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  1. To me, if the gameplay complements the story is a visual novel, and if the story complements the gameplay isn't a visual novel Maybe is a dull mentality, but its works to me
  2. Some of the links are dead, but maybe there is something useful. I will keep trying, thank you very much!
  3. This looks great! I used to use launchbox but this seems to be more useful for VS, thanks!
  4. Hello, I am relatively new to the translation fan thing (I worked with renpy and unity games before) and wanted to ask for help with a problem I have. Currently I wanted to translate Ozmafia, which uses YU-RIS engine, into my language and researching I came to yu-ris text replacer tool. The problem is that when it extracting the files it does so in .ybn format and they are encrypted. I tried read them with a hexadecimal editor but it don't went to anywhere, does anyone know how to decrypt them? (Sorry for my bad English, I'm good reading but not writing)
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