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  1. So, I've recently finished reading Chrono Clock, and I really want to see what other people think about the title as well as share some thoughts. In my opinion is was a pretty good read and (apart from Miu's "route" and the way Misaki was written) I had no issues with it. As far as the list of characters, for me it's: Michiru > Cro > D.D. > Makoto > Misaki When it comes to the routes themselves, the order changes a little: Cro > Michiru > Makoto > D.D. > Misaki Now I generally like tsunderes but Misaki really felt like a bland character. Her r
  2. Hi! Since I've been reading VNs for some time now I figured that it would be nice to finally join y'all. (I-i-its not like I've been browsing walkthroughs pretty often OK?!? D-don't get the wrong ideas.) My first VN would be Katawa Shoujo (that's probably the case for quite some people) and I absolutely fell in love with the medium ^^ Anyways! Please, take good care of me!
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