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  1. Back on here, haven't posted anything in a while. :3

    1. Tay


      Welcome back!

  2. Hadaka Shitsuji-Drama CD-

    The Hadaka Shitsuji Drama CD has been out for some time, would anyone gladly translate it in English? ^^ Or is there already a Txt. file existing in English for this CD?
  3. Tumblr- mogepoki.tumblr.com

  4. Do you buy VNs?

    Yush I buy them, so far this year I've bought 3 at gamestop lol, and 1 online. ^-^ I wish I could buy the whole stock, vn NEED MOAR SUPPORT D:
  5. Which is Your Favorite Game In The Final Fantasy Series?

    It'd have to be Final Fantas 13-2, I've played most of the FF games but none of them seem as good as 13-2. Well why it's my favorite? 1: Characters- easy to relate with, even the villian has his issues I can relate with the villian as well. 2: The graphics- Graphics aren't everything...but damn these vibrant enviroments are the shit O w O 3: Moogle- Whut? 4: LVL system- Best one I've seen so far, don't gotta grind so much like in most FF games. 5: Music- Best soundtrack I've heard for FF, 10 and 7 have good soundtracks as well...but I've never liked so many songs in one game such as this. and finally 6: Story- A story about time travel, only played one game having to do with Time travel and that was Shadow of destiny...Final fantasy has done a good job making a meaningful story about time travel At first I was skeptical but I enjoyed it.
  6. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    PSVITA- Freedom wars PS3- Resident evil 6 (Jake's story) PC- Killer Queen
  7. Recent (Japanese) Things You Have Purchased

    Freedom wars-
  8. Upcoming Video Games: News, Trailers and More

    I can't wait for Farcry 4, Senran Bon appetit, Break record, and Persona 5!!! Definately going to preorder every single one O w O eeeeee I'm so excited > w <
  9. =_= Visual novels barely get released in the west as is, I'd be surprised If Zero's escape 2 ever comes to light. But all an otaku can do is dream...
  10. What are you playing?

    Well visual novel wise, I'm working on Killer Queen O w O god It reminds me so much of the 999 nines series. It's very good I love it thus far And lately on my PSVITA I'm playing Freedom wars, which is a great game to be honest one of the best RPG's on my vita. Great character customization, weapon selection and story
  11. Do you read doujinshi?

    Used to read alot of Final Fantasy 7 doujin, doujin slipped away from my interest in 2012. I dunno why, I decided to read Webcomics and write Fanfiction instead lol.
  12. What Anime are you watching now?

    Too be honest ever since I finished Uta Kata 2 months ago, I haven't watched much anime but Im Currently downloading- No.6 and BRS