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  1. I don't like any VN with only English VA as it sounds wrong in my ears to read a Vn with English text and not hearing the Japanese VA to correct the English translation of text. But I would read a oelvn if there was no VA and it's good.
  2. i can marathon Anime for an entire day no prob atleast 1 season (12E) aday and when i am in super weeaboo mode well the only problem is finding new i anime i can watch
  3. Music player try Xenoamp a bit buggy but so worth it manga reader try Mango gotta google search it and download
  4. Nice to meet you Choppi here have a song from Swedens reggae queen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ni8UbQnSn1Y and it seems that we are the same age.
  5. so you choose Yandere king Krill it suits you but don't you know that yanderes won't have a king they would just fall in love with the king and then kill him as he haves so many yandere women around
  6. Here is one ophis pick atleast https://www.dropbox.com/s/lcwyhkrpsvykqnf/1348276930078.jpg
  7. best lolis are Ophis and Ai Astin but both off those are a freaking pain to find pictures off
  8. Some more Classics. Romance ones. Onegai Teacher (my favourite romance anime with a relation between a male student and female teacher) Onegai Twins Also Ano Natsu de Matteru (but it's from 2012 so not really a classic but it's similar to those above and worthy to watch) and last is Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu thats all the series i have in my mind now and then some classic romance movies Tooi sekai (super short anime movie from Shinkai Makoto) Hoshi no koe (more Shinkai Makoto and this is a really good short anime movie) Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho (from Shinkai Makoto and
  9. yes your own healt is very important so using flux and an android similar (twilight) and also eating healty is also good. and then do i recomend to go and pick up some crystals and keep them att your computer table or something you use a lot as they can affect you in good ways and will affect your chakras which are important for your healt just google this and they don't cost alot from 1-5 dollar so picking up a few don't hurt and this seems like new age bull shit but it seems to work (maybe it's just dillusional though) in a worst case are the pretty
  10. Mango is still perfectly fine to use just to let you know even if it's not on the play store (it was a restriction off porn content which took it off ) does not seem up to my standards and i already have mango for downloading i just want the IMG viewer and a little pro tip don't read borderline manga in class you vill get some strange looks (but in my case does nobody care after)
  11. they both seems like crap to me but i have decided to use an old version off Perfect veiwer and maybe this app when it get's go to next folder automaticly http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2234603 and use mango http://mango.leetsoft.net/ to download it works perfectly well to read at aswell but there is no img smooth filter and a rather statik veiwer which i dont really like so i use perfect veiwer instead which is made for displaying manga
  12. Hello i have used perfect veiwer and Mango to read and download my manga for a while now but perfect vewier is starting to be to heavy for my old phone and so much changes which makes me change app so do you have any recomendations on which att to use it only needs to change folder automatically and be relatively smooth in the img scrolling
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