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  1. Depends on the anime/manga. If I really loved it, then yeah. A lot of times I procrastinate reading the end because I don't want it to end.
  2. I'd have to get used to living in 1920s Japan. I'd be pretty rich and have a mansion though so that's a plus. Gonna have to deal with pretty bad eyesight too, but my eyesight isn't exactly perfect so I'd get used to it. Would be an interesting experience to say the least, lol. I think it'd be pretty fun.
  3. I have a similar doll to those. She has the same general build but isn't modelled after anyone in particular. I do plan on eventually making costumes based on anime/video game characters for her in the future. Not sure who though.
  4. Currently playing the official translation of DRAMAtical Murder. It feels really good to finally be able to play it myself after seven years. It was the VN that really got me into VNs if I remember right.
  5. 1. Depends on the setting imo. 2. Same as above. 3. Preferred to be left as. 4. As long as it's consistent, I don't care all too much. 5. Depends on the context I guess? 6. Same as above. 7. Depends on the setting, but I usually prefer an English equivalent.
  6. Nitro+Chiral has a special place on my heart since DRAMAtical Murder was one of the first VNs I really got into.
  7. Hello! I hope ya like it here!
  8. Nice to meet you! I, too, am a VN lover. Hope you enjoy it here!
  9. I remember watching that yeaaaaaaars ago. I remember the op so well.
  10. I haven't seen many, but the DRAMAtical Murder anime adaptation was hilariously awful. Everything went wrong except the music imo.
  11. I would seriously recommend starting as small as possible, especially if you've never done anything like this before. There are tons of great and successful visual novels that were made by small teams. Trying to make a game of that scale when you don't have a shit ton of experience is a recipe for disaster. As someone who is biracial, I would love to see a VN like that someday, but please start small I'm begging you.
  12. Welcome! I hope you like it here
  13. 999 is so good, I love it so much. Haven't played AI: The Somnium Files though. Heard its really good.
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