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Hello - And something fun...

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Hello all,



My profile is up to date now...If you have any questions after referencing it, please let me know...





There was a guessing game here, asking people to guess my age gender and location, but that's all over with now...


Flutterz took first place, and won posters A, B, and D


Shcboomer came in second place won F and C




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Thank you all, for all the warm welcomes! ^_^


This community seems really nice.


Sorry for making the guessing game a bit difficult. I didn’t want someone to get it before everyone who wanted to guess had a chance to do so, and thought a few guesses before someone got it right might be more fun too. As time goes on I’ll start giving hints to make it easier, until someone eventually figures out...


First hint{s}


The country is one of the ones that been guessed so far:






The age is not one of the ages that has been guessed so far:








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