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  1. I would seriously recommend starting as small as possible, especially if you've never done anything like this before. There are tons of great and successful visual novels that were made by small teams. Trying to make a game of that scale when you don't have a shit ton of experience is a recipe for disaster. As someone who is biracial, I would love to see a VN like that someday, but please start small I'm begging you.
  2. Welcome! I hope you like it here
  3. 999 is so good, I love it so much. Haven't played AI: The Somnium Files though. Heard its really good.
  4. Welcome! I like visual novels a lot, too. I hope you enjoy your stay!
  5. Houseki no Kuni/Land of the Lustrous is probably one of my favorite anime. As for manga, I'd probably say Girl's Last Tour, No.6, or The Girl From The Other Side
  6. I know that the steam page says sometime in February, but steam's estimated release dates aren't really accurate in my experience. Kinda find it weird how they never gave us any real date despite the preorders on J-list being up for awhile. I've been waiting years for the official English release, I cannot wait ! My guess is that it'll be released at the end of the month/the start of March at the earliest.
  7. Just kinda found this place while looking up information on certain visual novels. Seems chill. Yeet.
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