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  1. Another part of Discord is how they cloak the IP Address Portions of the gaming community trolls tend to like to find people's IP Addresses (ESPECIALLY through Skype) and then DoS/DDoS them. (The same trolls I suppose also like doxing people) ... Skype in particular is the worst offender of it That's another part of Discord that professional gamers/streamers/etc like/prefer it over the alternatives. EDIT: (also heh, it looks like slack... but targeted towards gamers)
  2. *points to this topic for example* wwww digging up old topics is fun...
  3. Pretty sure people forgot I was an admin too lol (and a mod but people seem to remember that somehow) heh the IRC days (also username: Snowtsuku now it seems) I remember those arguments. I don't remember specifics but I do remember that you and Steve debated on things a lot (Steve mainly with huge walls of text) TBH I blame ThatPlayer's bot for having rankings of how much you talked on IRC that got Kaguya, Zaka, etc to ... talk a lot. it was amusing Then again I sorta talked a lot of SC2 strategy to ThatPlayer and TheWingless (Forgot if Secchan was on IRC or not >.>) Something like that, yeah Nulled forum software. It's been like that because Aaeru was the main person who posted on it then. (I mean doesn't the last 3 characters seem familiar?) It's also around this time I probably got myself taken off the moderating team list myself (not because of legal action, but because of the possibility of it) I also remember sanahtlig arguing a bunch with Aaeru though. walls of text debates from the past... I think I was also trying to get Fuwanovel to focus a bit more on oelvn's than torrenting around the time we were deciding if torrents should be around or not. Also lol the IRC drama. And now back to semi lurking/being busy with other projects again... maybe
  4. zhurai


    Hihi some random person who was admin before Tay was o.o Hello
  5. So...@suikashoujo Hi I'm zhurai o/ どぞよろしくお願いします~
  6. Huh well that context is interesting.... (that said, I have no clue who suikashoujo is though, but okay ) As for how active I'll be? idk. Trying to do a lot of things at one time, but I'm just trying to rotate what I do somewhat... (though some of these plans/most of these plans have nothing to do with VN's so... *shrug* one can ask but then again it has nothing to do with this topic lol) We'll see I suppose o.0
  7. zhurai


    tbh I will probably change this avatar, im just too lazy right now Emoticon maybe, but generally lazier now, so the more advanced emoticons will be a bit more rarer... Hi, well that makes us even, because I never heard of you before too :3 wwwwww
  8. zhurai


    hihi hello hiya hihi lol ( ^▽^ )' :3
  9. zhurai


    Hihi I've never seen you either, XD but hi :3 Hi, I think I recognize you (your username that is)... o.o Hiya~ :3 I'll probably catch up with you on skype later I suppose o.o
  10. zhurai


    Hi all~ ...I'm not "new" per say, but I haven't been around for about 1-2 years (used to be here back when aaeru was still around lol o.0) Granted it's been a long time since then, and there's a lot of new faces....... (technically a different domain and different theme I see too :d) so I figured I should make an intro post again so. hi (I really don't know what to put here right now, so I'll leave it at that)
  11. thanks for the birthday wishes! I was out of town and really just busy until now, but thanks! tbh I'm more surprised people remember me though somehow... *shrug*
  12. I don't want to actually change my avatar (as I don't think I'll remember to change it back for months...) but I'd think it'll be hilarious if there was santa hats on it
  13. yugioh was okay yugioh gx was okay yugioh 5ds got sorta weird but oh okay yugioh zexal was like...wait wat the...and then I sorta gave up looking into the yugioh anime stuff yugioh arc-v same it's sorta like kamen rider:
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