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  1. I didn't like Nemu's route in da capo 1 even though I liked the characters the writing was so bad and the ending was rushed and messy, is it worth it to play the other routes? I wanna try at least Sakura's route before going to da capo 2 but if its as bad as Nemu's I wont bother.
  2. I don't use walkthrough it kills the fun for me,the only VN I use walkthrough for it is YU-NO because it has items and staff i might miss.
  3. I hated the voice of Andou Rei from Edelweiss so much I had to mute her half the time
  4. what did the twitter integration do? I am enjoying this VN so much ,thank you for your hard work!
  5. The original without a second thought,I am playing the original right now and its so much fun! Elite art is so bad compared to the original in my opinion! you can check out game play of the two and decide your self If you want to play elite I recommend you watch the anime since they are mostly the same.
  6. Grisaia trilogy has the best BGM in my opinion.
  7. no translation for rance 1 remake? i was waiting for it to get translated so i can play the rest of the series,I won't wait anymore where should i start from the translated ones?
  8. I guess i will try out the amaterasu translation and see if i can enjoy it,thanks everyone
  9. What is the best translation for CROSS CHANNEL? since there are 3 translations for this game i don't know what is the best.
  10. If my heart had wings is so much fun, I just want the twins to show up more though.
  11. I mostly rate based in my enjoyment with the VN, but I tend to give more points to some VN that has great sound tracks.
  12. I will wait for some CGs,even though i hate the colors they using for the heroines hair
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