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  1. Waiting on Re:Zero to finish airing before I marathon it. I've heard too much about it to give in to the hype and disappoint myself by having to wait weekly.
  2. With this season comes something I haven't done in a long time: watching stuff as it airs. Watching Rewrite, Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 3rei, Shokugeki no Souma:Ni no Sara, and Love Live Sunshine. Finished Joukamachi no Dandelion and loved it. Finished Kiznaiver and absolutely loved it. Finished Yuuki Yuuna and enjoyed the journey to the ending if not the ending itself.
  3. Finished Mayoiga, Shomin Sample, and Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. I didn't get what I expected in Mayoiga but I liked what I got instead. I expected to enjoy Shomin Sample a lot more than I actually did, but still a fun show. I didn't like the main heroine in Rakudai all that much so the show was pretty meh. Started Joukamachi no Dandelion and I absolutely love it. I really can't go wrong with watching a show where Hanazawa Kana voices the main heroine.
  4. Finished Amagi Brilliant Park and Haikyu season 1. Amagi was really nice but I wish That aside, I don't know what I expected from Amagi Brilliant Park but I really like what I got anyway. Haikyu is in a similar situation. My friends keep saying that its hype but while I did get excited at a few parts, it wasn't the excitement I was expecting. The way the matches end up proceeding don't lend itself to hype me up. Maybe it was more hype when it was a weekly watch instead of a binge watch. Started Haikyu season 2 against my better judgement even though I know there's going to be a third
  5. Started burning through my backlog a bit. Marathoned through all of Gate and started Amagi Brilliant Park and I'm 4 episodes in. Love Gate though the ending was displeasing due to the nature of events. There was also one plot point that was never expanded on which bothered me... Amagi Brilliant Park is looking good so far. Still don't know who I'd pick as my favorite between Latifa, Isuzu and the Elementario girls.
  6. Re:Nagi no Asukara best ship and some spoilers: I finished Koufuku Graffiti just the other day. Its been stalled at the last episode for the longest time because life got busy when I was planning to finish it, and I just never got around to finishing it. There wasn't enough Shiina in the show, but the cute girls doing cute things with some philosophical pondering on the side was great.
  7. Going to give you that Tatami Galaxy recommendation. Katanagatari as well, along with Seitokai Yakuindomo. The lack of a list of shows seen to filter stuff out, which also serves as a way for us to see what kinds of shows you like, makes this recommendation thing kind of a crap shoot.
  8. The last nose dive I spoke of is Seconding the notion that no one should watch True Tears. I certainly was beyond salty about what happened...
  9. My problem with Charlotte is not episode 6 but what happens afterwards. I was getting tired of the "bad guy of the week" vibe from the previous episodes and got super hype after episode 6. And then got horribly, HORRIBLY disappointed. Just when I thought the series was going to pick up, it did a nose dive. And then another, and then once more just to round out the season.... If my sources (which are basically hearsay mind you) are to be believed, Meada's allotted time to work with got cut in half. Charlotte could have been like many other Key works. Starting out with several slice of life e
  10. Plastic Memories spoilers: Going to reiterate that loli big boobs is also my least favorite part in the show, aside from the villains of course. The other female interests do a much better job in my opinion of getting the viewer to like them. Hestia is just the stereotypical jealous girl which is always my least favorite character in harems.
  11. Its an on going struggle of how my Plan to Watch list continues to grow year after year. At the very least, every now and then, I come back to my Plan to Watch list to prune it of anime that looked promising but reviews say otherwise.
  12. Bakemonogatari Nisemonogatari Nekomonogatari: Kuro Monogatari Series: Second Season Hanamonogatari Tsukimonogatari Monogatari Series: Final Season (Otherwise known as Owarimonogatari) Koyomimonogatari In that order
  13. Echoing Flutterz, Plastic Memory had the potential to be a master piece. There was so much room for more food for thought. I started the first episode of Koyomimonogatari the other day. Man, I'm glad I forgot this was a thing. I can watch without having to wait in between episodes for more.
  14. DAL the first was fine. It was DAL the second that was mediocre. Not that I care though because I mainly watched DAL the second for the twins. DxD is great if you can turn your brain off and watch with your dick, echoing what Ittaku said.
  15. SAO II is really good. People will most likely dislike the mini arc in between the two halves of SAO II but I don't see how people can have a problem with the second half of SAO II. The second half of SAO on the other hand... lets just say as someone who read the LNs first, even the volumes it was adapted from were kind of mediocre. With regards to Guilty Crown: I've been told time and time again if I don't like Inori A LOT after the first few episodes, I should stop watching it. Which I guess is just more confirmation that the show wasted its potential. Knowing me though, I'll probably lik
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