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  1. In case this wasn't clear, we do have a partial patch for chapter 1 in the OP to show our progress, and would love to recieve some feedback either here or on Discord!
  2. Thanks for the blessing . From what I'm aware, the WordPress is a temporary measure until the actual website is done, so the information will sort itself out once the website is done.
  3. After all of that...the image is still off center lul. A note regarding the Locale Emulator, as of this moment, if you simply change the locale of your computer without using the program, the text bugs out and doesn't work. We trying to work on a fix, but at the moment the only way to read it effectively is changing locale back to whatever it was originally, and letting Locale Emulator run on Aokana. Obviously, give us your feedback on this chapter, as this is not final. We will be doing one last overview of the entire game and incorporate any changes we see fit. Cheers!
  4. The game is Little Busters EX, and I've been informed that that game has no H-code.
  5. So after lots of procrastination, I got off my ass and picked up Japanese. After a bit, partly to test myself and partly to practice, I decided to use Chiitrans to help with the reading of a Japanese VN. The problem I'm encountering at the moment is that when I "connect", I get an error message in Chiitrans: "WaitForInputIdle failed. This could be because the process does not have a graphical interface." Anyone have a clue what that means?
  6. This thread had me super confused. I thought this and the original thread were one and my eyes/memory were simply playing tricks on me.
  7. I enjoyed Tokyo Babel's Sorami true end quite a bit, though it may be influenced by the fact that I has just finished Raziel's true end which was far more bitter sweet.
  8. Moralfags, aka people who choose morals over common sense. Excessive moe also gives me diabetes. Finally, doukan protagonists, which exist in far too great quantities.
  9. There is a small arrow button thing on the bottom right corner. Press that to initiate zooming.
  10. The site appears to be down (unless it's just me), and I can't tell if that's good or bad news...
  11. Hello everyone! Lurked around this place on and off for about a year now and finally got off my ass to make an account. Learned of the existence of VN's while browsing the net for "research" and got hooked ever since. Now, I spend more time on VN's than I do anime, which is strange considering anime was what got me into Japanese culture... Anyhow, nice to meet everyone and I hope we can get along!
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