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  1. I thought this was originally started to fix the release that everyone bought. I don't see me buying the game again.
  2. Glad to see this thread is still alive. I purchased the original English release at launch, and plan to play it if this patch is ever finished...
  3. I'm still trying to hold off on playing If My Heart Had Wings until the second patch is finished... Just saying
  4. Historically I played Planetarian and really liked it, and reccently I started to watch the Little Busters anime, and it started out good so I decided to read the visual novel for greater emotional impact but it turned out be awful. I've finished one route through the game, and with thirty or more hours of reading time invested I didn't feel even half as emo as when I palyed planitarian. I'm not sure I can stomach the repition and the pain of making dozens of correct choices to flesh out a hopefully better path through the game. I was hoping for a really emotional experince and it felt like a
  5. Thanks for the info. I checked out the reddit thread and it sounds like this realse might not ruin future fan translation of the sequals, so that's good. If they do release an official adult version as well I'll buy that copy, otherwise I've already spend enough to support this game \ don't want to encourage more gimped releases. Sorry. I didn't read a lot of the posts, and just wanted to add my two cents because this was one of my favorite games. If many other people have voiced the same concerns then that's a good thing . Can't help but think "If manga gamer was d
  6. Answer: It would appear post English patch the save data is located here: C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Frontwing\Grisaia no Kajitsu
  7. Recently I upgraded my computer, and I was just trying to put Grisaia no Kajitsu on my new computer. I re-installed the game, and it runs. Then I tried to restore my save games can't seem to do so. From my old computer I copied the following location: C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\フロントウイング\グリザイアの果実 To the same respective place on my new computer, but the game doesn't acknowledge these files, or my old save data. What files do I need to copy over to restore my saves? I know I can put a brick on my ctrl key, but I had many points in the storey I liked saved, and also it's a pain t
  8. I have already spent around 300 dollars to buy Grisia no Kajitsu and its two sequels in anticipation that they will be fan translated too. I don't like the fact that sekai project is now doing Grisia no Kajitsu as it might result in no fan translation for the two sequels of the game. Also this "official" translation will be an all ages version. Most of the entertainment value during the long common route is the adult humor. The later stories contained a lot of adult content too and it's hard to imagine these stories being as good without that adult content. Even the H-scenes, which wer
  9. Again, it doesn't say "if we sold more we'd release more". The amount of sales could have been so bad, and the bar set by other developers could have been so high, that triple or quadruple the amount of sales could have been required. Many people in the community paint a negative picture all the time, stating the required sales are so far out of reach. Before this statemented amount, even if it a relative amount, there was nothing obvious about the volume of sales that would be required to bring us more product diversity. Some assumptions do need to be made, as exact figures were not provi
  10. Compared to a lot of companies MG has been very honest and transparent with it's info. Preceding the small quote I posted they commented on a positive trend of increasing customers and sales. If one reads between the lines this quote states "with twice the current volume of sales, they will achieve the numbers other developers are looking for before they try their hand at the western market." Combined with the previous statement that sales are always on the rise it also states we are on a collision course for that very positive happening. If the wording was "if we sold more we'd release more"
  11. To me, the best part of that article was this: "if we keep expanding to about twice the user base and sales we see now, I think we’ll start seeing even more developers joining in."
  12. You'll have to let me know what you think. MGQ is the only nukige game I've liked so far. The game's purpose doesn't feel like crazy amounts of sexual content that are in it. There is a legitimately interesting story and adventure in there. The RPG part is fun, but not too hard or complicated. The story seems to get a bit over the top, but it's neat all the same. When I first started into the game it felt like you are setting out on an adventure and you can't wait to see the other areas as you and the character explore them. Later it feels like you have seen and done a lot and you feel you\the
  13. Monster Girl Quest part 3. The content in this series is a bit "different", but it has also been surprisingly enjoyable so far.
  14. Matcha and water. I don't like eating stuff while reading them as that just means crumbs in your keyboard.
  15. I think the answer might depend on the quality and type of title. I'd bet stuff that is pure porn people are more likely to not see a problem pirating, and DRM would be required to get any type of decent sales. Before you call me crazy, how many people have looked at porn on the web? Nearly everyone has probably looked at images that have a copyright on then, and did you feel the need to sign up with the site that image came from? Has anyone here signed up somewhere and paid for on-line porn? There might be a few, but a bet most people are probably like "pfft, that's silly, there is porn all o
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