable manner (like lying in bed with the switch in your hands). In a sense, it kind of baffles me that in the west at least, VNs have pretty much been exclusively a computer thing. Whereas in Japan, the PSP and Vita were a major platform that a lot of VNs got released on. But the Switch is the perfect in between by being both portable and a console. Idk where this will take us in terms of future releases, but I am quite hyped for the Umineko port for the Switch.
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    What are you playing?

    Aight I was holding off on this for the longest time ever because I'm a judgmental prick and didn't really like the art style, heh, but it's time to start
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    Akai Haato (赤井はあと)

    Akai Haato (赤井はあと) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, as part of its first generation of VTubers alongside Yozora Mel, Aki Rosenthal, Natsuiro Matsuri, and Shirakami Fubuki. Haato appears to be a classic tsundere who teases her fans by calling them kimo ota (creepy otaku), among other things. However, she does nothing to discourage creepy behaviors, and frequently does weird, creepy things herself; for example, using cropped NSFW fanart for video thumbnails, sniffing her own feet, and decorating her home in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with lewd drawings of herself and Tsunomaki Watame. Though Haato compares her fans to pigs, she seems perfectly content to (metaphorically) splash in the mud right next to them. Her sense of humor is extremely deranged even by hololive's standards. She often publishes short, random clips that make little sense even to Japanese listeners, and has a series of cooking videos in which she commits atrocities such as boiling beef in a mixture of Mentos and cola, or melting marshmallows over sliced ham. When playing video games, Haato has considerably more confidence than actual skill, which usually ends up biting her in the back. She is infamous for her ear-splitting scream, and often releases these screams even when not playing horror games. Fans refer to these brutal screams as "Haato's blessings." She used to greet her viewers with "Oha-rouge", but now prefers to use "Haachama-chama". She currently have 644 000 subscribers
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    Emotes & Reactions [ Suggestion thread ]

    This is where you can post suggested emotes and reactions. Make sure to remember that you have to name them. Emotes will be resized to the new 64x64, so test if they work at that resolution Reactions will be resized to 100x100 and will be a very limited quantity Macro emotes will be very rare, so going for normal ones is preferd. examples of new resolution: Emotes will be accepted or denied at no specific time, will be checking for others opinions.
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    VN get more popular in West on console!

    Functionally, the new Microsoft console probably has the best hardware for VNs. Sadly, the lack of a foothold in Japan will hinder them - just like it has with each iteration of the xbox - in actually getting any games out of Japan on their system. Consoles have pretty much become a stand-in for people who can't afford gaming PCs over here. A gaming PC generally bottoms out at $1000 and there is no limit to how much one can cost, if you go all-out. Even the current generation of consoles is half that, which means the trade-off in flexibility is attractive for people who just want to game. VNs have minimal requirements - relatively speaking - but high-end VNs sometimes have ridiculous ones for the content (I mean, why should any VN have a 3GB RAM requirement? It isn't like there is all that much in the way of gameplay). The fact that most VNs are based off the PC produces the need for ports, which cost a surprising amount of money to produce sometimes (depending on the original engine and the system they are porting it to). Like any port, the benefit vs cost analysis is everything to most companies. If people buy the VNs that get ported enough to justify the cost, then we'll see more get ported and sent over here. Personally, if I was going to play a console VN, I'd want it on the Switch. The Switch is more convenient than either of the other two systems, with the ability to easily connect it to a TV, its light weight, and its portability. I really wish the PSP version of Ayakashibito would get ported to Switch, lol. As for popularity? That's more questionable. It's going to be years before we see any real results from the console market for VNs. There just aren't a lot of JVNs that aren't otomege on consoles just yet, even over there. Without the content, there is nothing to lust after, after all. Note: Understand that when I say there is a 'limited' number of JVNs on console, I mean this in a relative sense. One reason that VNs have managed to create a niche over here is the sheer number localization companies have to select from with JVNs. The number of 'classics' and high-quality VNs in general makes it possible to cherry-pick, whereas consoles don't, as of yet, have the numbers to allow for that.
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    Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    maybe one day i will get a new role too
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    Yeah, Consoles obviously don't allow to install games outside of their digital stores/official releases. But Switch looks indeed port-friendly and open to indies. Which is, as usual, both good and bad because people might easily stumble into something like Pantsu Hunter and get their first impression of what VNs are that way.
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    VN get more popular in West on console!

    Sadly on works if its hacked. im not sure how the switch hacking is nowdays
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    Well, for some reason these days we get much more interesting vn's on console. They probably hit pc too eventually
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    VN get more popular in West on console!

    as zalor says. but yea we will most likely see alot of ports to the switch, if not in english the market will be getting alot bigger in japan as sony no longer will battle the handheld market. where ,any vns have thrived in the past on the vita. also switch is apperently easy to throw ports onto if you have a hacked switch you can get basicly any renpy game to run on it with homebrew app. so even if you buy it on steam you can just transfer it. not that im a console gamer myself. but pretty much only reason why im alittle interested in that underpowerd thing.
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    FuwaChanges : The update log

    Fixed some behind the scenes stuff. + changed members (backer) to just Backer. and will remain a relic from the old when you could donate. + added new role "contributor". nothing you will apply for but will be given to people who are contributing for the mainsite or forums or social media in various ways. so they get fancy little badge like *note all badges are temporary and will be updated in future. There is many ways to contribute. providing content for the blog, add v-tubers or programs to the new sections, be active and helpful on forums just an few examples. not an specific list on what there is to do. more "fun" roles mig ht come infuture. oh and i gave our @Mr Poltroon his own jr.admin role
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    As consoles open up as digital platforms it's going to be easier for VNs to "infliltrate" them. Bah, we even have Hatoful Boyfriend on the Xbox Game Pass which amuses me greatly. Still, at the same time, you have stuff like Sony pushing many visual novels out of their platform and digital stores on consoles generally going the Steam route, being flooded with indie games and plain shovelware, meaning VNs become available but do not gain much visibility, reaching mostly just the existing fanbase. The one outlier might be the Switch, which really seems like a good environment for all-ages VNs, with the advantages of portability and weeb-leaning playerbase... I'm don't think the presence on the PS (outside of Japan) and Xbox is very meaningful, unless the games appear on subscription services more and thus encourage people to try them out. For me getting a VN on my Series S would only make marginal difference... It could be a bit more comfortable to read them on the TV, but normal screen is good enough and gives me more options to take screenshots etc. But hey, having more options is always cool!
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    What are you playing?

    Fuyusaka Is a bit of a slut though (not really a spoiler) I didn't dislike her though. Just started reading summer pockets. I will just say that key might have failed to disguise their biggest plot elements here.
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    What are you playing?

    What a nice page number that we have lol. That aside, since I'm not particularly playing anything yet I'll just comment about Robotic Notes here. I know that DaSH here did offer some nice plot, although to me it's just undermined by the presence of Daru as the MC. I mean sure Daru here is a good character in Steins Gate, but as far as he become the MC let's just say that I prefer them to have Kaito as the only MC. Sure the people may like his presence so I can't exactly says it's a bad thing, although if a series or VN decided to make a crossover it could be signify that the company here is pretty much quite desperate and it shows with Robotic Notes seeing that they need to ask Daru to become the MC, and after I scanned some of DaSH playthrough I think they don't really need Daru to be the MC at all seeing that Kaito can still fulfill his role to be the MC because Daru didn't really interact much with Robotic Notes casts from what I see. Yes I know that DaSH here is meant for 'Daru Super Hacker', although once again it's pretty much a desperate attempt to grab some attention from the fans by blatantly slap the unrelated characters nickname in the sequel. I guess in the end I can only say that my reaction with crossover would be quite complicated, because I always think that it should be okay as long as it's not in canon series and yet I didn't find it okay if the company decided to do it. I know that the staffs here want to make the heroes prepared themselves for their eventual confrontation with a mysterious and ambiguous group (C of 3 times 10 squared) so that the crossover would obviously inevitable, but I felt that rather than set them as threatening currently I can only see them as the plot device to keep the player to pay attention to the series with the promise that the staffs will eventually have them defeated along with give the excuse for the need of crossover (Especially in DaSH). If the staffs just want to make it as ambiguous threat and not to be defeated, I prefer them to not refer it at all although then again it would allow the staffs to easily explain on why some villain need to be evil (Because they can just use the excuse of them being the member of committee), so I sort of understand on why the staffs keep the ambiguous villain group there (Even though I didn't quite like it). Anyway my rambling aside, I think Robotic Notes here should be good enough to be standalone. Granted that there's Nae who is basically Steins Gate character, but at least she's just a side character in there as well (She's very good looking if I may honest). Also I know that Steiner did say that the final arc for DaSH is a good one, although I can also said that it's similar to Chu Chu series (Pseudo sequel for both of Chaos series) in that it's a series that have fanservice filled and then ended with a serious plot, and it shouldn't be a coincidence that the main writer for DaSH here is also the one who write Chu Chu series.
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    Gawr Gura

    So, another piece of trivia I only now stumbled upon... Gura is actually the same person as Senzawa... Meaning she managed to become a legend of Weeb YouTube twice, with both account reaching over 1mln subs. Huh...
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    Taking the first topic in this Forum😎

    Yo, Yuuko here with another spicy topic. Please watch Natsume Eri. She is very kawaii. Also watch my sheep friend Ps. I'm dumb.
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    Greeting from a humble reader

    Hi, I just started to read Visual Novel recently, for about 3 weeks, and had read only 2 titles, both are Key's, Little Busters and Summer Pocket. Currently reading Ao no Kanata, and it'd great so far. I'm trying to support the dev as much as possible by bying game on Steam, and my goal is to buy all Key's product cause I'm technically a Key fag now. Nice to meet you, reader fellows
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    Hey let's blow the dust off of this subforum for a bit shall we? I noticed we haven't really updated the profile info since... Fuwa was made basically (other than that one time we added Steam to user profiles). I figured I'd go ahead and add some things users might want. List of things added so far: Twitter has now been added under Contact Methods Anilist, ANN (Anime News Network) and Kitsu (formerly known as Hummingbird) are now options for those that don't have a MAL account Transgender, Other and Attack Helicopter are now available gender options Projects has now been added under Profile Information where you can specify whatever VN projects you work (or have worked) on. This isn't for me alone though, so I decided to make a thread and ask for people's suggestions regarding what other fields might be useful to have in their profiles. Important note: These are small fields that will go either under your contact methods or your profile information section. They're meant to be short. Preferrably things like the username you have on the respective website or something along those lines. Because of this, things like Youtube channels have already been ruled out due to the URLs being too long. Keep that in mind when suggesting. Furthermore, make sure that your suggestion isn't just for you but is actually something legitimately useful for the users on the forum.
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    Just in case anyone is interested in knowing, the new role I've been given managed to lock my permissions such that I could not see any forums or forum posts; not even the one announcing my change in role. I thought, for moments, that the forum had imploded.
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