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  1. Chihiro? Is trash. Junko is clearly best girl.
  2. The front site doesn't have to be any grand schemed first-rate website with all those numerous convenient little add-ons. A small and friendly looking site would do just fine for newbies who are fairly new to the concept of visual novel as a medium and don't really know where to look for more and that's what really matters most imo. To me, the main site is more about attracting newcomers into vns and into our community than making it a convenient place for us members to use it as another blog or forum site. Back when I was just a lurker during the reign of torrents on fuwa, I would visit the main site daily for small updates and patch links cause I didn't know where else I could find those things being a noob. I would often think that fuwanovel was a small group consisting of around 5 people or so and that they were just maintaining the site because there was no other site like it which dedicates itself solely to visual novels. But then I saw a link which led me to a walkthrough thread and from there I entered the forums and was surprised to find such a thriving(?) community hidden behind the main site all along. Point is, since the site had less confusing interface, wasn't bloated with tons of features and wordy articles and provided me with small amount of useful news and links I kept coming back for more instead of getting scared and running away like I did with vndb when I first visited it(probably the main reason why I'm still so hesitant on creating an account there much less a list). So I guess I'm just asking here not to change much of the cute friendliness appeal the front site has and just add small useful features that would benefit newbies like a list with links for vns that are free and vns that have trail versions or add a post offering tips on where to find more news/information about vns all the while encouraging newbies to come and try out the forum section or just make a slide show tour to the wonderful vn world and make them realise on how much the are missing out or something like that. I'm using this opportunity to announce that I'm willing to lend a hand anytime on community projects and all . But the problem is that I just lack experience and knowledge on these kinds of things so as long as there is someone giving instructions on the whats and the hows, my body is ready.
  3. Laser mice are a real hassle for playing shooter games. 'Higher DPI means higher accuracy' is a common misconception and a damn dirty marketing statement. DPI is just measurement for mouse sensitivity and has got nothing to do with accuracy. Moreover, accuracy doesn't really matter much since most mice are equally accurate. What matters is precision, in other words, consistency. Laser sensors have different wavelength than optical sensors which instructs them to 'over-read' the surface your mouse is on and depending on the nature of the surface, it causes inconsistencies on their tracking speed. I had a hard time playing CS with laser mouse since the aim was all over the place so I switched back to optical mouse and has been killing it since (well I still lose most of the time). Is that a fakking rhetorical question? Disliked. EDIT: shit, I just ask a rhetorical question myself.
  4. I'm a huge zombie fan and yes I'm tired of seeing them everywhere these days so true. Next person is Makise Kurisu's bitch.
  5. Dies Irae has the most probability of them all so I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be the secret project . So all the votes should obviously go to DI
  6. Played Danganronpa before. Lack the motivation to play it again since it doesn't have much going for it in terms of replay value. The mystery is already revealed the first time and the plot is linear so no meaningful branching choices. The courtroom gameplay mechanics was fun(most times frustrating cause I suck at it) but not enough to warrant for a second playthrough. Backtracking during those roaming sequences was not fun. And all those character archetypes with their one-dimensional traits (except for the antagonist maybe) made character interaction a drag. Maybe it's just me whining over the Japanese's policy of 'better late than never' treatment towards PC as a platform but I still don't get the hype(just like in cases of most pc releases). Personally, I'm just more curious about the sequel than this one so I guess I'll be waiting for Dangan Ronpa 2 on pc like the rest.
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