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Pick from a Juicy Selection of VNs


Which VN to Read  

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  1. 1. Which VN should I read next?

    • Cartagra (reading this before KNS)
    • Dangan Ronpa 2
    • Enigma
    • Grisaia no Kajitsu
    • Himawari
    • Rose Gun Days
    • Stein's Gate
    • Umineko

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I'll be reading all of these eventually, I've already bought most of them. However I can't decide which I want to read now, and am curious how fuwanovel would vote.

I have pretty broad tastes so it's hard for me to say what exactly I want.

I'll also say this: on my VNDB, I consider anything that is 7 or above very enjoyable. 6 is decent. 5 is just ok.  I guess this is a bit different from how people vote, since people often consider a 5/10 to be terrible.

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I was going to vote for Grisaia, but considering that you voted Higurashi 8,5 it might be worthwhile for you to read Umineko. Beware though it is a real long read, like really really long read (especially if you read the two parts in a row like me, golly). At one point I was even considering just skipping text due to how much of it there was. Still one of the most unique VNs I have read so I would still recommend it, especially if you rank Higurashi highly. 

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Granted, I havn't read most of those choices yet (and as a general rule, I only comment on VN's I've actually read)...

But I'm always going to suggest Grisaia. Funny writing (especially the protag's inner monologues), loveable characters, nice music, and quite a lot of sexual themes (I've never seen a VN cast this horny). Though said loveable characters have some dark backstories (but that's one of the reasons this VN is so great).

The only other VN on that list I've read (well actually, I'm still reading it), is Himawari. Slice of Life, meets Sci Fi, meets some over the top drama. It's basically a space opera (though for the most part, it's on earth).

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10 hours ago, PiggiesGoMoo said:

You know, I almost am afraid to play Umineko, because I have such high expectations for it  :vinty:

But maybe now is the time, based on my tastes.

If you do, can you write a blog entry/tell those who didn't play it before (like me) about it after you have finished?

I'm pretty sure a lot of people whom never played it before are curious about it as it seems to have legendary status around here:blink:..

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On 4/7/2018 at 4:01 PM, PiggiesGoMoo said:

You know, I almost am afraid to play Umineko, because I have such high expectations for it  :vinty:

I'd recommend you to through you your expectations out of a window, it's a good idea to do that every time you start a new VN, or you're risking to be disappointed simply because of these expectations. This happened to me a few times. Also, if you know nothing about Umineko, then go in blind, it's the best way to experience its story. But perhaps you should know that the story becomes way more unique starting with episode 2.

Also, don't expect another Higurashi.

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