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  1. Tay

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Wow politics?? really??? Oh man I hope my husband dont see this!! Politics+forums dont mix too well.
  3. Re-watching The Kabocha Wine with Ryoji. Its a classic from the early 80's. its 90+ episodes so its slow going, but well worth the time.
  4. For me, there are 2 that fit that criteria. OreImo: The hype ruined it for me. While I enjoyed it, and the ongoing 2nd season, it just wasnt all it was made out to be, Sword Art Online: Wow what a disaster that was. Started out good but by episode 14-15 I was disgusted. Im a fan on the LN's so I knew the material going in!! EDIT: Sorry Tay, Ryoji just told me how much you loved SAO!!
  5. hahaha Granted, but they are all 75 year old midget pigmys from Zimbabwe (wait that would be awesome!) I wish I had a better car
  6. wish granted, but you cant kill Batman (I mean come on its Batman) so he then stalks you day and night!! I wish for an endless supply of anime
  7. Hope you dont mind me butting in here. Im Ryoji's wife and I think I can answer that. I remember when this anime was announced. Neither one of us were to excited and didnt watch it untill after it had aired. There was sooo much hype behind the show and "that one episode" that Ryoji was very excited to see it. His best friend is a HUGE anime fan and really bragged about its greatness. They have very similar tastes in Anime so my husband was sure he was going to like it. From the very beginning it was just silly. I think he overstated his dislike for it. I dont think he really hated it more then he was extremely disappointed in it. Hell he even called what happened before it happened. Yes, im talking about "that" Did he hate it? No, but the hype definitely ruined it for him. Anyway, hope that clears it up (Hey Batman thanks for the WB)
  8. You got your wish, but then your wife murdered you in your sleep. I wish I had more time in the day
  9. The story given in the very beginning is just a simple base, and can be completely changed if you guys want to do so, utilizing the other concepts given~! EDIT: Considering the fact that I am writing this at like past 12 AM, there's a huge chance I have messed up in one of concept, thereby contradicting something in another. Let me know if I made any such mistakes! And please feel free to criticize/comment and stuff! : D Wow really cool idea.
  10. Awesome cant wait for Episode 3.
  11. Exactly. You didn't have a choice back then. If you wanted to own Anime (which we did..A LOT) you had to pay for it.
  12. Figured id join in the fun. Here's some you probably haven't seen,
  13. It absolutely is. However the media was very hard to get back then. So shipping costs and fees alone added quite a bit to the price. Its still expensive today but since its so much easier to get, i.e. free shipping, better media sources (BD and DVD's) its way cheaper. LaserDisks and VHS tapes cost a lot!! I know weird right?
  14. Hi there welcome!!! This is a wonderful community with great people. I hope you really like it here!
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