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  1. *quietly admits to enjoying this VN*
  2. You can do it! Confession: I have 16 days to do a essay I don't understand ;~;
  3. Confession: Christina is actually my assistant (if you don't get that, for the love of good, go watch or read Stein's gate)
  4. That sounds more like a friendly get together to me :/ It's the sort of thing I'd send to one on my male friends, but I don't know this chick so
  5. I feel like I'm told off for every little thing (I dared to ask a question today). Out of interest, what did she say? Stuff like that is easily misinterpreted
  6. Confession: Lemmasoft is starting to piss me off. Did she actually ask you out or did you misunderstand?
  7. Oh look at that, a Lady gaga wannabe
  8. Confession: I'm secretly a huge Beyonce fan
  9. I happen to love chocolate sundaes so here you go
  10. Confession: I did really well in my essay *sign of relief* Confession 2: I still don't know what's going on~
  11. Confession 1: I have no idea what happened yesterday aka, what happened? Confession 2: I'm really nervous for 5pm today, cause my essay results come out ;~; I think I've passed, I sure hope I have ;~;
  12. I've not that far yet, so I don't know the context, but that sounds like something someone who was high would say XD Edit: Also, I forgot to ask, but is there any chance of a dyslexic friendly font being introduced that people can swap to from the normal font?
  13. Aww give them chance, not everyone can pick things up at the same pace, and besides, what might be easy to you, might be the hardest thing in the world to other people
  14. I was quite lucky in getting an evaluation quickly, but that's mostly cause ADD and dyslexia is mostly picked up on in primary school (I seem to be one of the few who 'slipped' though the net, though it was just my teachers being lazy arses) so there wasn't much of a waiting list at my uni.
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