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  1. Making my life hell was mainly Kukrushka and Yuriko. With Kukrushka it's really hard to take her out if you can't logic her identity. If she lasts till the later stages then she's probably made enough friends to be near impossible to vote out. Usually her poor logic is her downfall, but if she isn't in a position to make a mistake it can be really hard. Yuriko *can* be worse than her if Yuriko sets her sights on the player, but usually she picks a sacrifice each round to target and you just have to wait until she accumulates enough dislike from everyone or refuses to say she's human.
  2. I really love this game. I don't do well in multiplayer environments *and* I love AI, so a singleplayer social deduction game is something I've always looked forward to. All the better that this game has an actual story to tell, with actual characters. I love the story, the characters, and the gameplay. This game makes me a happy bean. I think the best part is that the characters have personalities, and these personalities inform gameplay. Here's some rambling on how gameplay functions: I think, in the end, what really makes my day are the deductions. Spending a few minutes looking over all the reports and systematically detecting all the enemies is absolutely fantastic. Raqio is the best.
  3. I have no idea what this Process of Elimination is, but it looks awfully interesting. I'm hoping it's a proper mystery the player can partake in. Those are hard to write, and with everyone supposedly being a detective I wonder how distinct and interesting the cast will be.
  4. Hmm... The biggest strength of the novels, I felt, was tied to the writing (specifically, narration and descriptions). I look forward to see how it fares in anime form. The premise itself is already good enough to warrant interest.
  5. Funny, I had the same experience of starting with Index, giving up, and switching to Railgun which I've actually finished a season of. I enjoyed it, but I've got a vendetta against anime teasing ships that won't ever develop -- or at least in a timely manner -- so I've never really felt like continuing it.
  6. I never actually finished the first season, despite holding it in high esteem. Probably just busy at the time. Still, there's something going on with anime these days. Sequels to old stuff returning. I think the mainstream popularity may be causing a shift in the purpose and value of anime.
  7. I've never watched Elaina, but what I hear generally interests me. That said, without actually watching it I can't tell how I'd take to it or its particular execution. The idea of a self-centred but powerful person who doesn't help others if she doesn't need to unless she feels like it appeals to me, but it depends on how its done. Even if the character is written that way unintentionally I could still like or dislike it. Still, I watch like one anime show per semester these days, so the point is moot. I won't be watching this any time soon.
  8. In nearly all cases, yes. The companies that license these games for English release put them on Steam.
  9. Did I? Last I recall about that show I found that the anime and LN seemed to diverge, and should be taken as such disparate experiences. Though in respect to the LN I agree with Dreamysyu here. It's well paced until it isn't anymore, at which point it's hard to just keep going. The stuff I recall recommending against was actually the Bakarina light novels, as I find the anime works better as the medium.
  10. I've admittedly failed to catch the announcements, so this thread serves as a reminder to go look.
  11. In the oddest way, I'll present a VN that probably isn't what you're looking for but does fulfil the idea. Fxxx Me Royally!! Additionally the other translated title from the same developer would also fulfil the conditions. However, if you don't care for Otome, I've got to admit that I'm all out of ideas. Barring some games that have scenes for the bad guys, like Alicesoft games, or something like School Days which has a bit of everything but it's really minor, I don't recall clearly any games which fit these characteristics.
  12. The ones I've played from them have had good translations by my standard.
  13. Hm. I don't follow new Japanese releases as much, so I wouldn't know. I have seen a lot of localisations, though, especially from Shiravune, but I've not played most of them so I can't tell how "high end" the games are, either.
  14. Happy New Year to everyone, late as it may be.
  15. Is this finally the time to use my power?? Well, I do come in peace, and if you desire that I change down my profile no sooner than January 6th my earliest convenience to do so will be on January 6th itself, so I will do so then.
  16. As a loser, rest assured that I will interpret your request in the most literal manner, and will certainly not revert my avatar before January 6th, as ordered. I am, however, allowing myself to assume you are referring to January 6th of 2022. In fact, for your own assurance, I vow to not revert my avatar for the following decade, thereby guaranteeing I do not accidentally revert before the desired time.
  17. Oof. I've been relatively out of the loop, so while I knew Sol Press wasn't really functioning I didn't even realise their licenses to sell the things they translated may be at stake. In fact, this just serves to remind me of the Nukitashi limbo and go
  18. I also read a good few volumes of this Light Novel. There are things I like, and things I dislike, as I mention here, but this is a nice perspective. It's actually a nice reminder to eventually move forward with it. With me no longer having the occasion to use public transports these past couple of years, I've simply read less Light Novels and didn't progress on most I have saved up.
  19. Yeah; like most Key titles what I really like are the common route and character interactions, as well as the music. In games like Little Busters! I actually kind of enjoy the ending routes as well, but for most Key games I have to admit I end up not liking them too much, or not even playing them, like with Air, Kanon and Clannad. For this reason, despite how different Rewrite actually is from other Key titles, in terms of my actual experience it ends up similar.
  20. There are times where I don't mind them and they work really well as a relationship culmination or showing new facets of a character, but my pinky honestly is always cuddling the Ctrl button. Anyways, Visual Novels! I have honestly not found too much time for regular Visual Novels (in the last... year), spending my time more with adjacent stuff like Ace Attorney (a lot... every game... including The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles) or Danganronpa. However, I have been playing around with a couple of gameplay Eroge. Specifically, I replayed Re;Lord in order to move onto the finally, finally released Re;Lord 2. Still in the middle of the second game but my primary impression is... The action and fast paced clicking strains my wrist if I do it too long... I actually like the gameplay, I just can't control my clicking strength and strain when trying to play it well. But in regards to the second game, I am so far pleased! They've opened up the gameplay scope, introducing an economy system and equipment to spend it on, as well as two new types of attack. Particularly good is that they changed the UI to make each unit strong or weak to certain types of attack. I'm satisfied with the current system if for the third game they decide to focus on plot rather than improving the system. The other thing I am doing is replaying Venus Blood Frontier to really get the most out of it before trying to move on onto the latest title Ninetails localised. My first playthrough was on easy because learning all the systems... is a bit of a chore. And I stand by that. But with some external help, I'm chugging along to actually finish it on Normal semi-effectively. Thankfully, savescum and guide hell doesn't actually deter my sense of accomplishment at all, so I'll milk that feeling. Also... On and off playing some Rance games. I did Rance 01 way back, and then did Rance Quest; the two recent releases which I'd never played before. Now I'll probably move on to replaying 02, and seeing if I consider III or IV (the only obstacles are game design, not graphics. They actually look decently... decent.). Anyway, on and off, I guess I'll just continue replaying this series on an infinite loop until Rance X releases in 2057. This all said, I did play one actual, traditional Visual Novel: Smee's Harem Kingdom. Now, the premise makes it seems like a nukige. Well, if it is, it has an awful lot of slice of life for one, and it bloody well is Smee funny, too. I must first of all praise the translation team, who have just the right touch of absolute bonkers that a Smee title needs in its language. Honestly, the real gold in this title is that because of the "harem" premise you get to see all the characters interact in every route, and that's absolute gold. It's also very funny self aware so, one of my favourite visual novels like Fureraba. Finally, trying out Your Turn to Die which... isn't a Visual Novel, I guess, but here's a spoiler box. I'm still within the first chapter:
  21. I'll give you one thing, my reasons for liking Rewrite have absolutely nothing to do with the plot (music and comedy). In fact, I'm more in my zone until the routes start, and in fact I did skip the final "true"(?) route of Terra.
  22. Interesting that you'd say that. The common opinion of Grisaia back when most people played it was that it was great because of the comedy, and that the common route was chock-full of it. But like anything else, it ultimately depends on what one likes. Any individual scene from the common route continues to be a barrel of laughs to me.
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