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Do you read doujinshi?


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Among my many (not) useful hobbies, one of them is reading doujinshi manga.


I discovered doujins through the incredibly insightful lands of 4chan after seeing some characters I knew in some manga panels that were clearly not in the original series and they very much piked my interested.


After that I looked up some series I liked in some websites and started reading a bunch of fanfics with some canon or even non canon pairings from and I felt somewhat fulfilled. You know that feeling when a series doesn't give you what you deserve, romance wise, but when you see it on someone else's work, even if it's not official, it gives you a feeling of completition? That's exactly how I felt.


And until this date I often look up doujinshi of series I'm not being satisfied by. Granted the reason I read these is not for the hentai (usually) but for actually seeing 2 (or more?) characters i like, doing something together as a couple (Like ecchi things. Teehee~☆)


And sometimes I get so much into some that it ends up affecting how i view one particular anime or manga.

For example i read a doujinshi with a pairing that i didn't know could even be made and I like it, when i watch said anime again I will probably view those 2 characters a bit more differently now.

Sometimes it even makes me get into particular fandoms that ship certain characters together though this is a rare occasion, only fandom i feel very strongly about is the NicoMaki fandom (from Love Live).

This is just me personally though. I believe the world of fanfic is a wonderful thing and I enjoy diving into it every once in a while (everyday almost).


So I wanted to know if someone else around here likes reading some form of doujins (wether they be hentai or not) and how do you feel about them.

I hope I'm not alone here. Don't leave me alone pls.


For those who don't know what doujinshi is: see here

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Yep, I read lots of doujinshi. Lots of touhou stuff- it's wonderful what the fans can do with the setting and characters, but also from any other series I like. I tend to like reading some really bad doujinshi as well, sometimes there's nothing better than reading the worst fanfic you can find to get some laughs.


Not really a doujin, since it's a video, but this type of thing is great from time to time:

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I don't really like shipping nor fanfictions all that much, so I mainly read H doujins.


I did read a couple of Type-Moon doujins though (for absurd crossovers and humor) and Precure ones (not-yuri, just magical girls doing magical things)

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Well if I knew some good sites to read them I might, but no I don't read them as of right now. Any good places you recommend/links?

Sad Panda for all your needs and worries!

*wonders if anyone gets it*

I tend to read a lot of stuff at yuri-ism because they release some of my favorite stuff.

Other than there's generic sites like fakku, doujin-moe, e-hentai or exhentai (better than e-hentai) which has pretty much every doujin on the internet ever with no restrictions and is the one i personally use.

I read mostly vanilla stuff. Despite being H i still don't like when it goes too far, i'm soft like that.

Only team i read less vanilla stuff is when it's something thst fits my preferences i guess.

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Well, Doujinshi really is one of the things i enjoy reading, H or not...Like reading the Evangelion Doujinshi but like to change it to things like Fate/Stay night and Toaru Rail.

While we are on the mention of Sites, I also used to use E-Hentai but found Fakku..But yeh got to find a nice Non-H ones xD..

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I have a few issues with doujinshis.


First with adaptations :

The first thing would obviously be mot actually respecting the author intentions.

This applies in terms of scenario, storytelling or drawing.


If think a manga comes as a whole and that doujinshis are not an extention of it but another manga that doesn't really belong or that the new drawer doesn't really acheive to own.


Even if a manga ends like crap, making an alternative ending will not change anything for me.

Because it's simply not the same.


So it's not that I don't like doujinshi, it's just that it doesn't add anything to the original manga in my personnal opinion.*


As for original work (as in amateur manga), I'm totally in favor of it.

Well pretty much any mangaka started with doujinshi's anyway, so it's something we should encourage.


But there are too many pro mangas already existing that i haven't read for me too start paying attention to amateur work and even more if it's untranslated.

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I mostly use exhentai because of the loli tag which is usually not allowed in a lot of other sites.Although there's a ton of weird stuff mixed in there. But then again e-hentai also has said stuff. And because pretty much every doujin on the internet or hentai manga ends up there.

Fakku is my 2nd most used website for doujinshi. They usually have the most popular ones. It's also pretty easy to browse.

Doujin-moe would be 3rd though I only use it occasionally really. I don't like the premium system they have. I can literally find their premium section doujins on exhentai within minutes. 

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