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  1. Chiming in to say I love the aesthetic, but the premise sounds pretty damn great, too! I love well-done cyberpunk and the premise sounds very interesting. I love the mundane start, MARA being basically a household appliance. I'm very sorry to hear about your health issues—I've also got some chronic issues that are impacting dev work and it's frustrating. I hope you're doing better now!
  2. I had a related issue with my current project, set in a fantasy country based on Russia. While not as convoluted as Japanese honorifics, Russian has its own politeness registers—and I had to decide whether to render people's full names (first name plus patronymic/matronymic), just their first names (I don't know any Russians who call other Russians just by their official full-length first name) or the nickname derived from first name/patronymic/surname that close friends would use. In the end I went with the first option because as a Russian writing about people who are supposed to be the fantasy equivalent of such, it felt extremely weird to have people not mind the tu-vous distinction and use first names with total strangers. The characters aren't supposed to be speaking English, after all. So I guess my stance on honorifics is that if the characters are supposedly speaking Japanese or a conlang based on it, I'd rather they were kept in, but for non-Japanese/Japanese-derived settings, it's kind of embarrassing.
  3. Hi! Thank you both for the welcome messages~
  4. A quick note! There's a text-only prototype of the first chapter up for download on my itch.io page. I'll put the link into the OP, too. Right now it serves as mostly a preview of the tone and story, a kind of proof-of-concept rather than a pilot episode or demo. Still, I thought some people might be interested. With the addition of this link, I've also added some extra feedback prompts! Also, I've added screenshots to the OP as well, plus a corresponding feedback question~
  5. Damn! That UI looks sleek as fuck. potouto is a wizard. I approve of all the pretty boys, not gonna lie~ I definitely would prefer that, so I can strategise better!! I'm finding this feature very useful in Long Live the Queen.
  6. You might want to look into ink. Not a software package for writing point-and-click games, but rather a scripting language for writing branching dialogue and so on. It's written in C# and designed for Unity projects, but there's a JavaScript port, too.
  7. So!! Today the artist got back to me with the doctor-necromancer's sketch sprite: And the narrator's (the failed rabbi) sketch sprite: I'm just working on coding these in now; expressions for the necromancer have to wait a bit until I get some more eyes/brows/mouths from the artist.
  8. Just a quick note: I revised and updated the pitch. Maybe I should've written a proper pitch first and posted the thread second, but Past Isak wasn't making great decisions at 3 AM.
  9. I guess my main hobby is writing, though it's less of a hobby now that I'm trying to produce content with a goal instead of just noodling around. Reading and social media count as hobbies too, right? But I don't really have the energy for anything more strenuous. Chronic illness is a bit of an embuggerance.
  10. Currently back on my bullshit with Darkest Dungeon, because there's apparently new DLC out and it's a spooky space meteor that's corrupting the fuck out of everything, which is Exactly My Kind Of Horror Bullshit. Note: I am very bad at Darkest Dungeon. Even on Radiant, with balance mods installed.
  11. I went to YouTube to find a good video of what I was listening to and instead got distracted by Dschingis Khan, so I guess I'm listening to a gay German sing about how much he loves Moscow:
  12. Hello, Fuwanovel forums! I'm Isak (or Zack or Yitzhak). I'm a VN and interactive fiction writer, currently just dipping my toe into the online communities for VN fans and devs! I live in the UK, but I'm originally Russian—I grew up in the Republic of Ireland, but I was born in Siberia. Aside from writing, my hobbies are mostly listening to music, getting obsessed with indie videogames and playing them for 300+ hours, comics/manga and rubbernecking the paranormal and UFOlogy communities.
  13. TEXT-ONLY ALPHA DEMO ON ITCH.IO The Bitter Drop: 1. Sparrows is a long Fantasy/Horror/Gay Romance Visual Novel currently in development by writer Isak Grozny. Deeply inspired by Slavic and Ashkenazi Jewish folklore, Russian Imperial history, weird fiction and queer culture, it is the first of a planned trilogy of Visual Novels. In a divided capital of a crumbling decadent Empire, a bigender failed rabbi and a flamboyant, gay doctor-necromancer uncover ominous occult happenings that not only hold clues to the Febrile Rebellion's failure eight years ago, but also implicate the Czarevena-Regent and her White Guard in eldritch crimes against humanity. Impoverished and disfranchised, they must not only prevent the White Guard from unleashing a reality-shattering evil but also survive the cruel realities of life on the margins, and nurture their vulnerable found family and their blossoming love for each other. Narrative design, words and code by Isak Grozny; GUI design and assets by potouto; sprite, background and CG art by [TBA]. July 16, 2018: the artist is working on character design and the sprites necessary for the demo the artist is working on promo art, including profile portraits of the narrator and the major NPC/Love Interest the writer is working on the first two chapters, scheduled to be released as a demo in October 2018 The GUI is about 90% complete and coded in. The soundtrack remains a mere concept July 19, 2018: the artist has completed the sketch sprites of the narrator and LI, allowing the writer to start programming scenes the artist is working on further sketch sprites necessary for the demo. current progress: 2/15 sketch sprites the writer is still working on the first two chapters. scene one has been outlined by major conversation choices the GUI is about 90% complete and coded in, might require extra assets? the soundtrack has been conceptualised but we still need budget and a composer Currently, we don't have finished sprites/BGs/CGs, but the GUI's almost entirely complete! Just a few minor tweaks left, plus implementing a Gallery screen, an Endings screen and potentially a Music Box screen. We'd love to hear from you! Here's some prompts, but any kind of feedback is very much valued and appreciated. Does the story sound appealing to you? What kind of thing would you be interested in exploring in a fantasy city? Would you be interested in playing a test build, e.g. one with the final GUI, but no backgrounds or sprites, just the dialogue and narration text? Would you support a Patreon if you could play such early test builds as part of the rewards? In a story that isn't just about romance, do you prefer sex scenes to be explicit or fade-to-black or having the choice between the two? How do you find the aesthetic of the GUI? If you played the text-only proof-of-concept: what were your overall impressions? As above, what was your main impression of the narrator character? How about of Anzu? --- CHANGELOG: July 16, 2018: new thread made! July 16, 2018, sometime later: the pitch has been revised and edited. July 19, 2018: added small progress update, screenshots, a link to a text-only proof of story concept.
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