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ooooo gifs. Ok ill post a few as well...

best ever...


T.T.... Ushio...

This image is just epic. Katawa Shoujo drawn type moon style. And it's Lilly on top of that!


Aaand my fave character in chuunibyou:


If only that was Hanako...

And you gotta love Touka <3! I have that exact same pic.

To celebrate Easter, have a pic of Tewi


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Not necessarily the kind of pic you'd expect from this topic but I just found this funny:

foundfunny.PNGIt's like the universe is trying to tell me to play the "A Kiss for the Petals" series.

And now back to your regular scheduling:

Hatate Himekaidou from Touhou


And a pretty awesome Byakuren cosplay:


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I'm disappointed that I still can't name them all:


Particularly the blond one in the top left, the three two sword wielding girls (though I'm almost certain one of them is the left one is Kurugaya. It took me a second look to recognize the yellow ribbon in her hair.), and the one right above Kud and Fuko.

Ah Kigu...


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I'm disappointed that I still can't name them all:

Then let me do the honor and name all of them

Starting from left to right

Kamio Misuzu , Tsukimiya Ayu , Kamikita Komari , Nakamura, Yuri , Nishizono Mio

Kurugaya Yuiko , Konohana Lucia , Kawasumi Mai , Ibuki Fuuko , Hoshino Yumemi , Noumi Kudryavka

Furukawa Nagisa , Kanbe Kotori , Natsume Rin , Saigusa Haruka , Yui

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