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  1. Nice, doesn't hurt to have a new guide on JP every now and then. Even if you don't take in much of what you read it certainly is interesting to hear how other people learn a language. I look forward to seeing how others got innate in the language. Personally hard learning grammar books/dictionary books/sheets haven't really done any wonders for me compared to the arguably more lazy route of just reading, watching JP shows, looking up stuff and taking down notes of things you don't understand until you "understand" the grammar / sentences (and look up the things you've forgotten every now and then).
  2. "The CG pak file could not be read", is what is says.
  3. Hey! Oh boy, I just finished Sakura no Uta (which was I don't even know how many hours of reading, 50++?), and what an great game, but that is not what this is about. I am looking for a new VN to read, I have had my sights on White Album 2 for quite some time, but thought it would be worth it to ask for recommendations here too. Oh by the way, for those of you that have read WA2, do you have to read White Album (1) to then go on to the second one or are you fine either way as long as you start with the Introductory Chapter of 2? I am fairly open when it comes to suggestions, just try to lay low on the Slice-of-Life content and mega monologues of doom on philosophy (some is fine, but I feel like I am not into another ultra philosophy lesson like Sakura no Uta). If I were to say something I am looking for it would be something with a bit of drama or action and some interesting characters. As you likely guessed I do not mind if it is only in Japanese.
  4. Hey! I recently bought White Album 2 and made sure that it was a download version. I got all the way to actually having the game on my computer. So far no worries, but then it just will not open. It directs me, when starting the .exe file, to downloading Soft-Denchi's latest version of "RunTimeProgram" and upon doing so, it still will not start, each time simply reminding me to download the same latest version I have downloaded and run like 12 times. At one point (when I tried running the game as admin I think) I got a message about logging in with my DMM account to get access to the game, but even doing so it still didn't work, and after downloading the game a second time not even that popped up. TLDR; Bought DMM's download version of White album 2, got message about software missing, downloaded said software, still nothing. Added image of said message:
  5. Basically the same as @bakauchuujin . It goes something like this: "Your save data is outdated. Please delete your save data and run the program again.". Don't know the mechanical details though if that does not work.
  6. Sorry to hear that, sometimes life really has it in for you it feels like, hope you are doing better now.
  7. Hmm interesting did not see it that way, well they were only a couple of thoughts I had during the show. Thanks for the recommendation too!
  8. So I binge watched all of Code Geass and... wow. Lelouch was such a good protagonist and the story was just amazing. In a sense Lelouch's genius kind of gave off vibes of Maou from G-Senjou and Sherlock and I just loved it! Lloyd is also such a good side character, that personality was just great together with the seriousness of some of the battles. I have some critique however; Overall I am very happy I looked at the series and I wished that more grandiose shows like it existed (I have already watched Fullmetal Alchemist ). Personally I find it really hard to just watch high school and slice-of-life animes. And as they appear to dominate the market, it is fairly difficult to find something to my tastes (Steins Gate is out but I have yet to read the VN). I wonder what they can make out of season 3. I must agree with a lot of people that I am sceptical to the show actually not being just a cash-grab from Sunrise.
  9. I kind of regret not being able to help you out here, with you being so generous as to give away game codes on the other thread, but ah well. I guess I can throw some directions to some decent artist that can do stuff for commission ($25, I think?), but not sure if that is what you are looking for. Kind of wish I had learned to paint, apparently it is supposed to be pretty fun. Guess I will leave that in the to do list for now.
  10. FYI there are settings in Yomichan which allow you to make the translation appear by just hovering over it, I think the default key is shift (?). Also Yomichan is sometimes bad at detecting the word hovered over, making no translation appear, but if you stick to it long enough I have found that just trying to detect it over and over again works (or looking at a word on a website to activate (?) it). Yeah I wouldn't call it ideal, especially if you have no interest in learning JP grammar or vocab, but it works, especially if you on the other hand know your grammar fairly ok and have some decent vocab, then you can start to see the process speeding up (due to you having to look at the translation less and less). If all you need it for is to look up some one-off word it is particularly good, I've found. I don't know about Translation Aggregator, but if you have found it good, it might be the best option out there for those who are just looking to enjoy a VN without perhaps doing the whole learning JP thing. Like you said Chiitrans is outdated (and most likely gone forever, since there doesn't seem to be any signs of it being updated) and VNR a mess.
  11. As far as I am aware the options are either straight up, by hand, pasting the material into Google Translate or using Visual Novel Reader, neither of which are really something I can wholeheartedly recommend (since, of course, sentences get read the wrong way). If I were to recommend something it would be using Firefox, clipboard inserter and (thanks to points highlighted by @tymmur about bad network security on outdated browsers) a up to date extension to translate the pasted material, like Yomichan, which, doesn't translate whole sentences, but can translate individual words, grammar (having general knowledge of this is of course still recommended) and turn of phrases. (I do not know if you are learning Japanese, if you aren't this might be a bit of a big jump )
  12. So I finished Rin's route in Sakura no Uta. It certainly was more interesting, in my opinion, than Toritani's (explaining some of the backstory of the main characters) however, perhaps I didn't like Rin's character very much and that is why, but still I felt like the Rin's character's story was not capturing me (the main plot felt, well, somewhat shallow). Though, frankly, the game has already a pretty high bar set with some truly interesting characters like Naoya (whaaaat? An interesting protagonist can such a thing exist?) and Kei. It will be interesting to see where the story goes next now that some of the main plot points have been explained.
  13. Hoh.. yeah this brings me back, this happened a lot during my playthrough of Divinity too, almost half the time spent in a sitting could be spent just stuck on a single boss or an area with a screen that looked like an absolute mess (partly to blame me using MVP summons). When I got towards the end of the game I was pretty much so scared of seeing the final boss and having to spend hours on that final boss to beat it that I didn't play and yeah I still haven't beaten it, kind of sad but ended up dropping the game :/.
  14. I would like Fault milestone one then if that would be ok.
  15. If I understand the message correctly your game configurations are outdated. In the message they ask you to clear you save data and then run the game again, no clue if this works. The part below informs you that you can with CTRL+C copy the message (and then perhaps look for help online). As for solving the problem I am in the same boat as you but perhaps someone else can help you if you clearing your save data doesn't help.
  16. Grats on 1000! I do not know where to find great fanart however , so take this random picture I had on my computer of the Apollo 15 view of Earth from the Moon.
  17. Good luck, hope you manage to pull through, I am sometimes amazed to what lengths these games will try to make you spend both precious money and time on game mechanics and basic gameplay.
  18. >The korean war is over. I would like to hope for a better future for the people of NK and SK though, don't really know how that would happen at present but one can only hope, right?
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