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  1. That is a good idea, Thank you. You are right about skipping the common route and you reminded me of a game that perhaps gave me the worries of skipping the common route. Hoshi zora no memoria. With each new playthrough you see "her" more and more. I can't recall if that was during the common route or not since its been so long ago.
  2. I see, That does make sense. Thank you for that. Ill see how I can go about it.
  3. Thank you. I will take a look when I can. Previously, I use to have the visual novel on my second screen on autoplay during parts that I had already read before but I can't do that now that I am not reading it just for myself. So I was a bit lost on how to move forward. Thank you for the option and ill see how I can incorporate it into the work.
  4. Good morning, evening and afternoon everyone. I use to be pretty active here on this forum years ago. To be precise, my last active thread was in 2016 haha. Lately, I have been more heavily involved in Visual novels again and wanted to see how the site is doing. I wanted to ask a question but was not sure what part of the forum would be the right place to ask, Creative, visual novel or here. I started a youtube channel recently to do Let's play for visual novels as I want to share my thoughts and reactions in a format that is easy to see. I have loved reaction channels and such from anime reactors as well as other Visual novel channels. So I started with the series "Cafe stella and the reapers butterflies". The question I wanted to ask was (without spoilers please), I am currently close to finishing the common route and start my first route but I was thinking about how I would do my second playthrough. Should I reread the whole thing, do the choices in the beginning warrant another full playthrough, do I just skip straight to the choices I missed. I want to create a series that is easy to watch and not full of constant skipping and shifting. Anyway, It is great to be back and I hope to see if there are any familiar faces as well as to meet new ones.
  5. thanks for the suggestions, busy lately with other things and other Vn's but yeh things like Higurashi i have already started to read..really getting to me already haha...Also as for Hoshi ori, i was wondering around vndb and came across it..definitely my next read..(love short hair heroines).
  6. hmm that is true, Never thought if it that way.
  7. hmm this one does look nice, ill try that one out for my Non-translated one, Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the Recommendations.. Ill try out a few and see how they go. Thanks and enjoy your day.
  9. 1) Handle (the one you use or plan to use): Arturia2) Positions you can fill: Translator3) Types of projects (VNs) preferred: Fantasy, Romance4) Availability (edit this one as you get involved in projects): Unavailable(busy with Luna Translations) from Monday-thursday (Any time during those days (If additional days are needed, will work something out))5) (VNs most interested in producing an ftl for: Eushelly, Favorite, Key.6) Motivation for joining in on ftl: To help further the progress of Vn translation and to help myself further in Japanese7) Conditions* (any additional conditions, under which you will or won't work): No Yaoi, Horror. Window's Vn only. Dedicated Team. Further notes: This would be my first translating project, so i won't have the experience but hope to build that up. My Japanese isn't the best as i am currently studying it but have no problem understanding 80%. If you need any further information just let me know. Thank you and enjoy your day.
  10. Hello all.. I am geting back into Vn's and felt like a nice slow Vn to read, that is about life in the country side.. I would love for it to have romance and slice of life feel to it. Preferably would like it in english but can settle with easy - medium japanese level. Thank you and enjoy your day. Edit: Another type of recommendation would be if there is a Vn similar to either Hoshizora no Memoria or Grisaia no Kajitsu.
  11. EVening all(morning to some).Firstly i want to mention that i would like to post a small piece i was thinking about doing...secondly i appologise about my Grammer and about my english as a whole(for some reason it doesnt come out well). And you will see a lot of spelling mistakes. Another thing I want to mention is this is more like notes on a story I want to create but this is what I really want people to feedback on as I love to create notes and background stories on the characters and such before I write... So I apologize if this isn't the right thing to do or right type of work to post... (The following Copy and paste is from a wordpad of mine..I always talk to myself in terms of writing so you will see that a lot. Again I apologize). regardless here it is.. ||||||
  12. It would seem that I come back to this topic yearly haha Regardless I wanted to co​me back and post what I have done for those that had followed some of my story...and I hope to get some more who like this type of story...as I like people to understand my story more from the beginning from now on when I do post more of my work, I will post the Story first and secondly I will post information I have on the story or just information I am thinking about in regards to the story.. Well like I always say, I hope you enjoy.. Edit: I'm copying and pasting so the format and the way it looks might look messy. |||||||| ​ As Tatsu was about to leave, He was stoped by Rika. Rika: Nii-san, Will you be alright to go out at this time? As she said this, she was holding the him of his shirt, sincerely worried about her brother. Tatsu: I think so, don’t worry Rika. Ill get you your favorite on my way back. Once he finished he gave her a smile as he knew that she was geniunly worried. Tatsu: I shouldn’t be long, today had just tired me out. I’ll tell you about it when I get back. Rika: Alright, Have a safe trip. Also you better get the right one Nii-san! As she see’s herbrother off, she reluctently removed herhand from his shirt and replied while puffing her cheeks. Tatsu: ha ha, maybe I should get the one you dislike so that you can puff those cheeks more. Finishing off, he replies while laughing at her. Rika: ah mou urasai nii-san! She then turns on her heels and trots away angrily. Shifting to Tsunika’s Point of View. Tsunika: Tadaima.. Tsunika has just returned home from her first day of High School. Tsunika Mom: Okaeri Tsunika. Did you enjoy your day? Tsunika: ah Okaa-san. When her mother asked her about her day, her face had shown a slightly sad expression, but mainly her feelings itself were confused and shocked. Tsunika: The day itself was great okaa-san. But at the end…I don’t know what to make of it. As she finished off her sentence, she tunred to look away. Tsunika Mom: Ara…Would you like to talk about it? She was worried from the move that Tsunika might not have coped well from moving to a new town. Tsunika: It’s alright it wasn’t that big of a deal. As for Tsunika, She doesn’t want to remind her mother about The ordeal they faced a few years ago..If she were to mention that she was reunited with Tatsu, She will immediately remember the sorrow they faced from the tragedy. As soon as she realised this she remembered that she must tell “her” that she found him. Tsunika knew that “she” had feelings for him and when he left so suddenly in Middle school, it destroyed “her”. Tsunika: Okaa-san I need to borrow the phone for a bit. Tsunika mom: Sure, Going to check up on Reika and how her day went? When she got the permsion, she grabbed the house phone and went on her way to her room. Tsunika: Yes, But also I have some good news for her. Before she entered her room, she made sure that her mom wouldn’t be able to hear her from in her room. When she entered, she went and sat on her bed and started to dial her friends number. She was anxious as they have been loning for this oppurtinity ever since he left..She wonders how she will act uppon hearing about all this. When the dialing tone ended, she heard another female on the line. ???: moshi moshi, Kyori household. Tsunika: Ah Reika, Its me Tsunika. Upon hearing that it was sTsunika on the line, Reika drops the formal speech and started to talk with her best friend. Reika: Ah Tsuni great timing, I was thinking of calling you myself..But didn’t you just finish school, you called pretty quickly. Tsunika let off a wry smile upon hearing how energetic she always is. Tsunika: Well that may be true but I firstly I want to hear it…any earth shattering news about your first day at high school? This too them was just the normal conversation they would usually have, but from Tsunika’s slightly down toned voice, Reika could tell it was slightly off. Reika: I wouldn’t call it Earth Shattering…but the school itself is great..Well for an all girls school it is grand as I expected it to be..but it feels bland..probably due to it having no boys..aaand…you find any boy that caught your attention huh Tsuni-san.. While laughing sinisterly, this is one of the aspects of Reika Tsunika likes about her..the playful atmosphere which can dull anyfear and problem that wouldarise.. Tsunika: as a matter of fact there wasone guy..I still have no idea what to say of it.. Tsunika was lost in thought and the conversation was quiet for a few seconds.. Reika: ooo so he was that good looking huh..hehe Letting out a sinister giggle, she wonders what has Tsunika down like this. Reika: is it that guy that has you feeling down like this Tsuni. Lowering her voice lower then it was since she knows this conversation might be a serious one. Tunika: Well yes in a way.. I don’t know how I really feel about it..Happy, Sad, surprised..more importantly in a sense it comes as good news…mainly for you Rei. Whie listening, Reika started to become confussed. Reika: Huh, Why would it be good news for me. Well in one way since im going to an all girls school it would help me but you know how I feel Tsuni.. Tsunika: Haha yes I will never forget it Rei..but that was why I know this comes as good news for you…not good but even great. Upon hearing the way the conversation has been heading, Reika started to feel hot and her mind was going all over the place. Reika: Wait you couldn’t possibly mea- With every word and breath that comes out from Tsunika, Reikas heart beats faster and faster. With almost tear filled voice she replies to Reika almost breaking out in a cry . Tsunika: its him…rei..hic…I found him. Upon hearing Tsunika’s crying words…Reika instantly droped the phone and started to dash out the house….It was a bit too hard to believe…at first she was thinking that it couldn’t be him, not after all this time looking..but when she recalls how the conversation was developing and how Tsunika was softly crying over the phone, makes it undeniable of how true it all was.. Her heart wouldn’t slow down..Her mind kept racing…Its been three and a half years since he disappeared..She has been searching for him, Ever since he left that note that day…she has been longing to find him once more. Although even if she ran out in a mad search for him..her chances of finding him were nearly zero. Even still, her feelings for him, the feelings she wasn’t able to convey to him in the past..even if she cant convey them or even if he found someone else…she wants to see him, Hear him… in the past, He meant everything to her. Reika: Its been a long time since you left and ill finally get to see you again…Yuuki-kun. End of Chapter 2 !!! That would only be my second chapter..and that would be the only part I have in regards to my written story...but in terms of the additional information ill give now would probably be equal to another two chapters... (The following I will give you is from a wordpad I use to type formyself so some of the writing will be in first person towards myself.) |||||||||| They met in the first year of their middle school, Afterwards he changed schools and met Kitsuji at his new school. I could also have it that his past and present are two differant towns. and that Tsunika and Reika have moved here to the schools boarding housing. With that, the moment they met gave an even stronger shock as it is asking "Why is he/she here"? I have changed or should say I added quiet a bit of information onto my phone. One of the ideas I thought of recently was the change of view..But in doing so, I will have to edit my whole story or just addd more information. Firstly, at the part in my story where he had reunited with tsunika at school, he wonders about his past and goes out at night to go to their old hang out spot hoping to meet “her”. At the same time I can have a change of perspective and have it at that Tsunika is having a phone call with “Her” and tells her what had happened at school and who she found had returned. Instantly after hearing that it was Tatsu, She hangs up the phone and runs straight out of the house and heads in the same direction as Tatsu. Now in regards to why they havnt met in over a few years…Before that I intend to change the school they meet in< I previously mentioned Middle school and then said that he gained popularity in the last two years…This is a contridiction as they are in high school now, The schooling system is Middle school, Junior high and then High School. So I intend to change the time at when Tatsu changed schools to be around the middle of their third year of middle school.. That would let there be around 3 Years of a gap between them…I will put it that they met in the second year of Middle school. This way I can have Tatsu meet Kitsuji and Shiitsu in Junior high. Ok now back to my original topic, Why they hadnt met… Its true if all main characters are in this town then they would of met one day or another…but this town is where Tatsu moved to in the past.. Tsunika and Reika had moved here because Reika was moving due to her family problems and Tsunika moved with her into the school dorms.. Little did they know ofcourse that Tatsu was at the same sschool as Tsunika. Continuing from where I left off in my chapter two…at first I had it that Tsunika was the one that was afraid or scared of Tatsu when the reunited, but thinking about it. He moved away from their previous town because of that incident that he possible was the cause of. So wouldn’t it be more common if it was him that was afraid and scared of his past…ofcourse he is confused and happy about meeting his old friend again but he still wants to put that allbehind him nad he wants Tsunika to live her life without worry… Now I have to come up with the reason why he wants to go to their old hang out spot and why Reika wants to meet with Tatsu…I just thought that in the past she had unrequieted love towards Tatsu ever since they had talked at the cafeteria..and upon knowing that thiswas where Tatsu hadmoved to, ofcourse she wants to meet him again ever since his sudden dissapearance. She would then recall that letter he left behind in her locker the day he dissapeared. So when Tsunika told her about Tatsu the emotions swelling up just sprung out and made her move instantly towards that place.. Nevermind I have been mentioned their old place, their hang out and the place they use to play and such…but that doesn’t make sense since this was the town Tatsu had moved to and hasn’t met them since he moved…so their shouldn’t be any place for them to meet up at…So for now what I will have it be is that Reika will go out and just randomly search for Tatsu and at the same time Tatsu will be out and about just randomly walking to clear his mind about his encounter with Tsunika. |||||||| That would be all.. I guess all I really would like is how people view the way my story is going and see if its only my personal opinion on how I enjoy my story... This was a long post but I hope you read to the end. Most of it was just me talking to myself in my notes but I feel like I can understand my story better if I ask myself questions.. Hope you enjoyed it and It might be another long time until I write a bit more on this story..Follow like what ever you want if you wish to see more in months time.... Until then enjoy your day, week, month.. Arturia
  13. mm i looked them up and they look like the type..Thanks Kaguya for the help...enjoy your day.
  14. Good evening Fuwa, I have not been online in months and started to come back into reading more Visual Novels. Lately I have been reading Never7 and Ever17 but it isn't that type I am looking forward to at the moment. ​ Ok the recommendation I am looking for at the current moment is as follows.. To me it has to have atleast multiple routes, Unlockable routes(such as New game there would be more choices) and a gameplay elemnt which I will describe now. That would be the main elements of the Vn I would like to read.. as for the other parts I am looking for would be 1: Mystery.. I am looking for a Vn that is similar to 999(9 doors 9 hours etc.) and Dangan ronpa.. that element where you find items or clues and you work your way through the Vn... 2: Romance... I would like there to be a romance part to it towards the end atleast but it doesn't have to be included. 3: Gameplay: as mentioned in the Mystery part, Where you can interect with the game by finding clues and or things like that to find the truth of whatever the Vn is about.. Would be nice to have things like map movement but isn't required. 4: Bad ends.. in a way I wouldn't mind them as these style of Vn I'm looking for would have them like DR and 999 had. Anything else I'm relatively find with... If you happen to know of a similar but not exact type then it would be fine and I would look and see how it is.. Thank you for your time and it is good to be back.
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