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  1. Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay!

    You should make a list on http://vndb.org/ , it makes sharing what you've read much easier and you can link to it in your profile and under your avatar. ;)

    Have a moe:


    Good Idea, thank you. I'll make sure to do so.

    Approved, I'm a fan of Kud...  of Noumi as well. I rather enjoyed her route in the visual novel and am looking foward Kud Wafter. :D



    You win, here's a loli


    It doesn't shoot lasers out of its eyes but it's pretty nice I guess.  

    Approved, where is it from, BTW?

    I take you rather the robots then? :P

  2. I've decided that introducing myself would be a good idea, especially in such a way that people would be able to figure out my interests. 


    I'm from Portugal and I found out about visual novels through the game "To the Moon", which had a rather unique style and induced me to try games further away from my usuals, like the Ace Attorney series. The first more 'traditional' visual novel I played was Ever 17.

    I like Mystery, Romance and some of the Visual Novels I liked the most had quite a lot of Fantasy, however, I don't usually like fantasy at all. I must admit action sequences do nothing for me as well. Comedy is what composes most of what I read.

    I have no capability at all to judge a game. I mostly choose by instinct, although I make sure to research the game beforehand. 


    Regarding what I've fully read thus far, here's the list (in the order I read them as well!):

    *Ace Attorney Series; 

    Professor Layton Series; 
    999 - Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors; 
    *Virtue's Last Reward;
    *Ever 17: The Out of Infinity; 
    Remember 11: The Age of Infinity; 
    *Never 7: The End of Infinity; 
    *Umineko: When they Cry; (Episodes 5-8);

    Corpse Party BloodCovered; 
    *Little Busters!; 
    Dangan Ronpa; 
    G-Senjou no Maou; 


    I have marked with an asterisk all my favorites.


    Other than Visual Novels I've also got some Manga and some Anime I've seen. This is the complete list of everything I've ever seen (made in Japan) in chronological order [outdated]:

    Sgt. Frog; 
     Ace Attorney Series;
    Professor Layton Series;
     999 - Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors;
    Virtue's Last Reward;
     Ever 17: The Out of Infinity;
    Remember 11: The Age of Infinity;
     Never 7: The End of Infinity;
    Higurashi: When they Cry (visual novel - unfinished);
     Higurashi: When they Cry (anime);
    Higurashi: When they Cry (OVA season 1);
     Umineko: When they Cry (anime);
    Umineko: When they Cry (Visual Novel - Episodes 5-8);
     The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya;
    Lucky Star;
     The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (season 2);
     Clannad: After Story;
     Azumanga Daioh;
    Bunny Drop;
     Fruits Basket;
    Detective Connan (unfinished [even if I wanted to finish this one I'd probably die of old age before I got there...]);
     Black Butler;
    Little Busters (anime - unfinished);
     Hetalia: Axis Powers (unfinished);
    Dõjin Work (canceled);
    Aria: The Animation;
     Fortune Arterial;
     Ah! My Goddess!;
    Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy (unfinished);
    Ouran High School Host Club (unfinished);
     Special A (unfinished);
    Bunny Drop (manga);
     Fruits Basket (manga);
    Honey and Clover (unfinished);
     Little Busters!;
    Dangan Ronpa;
     Dangan Ronpa: The Animation (unfinished);
    Super Dangan Ronpa 2 (unfinished - watched a walkthrough);
     G-Senjou no Maou;
    Full Metal Panic (unfinished);
     Full Metal Panic Fumoffu (unfinished);
     Grisaia no Kajitsu;
    Katawa Shoujo;
     Sharin no Kuni;
    Love Hina;
     Kimi ni Todoke (unfinished);
    Umineko: When they Cry (Visual Novel - Episodes 1-4);
     Shion no Ō;
     Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai;

    Nichijou (unfinished);
     Hoshizora no Memoria (unfinished);
    CROSS CHANNEL - (cancelled);
     Liar Game;
    The World God Only Knows (1st and 2nd Seasons);
     The World God Only Knows (,anga - unfinished);
    Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ (unfinished);

     Swan Song (unfinished);

    Oreimo (unfinished);


    As you can see, I have a lot of unfinished ones, but very few that I've actually cancelled. This is because I can get easily bored of a visual novel when I find out about another one. Imagine you're rich, you buy the best car out there. Suddenly, you find out about a new one that just came out, you'd want that one instead, right? I always feel that, which means I have a tendency not to finish things, except when I find them brilliantly amazing.


    Now, onto my favourite characters! Guess what? Another list ('Tis a long one, filled with names) [outdated]:

    -> Protagonists:

    *Yuuiji Kazami

        My number 1 protagonist, this is because he's awesome, he is sarcastic, he has complicated solutions to simple problems, he's dense, and much more!

    *Yuichi Aizawa
    *Tomoya Okazaki

        Tied at number 3, I like them both for their snarkyness and the way they tease people.


        My number 2 protagonist, I really like his snarky personality. It gives a lot of points in my book.

    *Kobato Hanato

    *Tohru Honda

        They're both cute, nice and a ditz. Approved.

    Riki Naoe

    Hideki Motosuwa

    Hershel Layton
    *Phoenix Wright

        I like how he's sarcastic, although he keeps it to himself. I also love the way how he turns things around.

    Athena Cykes
    Apollo Justice

    *Haruhi Fujioka

        I like her remarks, and the way she looks like the only sane person.
    Takeshi Kuranari

    Sigma Klim

    *Kokoro Fuyukawa

        I like cuteness, this also proves people don't need to be loli's to be cute.
    *Satoru Yukidoh

        I like logic.

    *Battler Ushiromiya

        His stubbornness is the only reason he's here. He made comebacks that were made to look awesome do to epic music, but he was wrong most of the time.
    Ange Ushiromiya

    *Ryuuji Takasu

        'twas the first time the boy was the one who cooked and did the chores, furthermore, he delivered really funny remarks.

    Kyosuke Kosaka

    You Kogasaka

    *Sawako Kuronuma

        She is way. too. cute.

    Sebastian Michaelis


    -> Heroines/Love interests:

    *Mio Nishizono

        She is my number one heroine. She is intelligent, she is snarky (although unaware of it) and funny do to her nature of misunderstanding otherwise simple things.

    *Isuzu Aoi

        Her poisonous tongue is the reason I like her.

    *Akane Senri

        She is the number 2 heroine. She has a tendency to be sarcastic, and is funny because of that. She also has a nicer side, but it's no complete turnabout like a tsundere... I really like her, for some reason.

    *Victorique de Blois

        She is the number 3 heroine. I like logic, I like snarky remarks, I like sass. She has it all.

    *Michiru Matsushima
    *Sachi Komine

        I like them both, be it before or after their problems are fixed.

    Komomo Hisakaki

    Kirino Kosaka

    Saori Makishima

    *Ruri Gouko

    *Taiga Aisaka

        Both of these have terrible personalities, but then have a nice cute that they refrain from showing often (Well, not so much in Kirino's case, but yeah). As I said before, I like Tsunderes.

    Nagisa Furukawa

    *Shizuru Nakatsu

        Although I was unaware of it, I appear to have a weakness for loli and cute things... To complement this, she has a tragic backstory and an all around nice personality.
    Chihaya Ohtori

    *Yuki Nagato

        I like the unsociable types.

    *Kudryavka Noumi

        Although I was unaware of it, I appear to have a weakness for loli and cute things...

    You Tanaka
    *Tsugumi Komachi

         I like Tsunderes, plus, she was my first heroine, ever.
    Sora Akanegasaki
    Coco Yagami
    *Haruka Higuchi

       I like the unsociable types.
    Yuka Kawashima
    Kurumi Morino


        I like logic.

    Rena Ryugu
    Mion Sonozaki
    Rika Furude

    *Kyouko Kirigiri

        I like logic.


    -> Supporting cast:

    Sanae Furukawa

        I like him for the same reasons I like Sebastian, except this one has an extra snarky personality towards Kotarou.
    *Shigure Sohma

        I loved his manipulative nature, and I find him funny all around.
    Masato Inohara
    Okuhiko Iida
    *Miles Edgeworth

        It's my avatar, need I say more?

    The Judge
    Light "Snake"

        *I loved his way of talking, as well has his logical thinking. In general, this person is very logical and nice.

        I have a weakness for nice people.

        I absolutely loved his way of talking, as well as his manipulative nature. Perhaps it's because we can't see his face, but he's pretty much the only one who can present an argument       that makes a situation ridiculously advantageous to him seem to be of mutual interest to both parties, logically, as well.

    Seiji Yomogi
    Hideyoshi Ushiromiya
    George Ushiromiya
    Kyrie Ushiromiya
    Lion Ushiromiya
    Chiyo Kumasawa
    Terumasa Nanjo


    Willard H. Wright
    Yoshiki Kishinuma
    Byakuya Togami
    Hifumi Yamada
    Celestia Ludenberg


    -> Antagonists:

    Simon Blackquill
    *Zero III "the third"

         I like both of these for the same reason: their cheerful nature while simultaneously having an utterly twisted personality! They also deliver funny lines in general. 
    Erika Furudo
    Featherine Augustus Aurora

    Dlanor A. Knox


    Within each category I've marked some which I believe to be especially notable and decided to give my opinions on them as well.


    Here's another list! Everything that is in progress at the moment [outdated, check my VNDB and Anime List]:

    Higurachi: When they Cry (Visual Novel) - Already watched the Anime, though it slightly boring to read again.

     Umineko: When they Cry (Visual Novel - Episodes 2,3 and 4) - Currently reading, already watched the Anime though.
    Rewrite (Terra Route) - It became much more boring after I finished all the love stories and proceeded to backstory. It recived great reviews all arround though.
     Super Dangan Ronpa 2 (Chapter 3) - My progress slowed to a crall after a couple uneventful days. I still like the story though.
    Katawa Shoujo (Rin route, Lilly route and the not-so-good endings) - I think the routes are too short for me to properly enjoy them, slowing my motivation and consequently, progress.
     Sharin no Kuni (Afterstories, Houzuki route) - The afterstories seem rather pointless, like it's just wub wub fanservice.
    Keroro Gunsou (Season 4+) - After 300 episodes I kinda stopped...
     Azumanga Daioh (Last few episodes, 19+) - I think it's too good to finish.
    Detective Connan (About 700 episodes and 10 movies to go) - Mystery is fine, dramatic plotline with no progress over the course of 700 episodes is not.
     Little Busters! (Episode 22) - Already read the Visual Novel
    Hetalia: Axis Powers (Episode 18) - I didn't find them as funny as I thought they would be. Might need to look a little more into history classes.
     Doujin Work (Didn't make it through the first episode...)
    Aria: The Animation (Episode 7) - Too good to continue, it's also missing the wub wub element.
     Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy (Episode 16) - The love element wasn't really going anywhere and I didn't ever enjoy the comedy too much.
    K-On! (Specials and OVAs) - Nothing's really happening...
     Ouran High School Club (Episode 12) - Spoiled the ending and how the love won't go anywhere. The comedy makes up for it, if I'm feeling comedic.
    Honey and Clover (Episode 2) - Spoiled somethings, looks too complicated a love octangulous monstrousity for me.
     Dangan Ronpa: The Animation (Episode 5) - Already read the visual novel.
    Special A (Episode 6) - Spoiled the ending.
     Full Metal Panic! (Episode 15) - Spoiled the ending and how the love won't go anywhere.
    Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu! (Episode 3) - It's painful to watch knowing nothing will happend between the two... Q_Q
     Kimi ni Todoke (Episode 16) - A lot of unecessary drama appears to be present. But Sawako is way too cute for me to just disregard this completely.
    Hoshizora no Memoria (Mare route, 2nd half of Asuho route and 2nd half of Chinami route) - After reading some of it I eventually got tired, and proceded to start skipping over routes I  didn't feel like reading. I also read somewhere that the Mare route was more of a 'bonus' route and completely lost the will to play it.
    Grisaia no Kajitsu (Angelic Howl) - I have terrible taste and kind of skipped over the 2nd half of it... Once Meiykuu is released I shall finish it.
     Oreimo (2nd season - last 3 episodes) - Basically, they went in a different direction than I wanted it to, so I stopped watching.
    CROSS CHANNEL (3rd choice) - I stopped because: 1. The initial pacing was going too slowly for me 2. I read this was a really complicated novel and I feel I'm not up for it.


    Do not worry about the boldness of my words, they serve only to mark the distinction from each other and make it easier for the eyes.


    Well, as you can see, I'm a sucker for lists and things of the sort!  I love organizing stuff... 

    Anyhow, should you want to know my favourites or my rankings regarding any of the things above feel free to ask. If you want me to make my personal list of anything go right ahead and say.

    And... if you want something more normal like knowing my interests regarding something, or why I like something, ask away.

    I believe I have noted most of the important stuff, although I've no doubt forgotten to  mention something utterly obvious. 

  3. well for me i enjoyed Higurashi's anime more than the VN especially the 2nd season,the build-up was awesome


    for Umineko it'd be the opposite,the anime is really weird i didnt understand a thing

    Umineko's anime you just can't even compare. It doesn't do it justice in the least, furthermore, it's not complete. Even if it was brilliant, without episodes   5-8 you still wouldn't understand bugger all.

  4. Will it screw the story up if I purposefully skip a heroine route or two?

    Er... Not really, you'll just be missing content, that's all. Each heroine's route is independent from the others, although... Some delve slightly (and not so slightly) into Yuuji's backstory and background.

    If afterwards you intend to play the sequel, I believe it starts as if you had completed every heroine route, but not actually fell in love with any of them. Therefore, I'd recomend playing every heroine.


    Also, Yuuji isn't as much of a bastard, as he really is clueless about certain common sense and things about the 'real' world... which could potentialy have him be insensible to the other girls. But fret not, he somehow pulls through being uterly dense in the end.

  5. Right... yeah, I agree that going into the last few episodes the plot starts to become a tangled mess and you'll probably have a hard time understanding it. I myself never really did, which is why I intend to play it all again, until I can understand everything that's going on.


    Now regarding the character personalities, I need to once again say that the personalities they have in the first episode does not necessarily mean they will keep them for the whole game. Similarly to how slightly different worlds have slightly different plots in Higurashi, the characters may or may not have their personalities change. 

  6. Might you give me a link on where you're checking these things? I'm fairly sure that the translation isn't finished. :o


    Furthermore, I feel your pain. Grisaia no Kajitsu is my favourite visual novel thus far, so I'd really like to get the sequals... ;-;

  7.  but dam Battler, that kid is thick and stubborn as fuck, i know its probably something like as soon as you recongnise her as a witch then she would have power over you and kill you otherwise your are fine as long as you deny her, but that doesnt make the argument any less stupid

    I'll be honest here, I loved Battler when it comes to witches because that was exactly what I would've done. I can't explain how the crimes happened but I still would've refused to believe something such as witches without proof. And that's 'proper' proof, not ilusions or halucinations. 

  8. Yeah... not quite. Alike Higurashi, Umineko has two parts, the first 4 episodes and episodes 4-8. It is impossible to judge Umineko by only having read the first part, or just 2 episodes for that matter.

    But I can guarantee that every character will change, (be it like you expect or not) over the course of the game. And Umineko is a great game, you shouldn't quit because of the first episodes, that once again, are rather similar to Higurashi in the aspect that they differ from the episodes 4-8.

    Regarding the mysteries... you'll get more than enough you can solve on your own, but episodes 1-4 kind of focus more on other things...


    Battler, Eva, Rosa, Maria, Kanon - They'll get character development, fret not. (At least, as long as you believe they will...)

    I'm not quite sure Gohda is actually ever useful over the course of the game... He's a proper arse kisser alright.


    Anyways, this is my view on the matter, but I am by no means a professional regarding stories and good visual novels :P

  9. Let's see... my first Visual Novel was Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. I had heard about it, somewhere, and got curious, which led me to try it out. I loved it, so I quickly finished the whole series (at the time, Ace Attorney, Justice for All, Trials and Tribulations and Apollo Justice). I then tried to find a series simular to these, and I found Professor Layton. I played the original and didn't enjoy it too much (mostly do to my lack of puzzle solving skills) so I changed games.

    The next game I played was 999, found a walktrough of it and got interested. I thought it was brilliant, it was also the first time I saw the visual novel tendency to use time travel, alternate dimensions and all of the "prisioner dilema" "shrodniger's cat" which I found again in loads of other Visual Novels. Following 999 was the sequal, Virtue's Last Reward.

    Finaly, the first more "traditional" visual novel I played was Ever 17, which I thought was absolutely brilliant, and led me to play Never 7 and Remember 11. Henceforth pretty much all visual novels I've played had no gameplay.

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