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  1. Your first VN experience

    I'm not surprised about the already out there topic, but it's fun to get your voice out there. I'm still getting used to it. My first VN, DanganRonpa, which started my Upupupupupup craze on this fascinating series. Played all the games with my Vita, DR, DR2, and DRAE. Can't wait for V3!
  2. Place to Stay!

    Thanks, glad to be here, still new to this whole thing.
  3. Place to Stay!

    Thanks, i'm planning on it.
  4. Nice to meet you!

    Welcome to fuwa, have a good time here and enjoy.
  5. Hello everyone!

    Welcome to fuwa, hope to see you around fellow newcomer.
  6. Place to Stay!

    Heads up is appreciated and looking forward to getting along with a fellow moe loli lover. Planetarian might be a good way to pass the time since it's a short one. I just have this policy of mine that once I start on a game or VN that I see it through to the end.
  7. Place to Stay!

    Thanks for the welcome, i'll be sure to check those anime out when I have the time. Also fan of tomboys as well as Moe loli. Great to be here and thanks for the welcome. Planning on enjoying myself here best I can.
  8. Place to Stay!

    Hey there i'm a wanderer of the woods who loves everything anime. Really fired up to be part of this site now that I have internet access again, which was really aggravating, so long since I got my anime fix. Have actually been browsing this site for a while and finally got the guts to put my name out there and be part of Fuwa. Got into VNs after reading DanganRonpa and have kept looking for more to enjoy, hearing about how you guys keep talking em up. Love Katawa Shoujo and Cartagra by the way. My favorite kinds of stories would be murder mysterys and true love/friendship(and I mean reeeeeeeal romance not some hanky panky skirt flipping that I found in a few titles). Have a weakness for cute moe lolis:LOLIS ARE LOVE LOLIS ARE LIFE, also really like spicy food and action packed catchy music that I play over and over again on my headphones. Well that's just a few things about me, but I'll have plenty of time here to express myself. I hope to make myself comfortable here and that this will drive my love for anime and VNs even more, being part of the community. If you guys can recommend me some things be it anime, VNs, or catchy anime openings i'd really appreciate it sensei. P.S. is anyone else looking forward to DanganRonpa V3.