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  1. Which was your first Anime/Manga

    My first anime was probably Dragon Ball, or some anime that was released around that time (mid 90's) The one I do remember is the first anime I watched in Japanese, it was Elfen Lied. I've watched it several times, and I would watch it many more times
  2. Re-reading the common route

    I always use skip for the text I already read. I would reread it if I waited a couple weeks from one route to another, but I just wait one day to start the second game
  3. Best VN You've Ever Played

    I have to say the best VN I've played is Fate Stay Night. It's just great, there are a lot of VNs I love, but this one I love even more.
  4. Your longest anime fest?

    The longest I've watched anime is a 16 chapters anime. At the beginning i was like: Okay, one more, okay, one more... and when I was half way through I said, wtf, I'm gonna finish it I've done that a few times, but I usually do that with 12 chapters animes
  5. Steve being bakabaka (singing)

    Hahaha, that was great xD I honestly thought that it would be worse, but it was kind of great lol
  6. Favorite/Best Routes in Grisaia no Kajitsu

    Amane's route was the best. It's kind of creepy at some times but I really enjoyed it.
  7. Weapons and heroines

    I've always loved katanas, so whenever I see a heroine with a katana I just can't resist And she'd use it only when necessary
  8. What is the name of this anime?

    Hmm, are you sure it's an anime? I think it's from a manga, a hentai manga, to be exact, but I don't remember the name
  9. H-Scenes. Really necessary?

    I honestly prefer when there are H-scenes, it feels better to finish a route when the main character and the girl you want end together and have sex, not just kiss, like in the animes. Even so, I fast forward most of the H-scenes, because I like it that the character go that far, but I don't necesarily want to see it at the moment, but I'm glad they do it xD I played If My Heart Had Wings (the all-ages version) and it left a bad taste, because after everything they go through they just kiss, that's why some day I'm gonna replay it with the patch for the H-scenes
  10. Hi there people of Earth

    Welcome to Fuwanovel ^^ Hope you have a great time here
  11. Hello.

    Welcome to Fuwanovel ^^ Hope you have a good time
  12. Hello there

    Hi, welcome to Fuwanovel ^^ I think you'll find many loli lovers around here, hope you have a good time
  13. What is yout favorite VN ?

    Probably Fate Stay Night, but it's hard to decide I also love Rewrite, Majikoi and Hoshizora no Memoria
  14. The Elusive FuwaCast (Podcast)

    I like the idea, and I'll probably be available, also I played enough VNs and games and watched enough animes last year to be able to at least give my opinion
  15. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    I've been playing The Last Remnant for a bit, it's nice, but I'm playing it so I don't have to wait so much for the South Park game