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I want to warn everyone who thinks about putting some VN OST as a wake up alarm - It isn't safe.

For a long time I have been waking up with my favourite VN music, but I was devastated when my alarm rang yesterday.

I had a dream about the cutest and most innocent girl I have ever met (much like Nagisa from Clannad).

I met her about 9 years ago (year 2010), but I was separated from her a year after (and never saw her again), due to my family moving to another city. 

Not telling her how I feel is the single biggest regret of my life. (among many others) Some 3 or 4 years after being separated from her I realised that she liked me too.

It's been more than 2 years since I last thought about her, but she came in my dream yesterday and then my alarm, (the song "Nagisa" from Clannad) played and I was still dreaming.

Now my dream had that wonderful tear inducing OST and the girl in my dream just got further and further away with that OST in the background. 

I screamed her name, but she kept getting further and further away.

At the end she disappeared, I woke up, the Nagisa song was still playing and that was the second saddest thing I have experienced. I was devastated for around 5 minutes.

Then I decided to search for her profile on Facebook to see if she is doing well. I found her profile and I saw many photos in which she seems to be happy.

Then I saw photos of her with a man who is apparently her boyfriend and in that moment, for the first time in my life, I felt that my heart had truly shattered.

That was the saddest thing I have ever experienced.

I am happy for her though.

Moral of the story : If you don't want to destroy yourself - DON'T SET VN OST MUSIC AS AN ALARM!!!

P.S. : It's been around 32 hours since then, but I haven't recovered yet, so bear in mind that I wrote that post under that influence.


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One thing about the English language I really don't get:

"Good for you." is actually used sincerely and positively. That seem absolutely impossible to me. What?? That sentence is laden with sarcasm, dismissal or envy should I utter it. I cannot tie any positive emotions to these words, but from what I've seen people do use them sincerely. Amazing. In Portuguese we certainly don't have an equivalent sentence used positively.

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I was writing a review of a cyberpunk VN today and referenced Blade Runner 2049 in it. Than I realized that while I like that movie, it's basically a bad VN in movie form. Bloated, meandering between a dozen subplots and ending on a really weird note that resolves nothing and satisfies no one. All with over-the-top production values and deep conviction that it's super-profound (although it itself is not sure on what way).

Prove me wrong. :makina:

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And here's my greatest find from the ripped-nukige-CG folder of that shady disc. I want to ask for context, but I know the answer could never be fully satisfying.



Also, for those really curious, here's an ISO. I don't think it contains any actual copyrighted material... Outside of the screenshots/CGs from 25-years-old porn games which definitely didn't find their way there in a legit way, but I don't think those are problematic to share in this context?

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