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  1. Having Darbury on your team as an editor will make your finished product 10x better. This isn't an exaggeration.
  2. Optimistically, the patch will be out in late August/early September. My summer technically ends in late September though (as that's when classes resume).
  3. Umi's route is undergoing a revision too. Just to note, but you probably shouldn't act so entitled towards translations. A fan translation's just volunteer work. If you want to read something so badly, then you should just learn the language. You ought to redirect some of that passion on criticizing other translation groups to improving your own capabilities as an individual.
  4. The editing's continuing. Riho's route's been paused because there's a few untranslated lines that I'll get to deciphering eventually (there are a few lines of archaic Japanese from the Art of War; I tried Googling for their English-equivalent translations when I had translated it, as I can't read archaic Japanese, but I didn't have much success, so I'll consult a friend who can read it when the time comes). The common route's presently undergoing a revision in terms of editing (from 0-the present % again) in order to better obtain a sense of consistency among the lines. Granted this,
  5. Editing Progress is now being tracked on the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xv9seVya4F5l40JzmWE4N_n80VKsdI73BIM_zGQ1Vq8/ Keep in mind, this is the first-pass. Which means that the edited scripts aren't finalized, I have to manually skim through and approve them (likely, a quicker process).
  6. I don't know, probably eventually. But editing's harder to track than say, translating is.
  7. Week 43 Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort, English Translation: 100% Still requires extensive editing and translation checking. Details on recruiting for positions found: http://mdzanime.me/1/1/
  8. Week 42 Weekly Line Count: 726 3P Route Remaining for side of translation: (726/1395) [52.04%] TLC & Editing remaining for all routes.
  9. I'm not barring the entrance of new editors. There's a test listed on the site. I'm selective with prospective editors though. I have no interest in recruiting editors capable only of proofreading.
  10. Week 41 Nagisa route translation complete. All character route translation complete. 3P route remaining.
  11. Week 40 Weekly Line Count: 728 Comments: After Nagisa's route, there's still a few hundred lines of the 3P routes integrated within the game itself. The total % line count is accurate. There won't be any game files hosted on MDZANIME itself other than the patch.
  12. Yeah, I don't think my greatest strength is really my speed. I put in about 25-35 minutes a day between classes to translation. It's primarily just consistency & how much I treat translation as I would homework (not being the type to procrastinate since I value undivided leisure time).
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