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  1. About to start playing Pokemon Lgends Arceus after my switch charges.
  2. Hopefully they find a way around it that doesn't involve cutting out certain pieces of dialogue. Luckily the 18+ content is pretty late game from what I remember, so hopefully it doesn't affect the game too much.
  3. Started playing the Hashihime of the Old Book Town append demo a few days ago. Already noticed differences in translation compared to the PC version within the first five minutes. I'm both scared and curious to see how certain parts of the game play out, as they've given the Switch version a T rating. Overall, I'm pretty excited for the full version. I can't wait to see the new content they've added.
  4. Oh hey! Another Royal Alchemist fan! Who's your favorite character?
  5. I don't have that much experience in this department, but I can give you some recommendations based on what I've heard from other people alongside the few messed up ones I've played myself. Higurashi, Saya no Uta, Euphoria and Maggot Baits are infamously dark and nightmarish from what I've heard. Pretty much anything from Nitro Chiral is pretty damn dark too. I haven't played much of Sweet Pool but I know it gets really disturbing. Togainu no Chi was pretty fucked up too (I went in completely blind rip), although objectively its not that bad compared to other infamously dark VNs. DRAMAt
  6. Hello and welcome, Ali! I hope you enjoy it here
  7. Theyre both so good! It took awhile for Togainu no Chi to really resonate w me tbh but its still pretty damn good!
  8. A friend of mine who doesn't usually play visual novels seems kinda interested in playing them. He hasn't played many (to my knowledge) and wants to start with something short. Any recommendations? The ones I typically play are decently long so I'm struggling a bit rip.
  9. Taking a break from MAMIYA and playing Togainu no Chi. Just finished Rin's route and honestly I really didn't like him at first but now he's my favorite, lol. I really enjoyed his route. I really wanted to like Keisuke's but it kinda just fell flat imo. Ended up not liking Keisuke that much in the end.
  10. Oof. Well, rest assured that this community is far from hell ridden! Nice to meet ya too, hella
  11. I havent seen anything like this either. Its a certain kind of interesting I haven't seen before.
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