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Hope will get along!


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Hi all, decided to register here since this seems like a nice community for talking about visual novels. As for me i'm just the average person who enjoys visual novels, gaming and anime. As far as visual novels my favorites are:


The Majikoi series (my absolute favorite, a series very dear for me as it even helped me get out of depression sort to say a few times)

Muv-Luv series (i played this in a rough time as well, it was a very enticing and amazing story)

G-Senjou no Maou (with this one i had no personal problems when going in, but the main route really was amazing)

46+1 ChuSinGura (had its share of flaws, like misspellings and sometimes it cut rather weirdly but despite that they manage to keep the overall feel of the original which is why its one of my favorites)


As for now i'm enjoying myself with Tsujidou-san Jun'ai Road :lol:


With my brief description ending i will like to end on this note:


  Mina-san Yoroshiku Onegai Itashimasu!

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Thank you all for the warm welcome :).

3 hours ago, Zander said:

a- wait, what's that?

Related image


Did i screw it up ? :P It was supposed to be a japanese greeting/encouragement :p.

2 hours ago, UnlimitedMoeWorks said:

EDIT: BTW, your avatar seems familiar. I swear I've seen this character somewhere.

She's Mai Nastume for Blazblue, i started to really like the character after reading the remix heart manga :).

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