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  1. 35 minutes ago, Kiriririri said:

    I never saw any problem in Ao Haru Ride but maybe it's because I read 1 chapter each month and after reading 2163153 different romance manga I got used to shit like that.

    Oh, no. So far as they go, Ao Haru Ride's fine. The problem is that I recently changed genre's. All I've been reading lately are comedy shoujo and Josei manga with the official relationship set up almost from the get-go. The cultural differences when compared to that sort of manga are just too large, producing the cultural shock reflected in this post.

  2. 17 minutes ago, Fred the Barber said:

    Good lord. Do you have a diff between the original post I already read and this one, or do I have to get critted by your wall of text and die? Too late, I skimmed it and found (I hope) most of the important parts...

    Anyway, some thoughts:

    The beach episode was bizarre in both how unexpected it was and how good it was. Gahkthun's is quite possibly the only beach episode I've ever enjoyed.


    Regarding Émilie's chapter (by the way - she's Émilie, not Émile - isn't Émile a guy's name?):

    Yes. Definitely yes. Neon is neither mentally nor physically strong, but she still had a handful of moments where she really came through and was, well, radiant - this was the best of them for me.


    For me, that scene was the moment where all the tumblers clicked into place and the VN truly shone. I can't stop going over that experience in my mind, over and over again, walking through the characters and their support. It was absolutely glorious.


    Glad you enjoyed it! Sorry about your head.

    "Poor Albert was hardly present. At least JJ and Louis-Charles had chapters where they could be present more often, but no such mercy for Albert. Being kicked out of the beach chapter deeply hurt his overall presence in the VN."

    Is the last of the original post. The rest on down was mostly rewritten.


    I'd change Émilie's name to the proper one, but that's too bothersome. I'm already surprised I remember half the names in the bloody VN, that hardly ever happens.

  3. I can't wait for self-driving cars.  Travel will be a lot safer without humans in control.  People blow the dangers of automation out of proportion.  What they're complaining about isn't risk; we take calculated risks every day that could cause us harm.  What they're complaining about is the feeling of powerlessness of entrusting their safety to a machine.  The machine could be safer, but they'll feel less safe because they're not in control.

    I actually do agree. I'd be much more likely to distrust the drunk driver in front of me than machine that's currently driving itself. I don't really know he's drunk until it's too late, you see, when he ends up in a face-to-lightpost situation and I end up in a face-to-trunk phenomenon.

    If he wants to talk about glitches, the other day my friend's fuel gauge broke and he ended up stuck smack dab in the middle of Australia, never to be seen again. I know this 'cause a little birdie told me. It was also a vulture, though that's probably not a good sign.
    It's not the newfangled machinery that's going to make this phenomenon much worse than it already is. I'm going to be at risk either way. Might as well be the thoroughly tested and bug-fixed machinery than to make a point of never driving at night lest I run into the next national car race championship candidate.

    And then somehow still run into someone who's driving out there without a wink of sleep, simultaneously on his cellphone; which is good, it'll be that much easier to phone the hospital that way.

  4. I'm on way too many cold meds right now to know if this post is real or a fever dream. In either case — bravo, good sir (or diphenhydramine-induced hallucination, as the case may be)! Bravo!

    No, no, no. This one's definitely real. A post like what you see here could only ever possibly be produced by our resident grumbling old man.

    And it's all the better for it. Bravo indeed.

  5. No, no, you are entirely mistaken. My interest in male genitals increases threefold per giant, blurry pixel.

    As for the translation choice, I'm not a native, tricky sounds as English as any other word to me. Same goes for useless. If anything, I found it curious how it had been translated as "tricky", which I hadn't seen before, but that's about it.

  6. You can always start your own translation and then do the editing yourself or gather a team to do it, if you don't like how others do their work you can easily fix that by doing it yourself and better, complaining about something that was giving to you for free is really easy but actually "eating the whole whale" as Darbury said is not that simple.

    I can critique it if I want though. It's not like it's free from criticism just because it's a fan translation.

    Of course you can call it "trash-tier" for the use of a certain word, much like the rest of us can laugh at you for it.

    Now, I'm sure there's more to it than a word, but the comments you're leaving here are so incredibly nonconstructive that there's nothing to take from them.

  7. You very literally (which, of course, means figuratively) killed me with this sentence: "That’s what gets things done in the real world, not 48-hour marathons every random.randint(1,6) weekends fueled by Red Bull, Hot Pockets, and intense self-loathing."

    As for the rest of it, I've got to agree. Mostly because I take most of my outside work projects in bursts, and I know just how bad productivity is like that.

  8. How do sequals/fandisks figure into this?

    They don't. Each individual VN is considered on its own merits. So even if the fan disc features a 5-hour orgy with every single man, woman, animal, and teapot in the cast, the original VN can still pass the test.

    Just to make sure, since I got worried now for a second. If my VN contains sex with a teapot, does it then fail to pass this rigorous test?

  9. About your methods and way of life:

    I've talked with you for a while some time ago. I don't know if it got through, but I absolutely love what you do. Promoting VN's, trying to make himself heard.

    Admittedly, this has made me think of you as arrogant on more than one occasion, but that can't really be helped when you're trying to be, as you said, an activist.

    I tend to agree with sound logic, and I believe that most of the time what you say is sound. It's always nice to read what you write, even when occasionally I can already tell "he's gonna get flamed to bits for this" as I read your content.




    About the title of the Reddit "article":

    That's the point I'm trying to make.  Rather than scratch their heads and just say "What are you even trying to say?", people just flamed me for holding an imagined point of view they disagreed with.  Is that my fault?  Perhaps.  Is it also their fault for leaping to conclusions?  Yes!

    Expecting people to carefully consider every single word, its denotation, and its context is your first mistake. Miscommunication is the cause of most conflicts. You can interpret your title however you want. If the average person doesn't you can't entirely blame them.

    You will notice that most people believe your title to be clickbait, and that you had to provide paragraphs of justification over the chosen title just so people would even remotely understand its "carefully chosen-ness".


    Perhaps because I'm not a non-native, I would have never thought of interpreting "Fans" and "fury" as you did, when there was a much more obvious meaning I could easily reach.


    I'll give you a badly made example which likely has nothing to do with this.

    In Portuguese, the word "eventually" means "possibly". Perhaps because of the English language's influence on Europe and education, most youths believe it has the English meaning. This can very easily lead to certain misunderstandings.

    While the one who uses it with the Portuguese meaning is categorically right, the one who misinterprets it can't fairly be held responsible when the misinformation actively spreads among people.


    With this I'm trying to say, your interpretation of the title may be the most correct one, but it is not the one most people will arrive at, and your carefully chosen wording is entirely to blame.

  10. Rook - Admittedly, through everything I said, there are indeed a lot of ellipsis in fan translations.


    The kind you can see don't bother me much (although ellipsis have 3 dots, there's no need to use more than one ellipsis to indicate a pause. 3 dots are enough. Not 6. Not 4. Not 12. Japan loves using more than three.), for instance, three dots at the start of a sentence is so incredibly normal and usual in a VN I've learnt to process them as some kind of pause before speaking (or in this case, monologuing, because he seems to be suffering from brain lapses on a regular basis).


    Of course, it doesn't make much sense to have a dialogue of "..." followed by more ellipsis, but in context it just means he had no reply and instead transitioned to thinking/monologue.


    Personally, ellipsis in a monologue are nigh on useless unless you're in the middle of rationalising or making deductions. That's what I figure happens in the second set of ellipsis that starts a sentence. Indeed, if you want to fix it in English, the ellipsis itself isn't the problem, but its positioning. Just move the ellipsis to the end of the previous sentence and it's much less offensive.


    As for that mammoth of a dash, it indicates his thoughts were interrupted, or trailed off (because Japan does it differently). Presumably the writer was suffering from cramps and the "-" became a "---------".



    Although this is all mostly irrelevant in the context of this blog post. While there are lots of ellipsis, if used correctly they aren't a problem.


    Darbury has the problem of attempting to match the voice (which I personally consider an important factor. I don't know Japanese, but it throws me out of the flow when a complicated Japanese sentence magically transmutes into a one word reply; or when the -kun's accidentally dress up as -san's) to the textbox.


    As it is dialogue, I think this shouldn't have become a problem, but apparently there were too many ellipsis. Logically one doesn't speak like the hyperbolic example we were given, so how do sentences end up like this?

    "So … at times … the script reads … like this."

    I'd say "Don't base yourself on the Japanese use of ellipsis, but feel free to follow dialogue pauses in speech."

  11. On the context of ellipsis (and in an attempt to spare my life for yet another day), I've glanced through a couple of Portuguese novels, and particularly direct speech, ellipsis are indeed fairly common.
    I have incredibly limited knowledge about novels, because, contrary to expectations, I don't often read, if ever. But as far as I know, dialogue doesn't appear too often (or in other words, there's much more narration that draws it out) in novels, and I'd like to say that's the reason there's such a lack of ellipsis. When a person speaks, certainly they make pauses, a novel could cut a piece of dialogue in the middle, fit a bit of narration as the pause and continue.
    "I've got something to tell you" John said solemnly, and after taking a deep breath he added "your daughter has gone missing."
    I don't know the proper structure in English, I don't even know it in Portuguese properly, but I think what's above is theoretically possible...?
    Actual quote from Portuguese showcasing what I mean:

       - E ele - replicou Afonso sorrindo - perguntou-me quem lhe tinha dado a pistola, e torturou-me toda a manhâ para lhe dar também uma pistola... E aí está o resultado dessa revelação: é que tive de mandar vir do Porto uma pistola de vento...

       - And he - Afonso replied smiling - asked me who had given him the gun, and tortured me all the morning so I'd also give him a pistol as well... And that's the result of this revelation: I had to order a wind gun from Porto...

    In short, VN's are mostly comprised of dialogue. They are also usually limited to a simple dialogue box. Under these circumstances one is constricted on the amount they can fit in the box, and each box can be only used for dialogue or can only be used for narration, not both.
    I'd say using ellipsis to showcase the pauses in speech is really the only available option.
    Overall it will seem like a huge amount of ellipsis, but I'll blame that on the huge amount of dialogue. VN's who write on top of the screen (http://i.ytimg.com/vi/y26b29CaMe0/maxresdefault.jpg) should theoretically suffer less from this, but since they're still voiced, and they end up getting ports to a console with the smaller box system ( http://i.ytimg.com/vi/5k5wpzVl2qY/maxresdefault.jpg), they're still made with that in mind and little to no dialogue/narration mingling.
    Of course, ellipsis like these should still freeze in hell:
    ..............I don't know...........maybe it was my father.......?

  12. I see no reason not to use this as advice for any potential instances I feel inclined to... eh... pretend I'm an editor?


    Nevertheless, I can wallow in others' misery and learn simultaneously. How can this not be a wonderful blog post!


    "But if you don’t use the Oxford comma, you deserve to die alone."

    I redirect you to this wonderful translation team with which, I'm sure, you have a great deal in common:



    It is highly recommended you read the acutely enlightening blog posts you will find within, relative to the Oxford Comma's Superiority.

    You will finish an erudite man.

  13. Dice & Fiddle are Loyalists. Eternals are absolute: Only. One. Avatar. For a lifetime. As soon as you change, even if to a variation of your original avatar, you are then stripped of your omnipotence and become a Loyalist.

    Then Zalor is not an eternal, right? After all, Zalor changed his avatar to a bigger, and more pixelized version of his current one, and then back, at one point in time if I'm not mistaken.

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