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    This may not be obvious, but I have a mild interest in Visual Novels. I also watch anime and read manga. Neat.
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  1. Ayy your name's sick bro.

  2. Oh, don't worry. I've heard these exact sentiments echoed by many. One of the reasons why I decided to read the VN was because people said the anime didn't give Shirou the proper characterisation, since a lot of his character comes from his monologues. I'll definitely read from fate route all the way to the HF route.
  3. Yee I can't even blame you tbh. I've heard a lot of people say that you should watch UBW first and F/Z second since F/Z will make everything else trash by comparison, which is hilarious to me. Just a heads up, if you don't think you'll enjoy the UBW anime, you most likely won't! Dayum only 40%? Well, the VN is pretty humongous so I'm not surprised. I've heard a lot about the Heaven's Feel route and how great it is (and how it's as good or even better than F/Z), so I'm pretty excited for that whenever I get there. Hearing that the VN has better writing is quite reassuring, and yes Shiro
  4. Playing through Fate/Stay Night right now. I'm not very far in to the game yet, definitely not enough to say what I think about it. I have, however, watched the UBW TV series and I wasn't much of a fan unfortunately. Apparently, the fate route is the worst of the three routes because of it mostly being introduction, which makes me hope that the VN's writing is significantly stronger than the anime. I feel like the only reason I'm obsessing over F/SN is because Fate/Zero was so goddamn legendary, which to my knowledge was written by Urobuchi Gen. But still, I still believe that the F/SN VN will
  5. I'm really excited for the new Kaiji anime. Well, it's actually a spin-off based on a manga (not even made by the original creator) featuring Tonegawa. Still, I've been waiting for more Kaiji-related projects for way too long! I'll take what I can get! Aw yee, new season of Gintama! I've purposely hold off on watching the latest season of Gintama just so I could build a backlog of episodes. I can't wait to watch them all, hohoho!
  6. Daily reminder that PS4 has what Nintendoesn't.
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