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  1. How do you rate your VNs?

    I like to add points the more I like something rather than subtract the more I dislike. Even a low score like a 4 needs some good points to earn that score, and to earn a 5 and up the VN is actually quite good in my book. (6 really good, 7 great, 8 really great, etc). So for example Rewrite which is very much a mixed bag gets an 8 because its good points are simply that outstanding, even if there's some terrible content in it as well. Meanwhile I only gave Chaos;Child a 5 because while it's fair enough, it never really felt like more than a reasonably adequate work to me. In order for a VN to reach a really low score like a 1 or 2, it has to be either almost completely devoid of good points (Let's say, Sweet Young Bride) or it's a mixed bag but it's actively pissing me off when it's really bad (Grisaia). So it would look something like this. 1: Hated it. It's so bad that whatever good points it might have becomes irrelevant. 2. Disliked it. Let's say this is a "baseline". An average VN with nothing much going for it. 3. Mild dislike, but I recognize some good points. 4. There's something genuinely good here, but I wouldn't say I liked it on the whole yet. 5. It's good enough to say that I liked it. 6. I liked it more than a 5. and so on. The result of this style has become a kind of "stairway pattern" by having the most 2's, followed by 3's and then 4's etc, due to reading too many average VN. Also, while I do have my own taste, I am pretty openminded and can immerse myself in any VN regardless of genre or style. That's why my ratings can look kinda random (although there should be a clear pattern like for instance surreal things I generally like, moeges I generally don't) and while I'm hesitant to say a VN is "better" than another just cause I scored it higher. Scoring it higher just meant I liked it more for whatever it did right. I drop a lot to VNs that score 3 and below, but I usually gave them a good chance (let's say, finish half the routes. sometimes I get close to the end but just don't care anymore. If I drop something early on I never rank it, but if I drop it halfway through I might, and I've ranked everything that I dropped close to the end.)
  2. stay with ur wife and give up on eroges, or keep it a secret from her. If she knows you are into perverted anime games, you are only giving her ammunition to talk shit about you in the future and everyone will have a very negative opinion of you, she could even report you to the authorities. do not trust your girlfriends with this stuff, it's just too risky.
  3. There's always someone that's going to be alienated or offended by stuff. I'm all for respecting different people's needs. I react negatively to a lot of different things, but I've never experienced a panic trigger attack or something from a VN. I understand that there are a small group of people that might have legitimately triggering responses to stuff like rape or loli or suicide or bullying etc etc etc. I respect that, but my respect and understanding ends at just that: respect and understanding. It's still on the people with these kinds of triggers to make their own decisions. You can very easily accidentally stumble upon a rape scene in a VN that you didn't know was there, but if it's really a huge issue for you, it's more likely it would be pretty easy to do your research first. The same thing applies to lolis, lolis are very common in VNs, if you can't handle lolicon then it's very easy to do the research and find out if a title has it. I fundamentally disagree that offensive content shouldn't be promoted. I fundamentally disagree that anything morally questionable in fiction is inherently bad. Whether people strive to be challenged by certain content, or they just have fetish for certain content, or they enjoy seeing comedic situations with certain content, whether it is rape, suicide, loli or anything else offensive, I will always stand up for the rights of writers and artists to explore and create in whatever fashion they like because the more you limit them then the worse it is for all of us. Yes, there will always be people that are left out by certain popular conventions, like for example, some people simply won't read anything with porn. That's a shame but there is still plenty of gems for them to choose from. I'm not holding back on promoting titles I love just because they might offend a vague ~someone~. Neither should you or anyone else. What you should keep in mind, though, is to always have respect for others as individuals with individual needs and tastes. That's something very important. That's why SubaHibi is not a suitable recommendation for a lot of people. However, for people that can challenge themselves and explore all this difficult content, then it should be promoted above all else.
  4. Niché interests (which means damn near all interests) always gets this topic for some stupid reason, don't U understand that the mainstream is not desirable? I don't want to share my hobby with some of you people, because your end goal is to eliminate stuff that I like for the sake of popularity, you want to "drop the porn" and "drop lolicon", screw you, screw your "diversity", screw your ideals of ruining it for others. Freedom of choice should always win, and that's why the mainstream is not desirable to fans; it's incompatible with Japanese VNs. This does not stop you from reading, creating or promoting the VNs you like. The nature of what the medium is does not change just because a lot of Japanese VNs have porn in them. Go your own way and don't drag others down with you, please.
  5. Ochinchin is used all the time in stupid moeges and I never saw it translated to pee-pee before. Bugger off. Girls in Maitetsu talk dirty in their H-scenes. read them and U will see. Your whole argument falls apart because they mix in "pee-pee" and "pussy" in the same scene. The translation for the Hscenes is fucking trash. You're being disingenuous to the point that I'm wondering if you're pulling my leg to be honest.
  6. u make no sense, h scenes are supposed to be erotic I liked the "weiner" in boob wars but i know that's a very controversial opinion how about just penis?
  7. おちんちん gets translated as pee-pee in the H-scenes, completely unerotic, I suggest a replacement in a future patch
  8. Maitetsu VN Discussion (Released at June 29th)

    If FAKKU weren't involved I would 100% say that only fans would be willing to fix this, but as it stands I have some faint hope that Sekai Project might do -something- within the next couple of months. Of course, by then, the game will have lost all of its momentum sales-wise, so it's a pretty major fuck up.
  9. Maitetsu VN Discussion (Released at June 29th)

    Sekai Project has been doing this shit for YEARS. Just stop supporting them.
  10. A room full of crumpled tissues
  11. Needs an editor Game looks awesome
  12. Personally I use "dropped" or "stalled" If I don't have near-100% completion (I don't require all CGs unlocked or all text read, but I require seeing completing all routes/seeing the true ending). I assumed that's the norm. Like OP You haven't finished Ever17, you have dropped it.
  13. Another Sekai Project Discussion

    Sekai Project are incredibly slow too, I would be amazed if some of their unreleased stuff won't take 5+ years to come out (from announcment). Just look at how huge their list of TBA's is and how infrequently they release anything that people actually care about.
  14. Your list is crap. Who is this even for? I strongly suggest that you delete it and rethink what you've done and if your attempt is really accomplishing anything. I wouldn't want to read almost anything on this list.