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  1. I.. think I'm a loyalist?

    I'm going to end up being a loyalist. You will only ever see an avatar change every 500 posts or so.

    Wouldn't it be more of a Settler though? You don't follow a theme, you just change your avatars very rarely, right? 

    The loyalist doesn't necessarily imply he rarely changes his avatar, only that it sticks to a character or theme. 


    I am eternal, if christmas doesn't count. And it shouldn't, because it was the same avatar with a hat.

    Yeah, that shouldn't count. Although, what would you think of Fiddle? Whose avatar remains the same with changed clothing over time?

  2. I'm apparently the Loyalist, and I'll go look to my archives and see how many of my old avatars I can find.


    April Fools Fest. included for about a week a deviation from the norm, later going back to normal. Here are the avatars I had during that time.









    And this is the avatar I have used the most, and the longest, my favourite.



    Here's all my avatars I can find (there were slightly more):


  3. I've replied to your comment below, but it's mostly just you misinterpreting the very careful and mostly made up choice of words I utilize, along with an instance of me correcting myself. Also, it's kind of pointless.

    I... What? I never said this. I said that when you have no plot, you need something else to make up for it, and this show didn't do that, that's the problem, not the lack of plot in itself.

    I... Well, I take it back, actually. I read this in the morning and I came back and commented without a re-read, turns out that while you complained about the lack of plot, you mean in conjunction with the fact that the characters are terrible.


    Well, yes, is that wrong to complain about? Does that mean I'm not entitled to write a piece on why I dislike the show?

    No, it isn't. Never said it was, and never will say such a stupid thing. I stated a fact. Characters you dislike + Slice of life= Bad


    Not at all, I watched it back in the days where I was fairly ripe with anime, with less than 200 anime under my catalog and back in the times where I didn't pay attention to studios or directors.

    I watched shows like Mirai Nikki back then and thought they were good, Hyouka had all the opportunity to make me like it, but unfortunately, it failed.

    The point I attempted to make was that you don't hate this anime. You just don't like it.

    I'm a very picky person with this and the English language is a pain because of it.

    There are three categories:

    • Like - You like the thing.
    • Not Like - You didn't like the thing, but you won't hate it or call it the spawn of Satan. You can "put up" with it.
    • Dislike - You actively dislike the thing.

    ​At least, that's how I've always interpreted likes and dislikes and it's really confusing. I especially like how people react when I say I don't like to eat something and then eat it to the end, because just because I don't like it it doesn't mean I dislike it.


    I never tried to objectively classify this anime as bad, all pieces written in this blog are my opinion alone and aren't even meant to be in depth reviews, but just my rants on stuff I dislike, that's all.

    You're right discussion should be primarly about the characters, and for me the characters just didn't do it and I wrote my opinion on them. That's all.

    You... I'm now convinced, you totally got the wrong post off my post. I didn't disagree with anything you said nor said your opinion was invalid. I stated a bunch of facts mostly unrelated. For example, I never said you objectively classified this anime as bad, I said you couldn't do it.



    The way I see it, Hyouka is primarly targeted at people who really like KyoAni shows and enjoy all the imagery and directing that goes behind it, or for those absolute mystery fanatics that can enjoy even the small mundane mysteries.

    Either way, you're allowed to like it, but ultimately I simply found it boring and I have the right to complain about it.


    I may or may not have used hyperboles throughout this whole entry, Hyouka isn't even on the bottom list of shows I dislike, but that's the whole goal of this blog right?   :Kappa:

    This is the point I attempted and failed to make on my third dot.

  4. My first thought is as follows:

    • You are complaining that this, by all means, Slice-of-Life anime does not have a plot. Does not seem like the best thing to complain about.
    • You personally dislike the characters. Join the fact that this is to be taken as a slice of life with a look at the everyday mysteries we find in the mundane and it doesn't take a genius to figure out you have nothing left if you dislike the characters in a slice of life.
    • Therefore, you have no reason to like Hyouka - although I'm sure you don't hate it either. You hate that you sat through it to the end because of it being regarded as good.

    Consequently, the discussion should turn and focus to this: Characters.

    Some people really liked the characters, some only liked a couple of them and that was enough, and some idiots like me watched it for the mystery and enjoyed it.


    Either way, I don't think you can objectively consider this anime bad. But again, I wouldn't know. I liked the mysteries and Chitanda - and Oreki, of course - but I watched it so long ago that I cannot defend or fundament any points without rewatching it, and I certainly won't do that any time soon.

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