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  1. On 5/13/2021 at 8:57 AM, Plk_Lesiak said:

    Just from curiosity, does Yue stay as the primary heroine for the whole thing in the LN?


    My own understanding is that yes, in the sense that any other girl needed a bunch of volumes to even encroach their way to his heart.

    After a number of volumes, with Yue's encouragement (and this is important), he starts letting others in, one by one.


  2. 29 minutes ago, Eclipsed said:

    Oh btw, false advertising. Girl can only take so much touching punishment before the screen gets very red and she kicks the bucket and you get a gameover:


    Which, of course, you tested.

  3. Yesterday NekoNyan went ahead and did a bunch of announcements, as can be found here:

    And in a nice bit of a prank, they immediately followed up with an unexpected(?) part two! And indeed, unexpected announcements were found within:

    I have to say, NekoNyan has successfully established itself as consistently producing excellent titles. One looks at their translation teams and we get translators like Blick Winkel and ReadingSteiner, and editors like DxS, Decay and FredTheBarber, as well as their own regulars. I'm glad things seem to be going well for them.

  4. 1 hour ago, AngstyNarrator said:

    What's the combat like in Rance X?

    Okay, I'm not the most knowledgeable but the combat system is all about collecting cards (aka characters) which each have their own abilities/attacks. Each card/character has an associated faction (i.e Helman, Rance Castle, Zeth, JAPAN, etc).

    For each battle, you choose one card from each faction to act as leader and you are able to use only the leaders' abilities. All the other cards from the same faction contribute bonus stats/attack to their leader.

    A number of battles are designed specifically so that you choose the characters that have the best abilities to deal with each battle.

  5. 12 hours ago, jackski said:

    I see. Well, I admit I'm a pretty salty that a game disappointed me is so well received and thought there are some DLCs or patches that 'fixed' it, but I guess it was three years ago and doesn't really matter anymore. Thanks for explaining, I'll go back to being salty.

    That's fine. The game chose to focus on certain things and neglected others, and even the gameplay system is quite interesting, so it's not to everyone's taste.

    You mentioned patches and there were a couple, actually. One added a non-canon event/card for winning the popularity poll, Suzume (and Sieg lost by just a bit, nooooooooooo). There were, I think, a couple of characters added through updates, and also an event with La Vaswald, adding her to the game, though mostly as a bonus. Finally, I *think* one H-Scene got added?

    Anyway, others would know better than I, and while the updates did make the game better, they're not super impactful. Especially considering a player was already going to spend a couple hundred hours on the game anyway.

  6. Ah, I think I might remember what you're referring to.

    Basically what happened was that Rance X is a very very big game. The scores in the first few weeks were mostly from the people who had given up or hadn't finished and weren't impressed by the story. Or those disappointed at the low number of H-Scenes or any other such aspects.

    From that point on, it simply jumped up. The scores from the people who had actually finished the game started coming in, and the game scored greatly with these people.

  7. 1 hour ago, Seraphim said:

    Just finished 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, and, well, I'm kinda underwhelmed.

    The overarching plot was pretty decent, but the presentation; not so much. I mean, you're just dropped in the middle of things without any idea what's going on, and then you're expected to keep track of a ton of characters and their relationships while the game jumps back and forth between different timelines in basically every scene. Things obviously got clearer as the story progressed, but the hours leading up to that point weren't very enjoyable and I don't feel like the conclusion to the story was satisfying enough to make up for it.
    I found the characters completely uninteresting, in large parts due to the sheer number of them, which effectively counteracted individual character growth. This is a common problem for me in games with a large cast, and this one was no exception. I could barely keep track of their names, much less care about what happened to any of them. Now that I'm done, I can say that not a single one of them left much of a lasting impression on me, save for maybe Miwako, who wasn't even part of the main cast.

    In conclusion, I wouldn't say this is a bad game, but I had quite high expectations diving into it and that ultimately ended up making this a lackluster experience for me when it didn't live up to them.

    Well, since I just happened to have played it recently (and replayed it... twice), I can share my opinion on the matter.
    Whatever the opposite you said, except when it comes to liking things. Or, in other words, I like it a lot.

  8. 3 hours ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

    Just a tiny bit of post mortem for this topic. I'm curious about the quality, but it seems like one time in history Jast decided not to grab a license and sit on it for a decade, but to actually get stuff done.


    You're right. Less than two years is beyond record time!
    Interested to see if something's going on here or if we're just lucky.

    Actually, I believe the translator was the very same Bango that did Newton and the Apple Tree, so perhaps his work was swift, along with the rest of the process. And I vouch for Newton's quality being perfectly fine for its purposes.

    And so, this will take as long (or less?) than an instalment of Flowers. Gosh, I hope each instalment of that is sizeable on its own, or I'd feel terrible for the people waiting two years for each crumb.

  9. 3 hours ago, Riku said:

    It's funny, considering FC has the worst localization of the whole series, as the first translator back then did a horrible job. It's full of mistranslations and changes quite a few things. (Like, English Estelle is dumber than Japanese Estelle, making them almost different characters)

    I don't know about mistranslations, especially so long as the whole is coherent, but changing things or even characters really does not bother me in the slightest and I suspect may even be the cause for my love of it, in the case of Estelle, for instance.

  10. 19 hours ago, Dreamysyu said:

    I guess, it's finally time to see what Trails series is about.

    What game are you starting with? Trails in the Sky, I presume? I'd be very interested in your impressions. The first two games really left an impression on me, and I've replayed them way too many times, considering I never went on to finish anything in the rest of the series :P
    Have to admit, it was the fantastic localisation+protagonist that really dragged me into these games.

  11. @Eclipsed Under what rock did you pull out that yuri game I knew nothing of!?
    I mean, not to say I always know about all releases or anything, but I know these developers (Nurse Love Addiction) and find it odd I never registered that this thing released, much less that it had a fandisc/sequel.
    These guys have been escaping me, so I better register this all down.

  12. 2 hours ago, Stormwolf said:

    Most of this isnt even in it and at best you can make wild guesses

    What do you mean by "most of this"?

    I've never read the manga chapters or anything else other than the main Umineko VN itself, but I firmly believe that playing it twice means you can come up with most solutions yourself. It's just that people are unlikely to play it twice for obvious reasons :P

  13. 20 hours ago, Stormwolf said:

    Well, the length of the vn and convoluted way that "truth" has been explained makes for no solvable mystery for regular people. I'm sure there are crazies who have fine combed the story over and over to craft a theory. But unless stated outright, it's just a theory. Maybe i'll check into the manga for the last chapter.

    Okay, so, Umineko is interesting in how it wants the players to solve the things (Not only that, but I'll focus purely on the episode murder mysteries).


    It's by no means impossible to figure some things out by yourself whilst you play, like by noticing that magic only happens when Battler cannot see it up until the end: Something Episode 5 goes out of it's way to destroy and confuse the player. At the same time, it's here they explain Knox's rules and how the stories probably follow them, and expect the player to associate only the detective sees the truth with the new girl showing up and calling herself the detective.

    But let's get away from the details. These things can possibly be figured out, but quite frankly I understand your feelings very well. I myself thought for a very long time on how everything was clearly impossible for regular people.
    However, once I replayed the game, I found it way way way easier, simply because of the bits of knowledge I now knew. If I know only the detective sees the truth, that Kanon and Shannon are the same person, and that Kinzo is already dead, suddenly most mysteries are way easier to tackle.
    The things Will says near the end of the novel, in which he "solves" every case, he is actually explaining all the solutions (to crimes). "Illusions to illusions" usually means they just lied. The vast majority of the things we deal with for the first 4 episodes are just people in cahoots and lying.

    But yeah, I'm fairly certain the author knows the solutions, he just chose to give players the tools to come up with them instead of spelling them out. I think that's really cool! But Umineko is so long I doubt many people who didn't already love it would come back to find the same experience I did.


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