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  1. Why mistake? Lolis are common in eroge, if you dislike seeing loli sex then there's a Steam version.
  2. What an echo chamber this place is. I guess those of us that enjoy porn don't bother posting here. I would fucking hate for all the delicious porn to go away. Of course, it wouldn't matter for all-ages Kamige like Symphonic Rain but for the most part it would be a loss.
  3. Maitetsu but considering it's been 2 years since announcement, 1 year since translation finished, and still no news I don't even care anymore. If it comes out, cool. If not, I'm over it.I don't look forward to stuff anymore, other than when SubaHibi was announced, which thankfully didn't take even more years to come out after the official announcement. It would be great if publishers like Sekai stopped announcing stuff years before you can start looking forward to it.
  4. ~~~FAVORITES!!!~~~

    Favorite vn: doki doki literature club Favorite route: butterfly soup Favorite loli: doki doki literature club Favorite kyonyuu: dream daddy Favorite shota: butterfly soup Favorite best girl: sakura beach Favorite art style: dream daddy Favorite genre of vn: hatoful boyfriend Favorite "dere" type: butterfly soup Favorite yuri game: doki doki litearture club Favorite non- canon pairing: dream daddy Favorite side character: butterfly soup Favorite otome game: sakura club Favorite best boy: doki doki litearutre club Favorite translation: doki doki literature clib Favorite OELVN: clannad Favorite trap: duck soup Favorite jrpg: mother 3 Favorite waifu: monika Favorite imouto: dream daddy Favorite Kemonomimi animal type? dream daddy Favorite BL: the house of fata morgana
  5. On h-scenes in VNs

    Cannonball, Saya no uta, Katawa Shoujo, Swan Song... those are just from my high ratings. it's not hard. What really annoys me is shit like Dracu-Riot with its 30 minute scens of just cocksucking and sweettalking. Scenes like this just full of lame faked emotion vanilla trash. This is where CTRL comes in.
  6. Symphonic rain

    You sure it's not just you? Fal's route was a great introduction and I really enjoyed it and I really liek Fal too. Yeah she's not unconditional wuv you sex slave perfect waifu like most heroines, that doesn't make her "mean", she clearly cared for Chris in her own way. Lise is cute as fuck, maybe the worst route cause of some heavy handed content, but I can't say I was ever bored reading it. Torta and onward is much better yeah but it's not like Fal and Lise routes are bad, they're at least well above average (great in my book)
  7. Visual Novel Masterclass

    From what I've read, I'd file only two works under the master class: SubaHibi and Symphonic Rain. Neither are perfect, but they affected me a lot more than other VNs. SubaHibi's artistic sense appealed more to the brains. It's deep, a bit crazy, and the complex narrative is honestly stunning. It also has amazing use of artwork to play up the emotional aspect of certain scenes. It's so complex and people feel so belittled by not understanding it that they resort to taking individual lines out of context just to validify their misunderstandings of it. If you're not very smart, then you might not enjoy it. As for me, I really enjoy being confused by layered labyrinth-like narratives, or just themes presented in obtuse ways. The funny thing about SubaHibi is that a lot that goes on it is pretty easy to understand, it's the narrative that is complex. I guess that's where so many misunderstandings stem from. They missed the nuance. Symphonic Rain's artistic sense appealed more to my emotions. It made me feel all fuzzy or all empty inside at various points. I have never felt such emotions playing another game. It is a beautiful looking, cosy, yet kind of tense gamewith great character portrayals and depth. The second half is truly fantastic, but two of the character routes aren't quite on that level. I'd still call it a masterwork. The narrative is simpler, but very effective. Both this and SubaHibi excel in their visual, audio and most importantly writing style & merits. For more minor masterworks, I'd point towards Saya no Uta which is incredible for its short running time, having I think the best soundtrack, some of the best art, and some of the best writing. I do think it could've been just a little better writing-wise, but you can't expect much improvement in its short playtime. It's honestly up there with some of the best novels I've read, but I admit the music and CGs won me over. I'd also point toward Cannonball for being something of an unpolished diamond. There is a masterpiece in there as it is mindblowing at times and does some things way better than other VNs, but I cannot overlook its numerous flaws either, especially not the terrible gameplay mechanics. I think you need a certain sensibility to really see how good this is, as it has a pretty low score on VNDB. I'm suspecting a lot of them didn't finish it or just hate having to use their imagination for certain things. Steins;Gate seems to be a fan-favorite and although I loved it, for me it is no masterpiece. It just cannot be one when it has the Faris chapter. It's excellent other than that chapter, though. I'm also reading Edelweiss right now. Not finished, but as of right now, if it keeps up this level of quality, it might be a masterwork in the comedy genre... maybe. I am pretty picky with my comedy, but silliness is just something I have a lot of fondness for. Especially the Marx Bros, or Jacques Tati. I haven't laughed this much reading a VN before Edelweiss. My opinions don't seem to line up well with other fans of eroge, for example I found Doki Doki Literature Club, Fata Morgana, and Euphoria all to be quite horrible, with very few merits I could honestly point out. I would advice you to not trust popular opinion too much as people seem to have entirely different sensibilities and looking for entirely different things in this medium. I mean, they're porn games. For example, for me, a plot twist needs to be built on the foundations of good writing, strong themes, good characterization, or something else to be effective. If these aren't present, it has the opposite of the intended effect, and just feels pathetic. Pathetic is just the word I would use to describe the twists in the aforementioned anti-masterpieces.
  8. should I read grisaia or fate first?

    (clarifying since I got grossly misunderstood somehow) Common route: not bad, but it is wacky unlike the character routes so it sucks you into thinking the whole thing might be decent Character routes: unimaginably terrible, which makes the whole thing a waste of time in the end.
  9. Saku Saku Route Quality

    6/10 it's garbage
  10. should I read grisaia or fate first?

    Skip grisaia, it's awful and you can't even prepare yourself for that since the common route is just full of wacky humour (and not bad) Just a huge waste of time
  11. Thanks all for your suggestions! I'm wishlisting the titles that seemed most relevant. I don't discriminate against english VNs or yuri, or dark material like rape and guro, I'm open for anything. That's just how I roll! I should mention though that I'm not really talking about something where you move to a new place and then stay there for the whole story, I'm looking more for a road-movie type of story. I figured as much, of course, but there's always going to be some exceptions and different things out there. When I first got into eroge I really wasn't prepared for the sheer number of them that exists. Besides, characters in these kinds of stories don't always journey alone. Cannonball was kind of an adventure-type of VN where 1 (or 2) central heroines stay with you the whole game. Still, it doesn't have quite the kind of movement I'm specifically looking for here, but it comes closest to what I'm looking for so I guess it serves as a good example. From what I read around on VNDB, rail-softsAlbatross might be something closer, but sadly a SEOP like me can't read it
  12. The story and setting can be anything, I'm just looking for a VN where the protagonist isn't bound to one place. Perhaps he's journeying and meeting new people each chapter that he then leaves behind. Perhaps he finds comrades along the way. These kinds of stories aren't rare but I haven't found any VNs really like this yet. I can understand that it requires more backgrounds than usual though.
  13. Damn, 60k lines! Sounds like a lot of work is going into this. Respect
  14. I'm stoked for more liar-soft (maybe rail-soft... pls albatross) c'mon mangagamer it's time for fairytale requiem and MONOBENO I can feel it in my lolicon bones (not really, but one can dream)