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  1. By real I mean not the plastic stuff that you buy for anime con or Halloween but rather clothing made of the same material as everyday clothing. You know clothing meant to be worn everyday not once a year. Girl's are easy. Just buy lolita and you are pretty much set. Guys though are pretty hard. Also where can I buy a suit exactly like what Tokiomi from Fate/Zero wears?
  2. Just curious but what are some VN's that you guys would love to see translated? Maybe just something that had an interesting synopsis and you would like to read or from someone that reads japanese one that you have read and think everyone should read.
  3. Japanese Help Thread

    Thanks guys. I am having so much trouble with this page. The worst part was 一合 . I thought it meant 1/10. which was really not making sense.
  4. Japanese Help Thread

    Need help with a tricky line. Thanks.
  5. なまイキ ‐生粋荘へようこそ‐ I cannot get the game to even give the first sign of life. Opening the .exe results in no results. Windows 10 64bit. My system locale is set to japanese. I tried restarting, admin, and various compatibility modes, nothing. I am going crazy because I have nothing to work with.
  6. Thanks but it did not work either.
  7. English patches released in 2016?

    I believe Dracu-Riot is getting a patch soon. Majikoi A-3 is probably my favorite one btw. Yamato in Stacy and Lee's routes is super awesome. Particularly in Stacy's.
  8. Dracu-Riot! Completion Project

    I just learnt this myself. Going back and forth because of little mistakes sometimes makes really easy sentences into convoluted crap. Later you look at the edits from your editor and you go 'what the hell was I doing? That's not even in english.' I am one of those leave-it-to-the-editor people.
  9. I looked at like 5 different sites. I cant seem to find it. All I get are used products and one that only ships within japan. Can I get a new set in japanese from anywhere?
  10. I feel like you can't make up for english. I mean, I could give up spanish (my first language) but I dont think I could give up english. Too many good books too many opportunities. I already have 3 languages anyways (spanish english and japanese). I wouldn't get enough out of it so no.
  11. Most Helpful Kanji Dictionary?

    Just curious but what is wrong with online dictionaries? You can easily copy and paste from those and the info is basically the same.
  12. True or False

    False. You would think from all the reading but nope. Next person lives hit his mother.
  13. Majikoi A Translation Project Discussion

    Regarding A-5, I just started playing it. Somehow I feel like the quality is much crappier than before. Not the story mind you, I have not gotten that far; the visuals look inferior to previous games. Like the cg you posted or the first cg in the Yoshitsune route. Sometimes even outside of cgs they look funny.
  14. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    I just started playing it. Somehow I feel like the quality is much crappier than before. Not the story mind you, I have not gotten that far. The visuals look inferior to previous games.
  15. If I want to buy omamorihimari in jp, am I screwed?

    I guess used is my only choice. Oh well. Used it is then. what is コレクター商品 btw?
  16. If I want to buy omamorihimari in jp, am I screwed?

    Ive bought stuff before though. I only pay about 10 bucks per volume, still high but 20 is just crazy. For some reason this one just seems to be hard to find.
  17. If I want to buy omamorihimari in jp, am I screwed?

    Did you see the price for each volume? It seems to be 20 bucks per volume. I also found the set... for 400
  18. If I want to buy omamorihimari in jp, am I screwed?

    I think you may have misunderstood me. I found the books. I just can't find a place to actually buy them.
  19. It comes up as an option when looking up new vs used. What is it exactly? To me it sounded like it just meant used.
  20. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    Has anyone played A-5 yet?
  21. What makes a good Villain?

    I feel like the same things that make a good hero make a good villain. Goodness for goodness sake is fine and all and it can be entertaining it can even be good. However, I feel like a charismatic personality based on real principals makes a hero great. Same for a villain. I like the joker. The joker could be considered evil for evil's sake. However, he does have reason behind what he does. He is insane so morals are not an issue for him. He has a fascination for batman so he wants to kill him but also wants him to live, human. Human villains are great and fun. The best thing about a villain though is not his motivation though. The best thing about a good villain is a good hero. They always seem to come in pairs. A villain is not a villain without a hero.
  22. Doesn't key always make non-sexual stuff?
  23. I am trying to read noble works. I've tried like 5 times all I keep getting is the ending where he does nothing. Grrr. I keep aiming for nee-san but this is hard. *sigh* Well I'm done raging I guess. I don't want a guide btw. I just wanted to vent. I dont like guides for the first play through.
  24. I am so frustrated right now >_< [Noble Works]

    It looks like are starting to get it.
  25. I am so frustrated right now >_< [Noble Works]

    I think I finally got it! I am at least dancing with her so I think I finally got it.