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  1. So here's my problem. I recently installed Binkan Athlete and when they propose me to change the protagonist name, well I'm just stuck. Pressing ok won't work, no way to close the game of whatever. Even with the default name they propose, it doesn't work. I can press the ok button, but just nothing happen. So of course I can't reach the proper game if I can't go through this step. Thanks in advance.
  2. Bunny black 2 help

    Ok, thanks a lot.
  3. Bunny black 2 help

    Hi. I didn't find anything about this on the forum so I might just ask. Can someone explain me the items equipment system in BB2 ? I can pick 5 items. Are those the items that i bring with my team in missions ? Do all my characters in my formation benefit from the 5 weapons that i brought with me ? And last question, If i bring 5 items that give slashing bonus. Can we cumulate those bonuses ? Thanks.
  4. Paris under terrorist attack

    I was next to a shooting in paris this night in a Esport bar called the Meltdown. I didn't hear the bombing, just the gunshots. The bar were closed just after this. Paris was literally in chaos.
  5. The fun in grinding

    Exactly the same.
  6. French Chat

    Je me sens outré par ces stéréotypes dégueulasses ! Je demande un dédommagement !
  7. Way of the Samurai 4 Coming to Steam

    Always loved this serie, so much choices to make
  8. What movie/song/game was it?

    What was the music like ? Pop, metal, electro, jazz ?
  9. Tongue-Twisters

    Other than in French I don't know any, the sadness...
  10. What's your fuwa browsing habit?

    Always check notifications, then recent topics, look all the topics with the lastest answer from each category. And finally, Fan Translation and Ongoing Project threads.
  11. Dang it, I was pretty hyped for this