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Guess Shiko's title contest thingy

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So. as you can see, I have reached 500 posts. Now what the purpose of this thread is, is that I will have a title which is a reference to an anime, and I want people to guess what anime it is. If you guess correctly, you get a prize. What is this prize you may ask? It's certainly not a game or VN, no, it's something much more special. If someone successfully guesses what my title is referring to, I'll change it to a different anime. This contest will end only if one of three things happens.

  1. I run out of anime.
  2. I can't think up anything clever for any remaining anime.
  3. I get bored of this.

Let the games... begin!




Previous winners:


Shard Detector, Inuyasha: Zebhra

The Strongest Man in the World, Rokka no Yuusha: 12kami

The Humming Swordsman, One Piece: Monmon

GirlDeMo, Angel Beats: Schwarzritter

Who's the Queen?, Akuma no Riddle: KosakiFag

Invincible Pumpkin, Nichijou: 12kami and Ene

Brain Scratch, Cowboy Bebop: Schwarzritter and Ene

No. 47, Claymore: Ene

Shino's, Shokugeki no Soma: 12kami

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