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  1. A quick update regarding our current status! As our demo has mentioned, it doesn't contain all scenes that are planned for the time frame! It doesn't contain all side characters yet either! With this, we'd like to introduce you to Lady Ishbell! (Sala isn't the only female character in the game! And Alexis isn't the youngest either ) We're currently reviewing multiple things to improve the current gameflow! Gameplay-wise, we've made changes to the crafting. Crafting an item will no longer take a whole week. This will give you more time to raise stats and optionally experience more missions. Those, however, will still take time as before. There are some subtle changes being made to the interface. For example, the Stats Raising screen now has the Princes' names under their portrait & more noticeable button status. Also, the new Grimoire is being implemented. It will allow you to check on Character Stats and more information anytime during the game! Furthermore, our editor has started working on the demo script! Aside of just readability, flow, grammar and spelling, some of the current scenes might get some extra lines: more background information, gameplay hints and Alexis roasting servants that don't know their place. We're currently experiencing some issues regarding the funds transaction. More details can be found in our newest update. However, we're trying our best to solve these issues asap to tackle the bigger tasks! That should be everything for this update! As always, thank you guys so much for the support!
  2. Hi everyone! We're at the last 14 hours of our kickstarter and have passed 2 stretch goals!!! Check us out if you haven't yet! Thank you all so much for the support you have given us so far! Please consider sharing us on Social Media for the last spurt! Twitter | Tumblr Our physical rewards in one overview!
  3. Finally, our campaign is live! We cannot put into words how excited we are!! To thank everyone who has played our game and sent us their thoughts, feelings, and feedback on it, we would like to announce: That’s right! It’s a raffle to win artworks from our main artist!!! More information can be found here!
  4. 5 days left until our Kickstarter launch! Our campaign page is done! We got another very talented artist to help us with promotional art and absolutely love the characters in her style! We are preparing some nice Q&A sessions with the cast! Feel free to leave any questions you have for them in our inbox, or send them to us here: http://bit.ly/RACharacterQA The replies may be accompanied by some nice visuals
  5. It’s finally time! Our demo has launched! >w< https://nifty-visuals.itch.io/royal-alchemist Please note that while the demo covers the first 11 weeks of the game, not all scenes are included and many of our art assets are still WIP! However, this demo should very well show you the quality we are aiming for and more We’re so super excited to hear your feedback on this! If you would rather share your opinion privately, feel free to send us your feedback here http://bit.ly/RADemoSurvey Meanwhile, our team is working super hard to prepare the Kickstarter campaign! There will, of course, be some early bird rewards <3 Our campaign will be live on the 12th September at 3PM GMT-4! You can follow us on Twitter for more regular updates and sneakpeeks!
  6. Our last batch of CGs for the demo has rolled in, and they’re gorgeous <3 The mini sneakpeak is one of the CGs with 2 versions! Male or female, depending on if you play this as Otome or BL game >w< Progress update for our demo! Writing: 100% Quests: 100% Sprites: 100% CGs: 100% Programming: 100% Screen Editing: 100% Audio: 100% Testing: ??? In short: the demo has been completed! -crying tears of joy- We’re currently having a few people give it a few playthroughs to make sure we haven’t forgotten to screen edit any scenes! And that there aren’t some more human errors that need fixing xD So without further ado, we’ve settled for a release date! Add us on itch.io! Our demo will go live on the 30th August at 4:00PM GMT-4! Our Kickstarter campaign will go live roughly one or two weeks after! We’ll make an announcement about that soon.
  7. Writing: 100% Quests: 100% Sprites: 100% CGs: 80% Programming: 90% Screen Editing: 80% Audio: 90% We have made a lot of progress with the screen editing! Only a few scenes of the in-game last week is still in need of more changes. I expect this to be done within this week. Our sketch artist will be delivering two more sketch CGs, afterwards our whole CG pack for the demo will be completed as well. If everything goes well, we expect the demo to be playable within the next week. We’ll give it a few rounds of testing first before releasing it to the public. Meanwhile, more promotional graphics for our Kickstarter will be created. We should meet our end of August / early September deadline very well >w<b Also, another small sneakpeek of the gender selection (that basically decides if this will be played as Otome or BL game xD) Alexis' name will be customizable as well! That’s it for this update! Stay tuned and follow the project on itch.io for the upcoming demo!
  8. Since our project is getting closer to demo release, we’ve set our itch.io page live! >w< I’m currently in the end stage of screen editing! If everything keeps going as planned, the demo will be released at the end of August / beginning of September. During the next weeks, we’ll be setting up our Steam page as well, and preparing for our crowdfunding campaign. More information about it soon!
  9. They definitely are! XD Thank you very much for the feedback! >w< I have made it a setting the player can choose o.ob To get notifications or not. ____ Work has been quite busy but the screen editing is coming along! (As it's kind of the last task that needs to be finished before the demo can be released.) I have high respect for good screen editors as inserting the right sounds and animations at the appropiate time is quite hard >w<! But it's slowly getting there! Now a sneakpeek at the placeholder CGs! They will be colored for the full version, rest assured xD But for the demo all CGs will be kept in this style because time restraint >w<! I actually like this style a lot and at some point really considered keeping it to keep the costs lower and increase the amount of CGs instead xD //slapped
  10. Update with actual information about the gameplay! Everything below is implemented and ready to go! The weekly planner At the beginning of each week, the player is able to choose which action to perform for said week. The main actions include: Schedule Classes Raise court etiquette stats for MC while raising magic stats for the bachelors. Perform Alchemy Create magical items needed for quests. Requires the right magic stats from the bachelors and coins. Go on Missions Fullfil quests to advance the country to increase coins income. (Quest outcomes will also influence events in the later part of the game and the endings.) Here also a glimpse of the other basic screens! (With WIP title background xD) Now with the UI completed, I can go back to screen editing again and implement a few WIP CGs >w< Previews coming soon!
  11. Finally, the whole script for the demo has been implemented! The UI design has been finalised! Here are a few previews for some scenes in-game! Serin's abilities, Aurelius on one of his good days, and Nazir up to some nighttime mischiefs! The plan for the next week: + UI: Since potouto has finally finished the UI design, all other screens can be implemented now! I might actually need to get help with that because time restraints OTL + Screen Editing: Finishing the screen editing with more transitions etc. Also, adding Shadow Sprites...I have the feeling screen editing will take at least two more weeks... While editing everything, I am wondering if people prefer getting notifications if they have failed a Stats Check? I normally do... Of course it would also be an option to add that as a Config setting, although that will definitely take some more work XD'
  12. Updating this thread with the rest of the side cast! (At least for the demo xD The full game will have more side characters.)
  13. Thank you very much! I'm very glad it's well received >w<\ Starting to introduce the side cast! First: the manservants (cause what is a palace without them )
  14. This will totally become Bara under Otome disguise! You saw through me! O_O (Just joking xD) Hi! Dialog-wise, there will be only slight differences. However, there will be at least one or two assassination attempts that totally depend on the protagonist's gender. While the setting is designed to be quite tolerant, it's still rather unheard off for a woman to assume a position of authority over the princes of the realm. For the male protagonist, there might be difficulties romancing the princes since while it's rather common for nobility to have lovers of the same gender, it's a bit of a different thing if they're seriously considering them as a partner for future marriage. Although we try to not diverse too much since we don't want to take the story into different turns, those things will get some attention at a few places in the story!
  15. Our Kickstarter campaign is LIVE! Tumblr | Twitter | Itch.io Fantasy | Royal Court | Stats Raising Royal Alchemist is a stats-raising Otome | BL RPG in a high-fantasy royal court setting. Keep the main characters alive through the story while improving their skills and craft various items, fulfill quests and advance the country’s development. The King was murdered. The assassins have not been found. And the threat of rebellion hangs over the land. With the succession thrown open and none of the three Royal Princes ready to take the throne, the King’s brother has assumed the Regency. Hoping to protect the nation and its people and help the rightful heir to the throne, the Regent has sought the help from the High Council, a neutral and influential faction of powerful magicians. The delegate it has sent, however, isn’t someone the Eskian aristocracy prefers, for more reasons than it seems. You are the scion of the ancient Rosenkreuz family, the High Council’s delegate and newly appointed Tutor to the Royal Princes. Can you navigate the maze of Eskian politics and guide the princes on the path of power? Or will you succumb to the murky intrigues of the court, and the ever-present danger of assassins? ♦ Male or female protagonist ♦ 3 dateable characters ♦ 2 stats raising systems ♦ Time management & quest system ♦ 10+ Endings ♦ ...and many deaths Download the Demo on itch.io! Download the Demo on Steam! The following is the progress for the demo. Writing: 100% Quests: 100% Sprites: 100% CGs: 80% Programming: 90% Screen Editing: 80% Audio: 90% This project is highly inspired by survival stats raiser such as Long Live The Queen or Princess Maker >w< Which means you will have to raise yours and your bachelor's stats and keep them alive! (Or try to, anyhow xD) It's been lurking in the background for a while, and it's the first VN I was able to work on with other people! Every feedback / suggestion will be really appreciated! >w< Otherwise here are a few questions for the demo! 1. How did you feel about the characters? Interesting? Likeable? Annoying? xD 2. Which character did you like the most? 3. Was the difficulty alright? Did you die at the end of the demo? 4. Anything you expect, plot-wise and gameplay-wise? 5. Any other comments / questions? Let me know >w<b
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