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  1. Sorcery Jokers was released on January 12th

    @Stormwolf I found Asahi annoying at first too but she really grew on me over the course of the story. She gets a lot more romantic development than Riku does. Also don't know how far you've got but Haruto does get slightly less insufferable later on.
  2. To Heart 2 discussion thread

    https://imgur.com/a/XGQeo Here are all the lines. The ED is just a black screen for me so I skipped it, maybe we're talking about different things?
  3. To Heart 2 discussion thread

    I just skipped through to the end and I counted 7 lines. It's broken into 2 parts I think. I was thinking the same thing as @wyldstrykr, either that or just post the lines here.
  4. To Heart 2 discussion thread

    Thanks, I'm pretty sure there were at least a few lines more though. Also, I only played through Manaka and Yuma's routes so far (and Yuma's didn't have any text at the end), so I didn't realise there would be untranslated text at the end of all the routes. If it's plot relevant wouldn't it be a good idea to provide a translation, even if it's not ingame?
  5. To Heart 2 discussion thread

    There's a bunch of text that's left untranslated at the end of Manaka's route. Does anyone know what it says?
  6. Do you guys have any plans to release a future partial patch? Given that at the project's current pace it'll take 2+ years to complete, I think it would be a decent idea to release one after all the main routes have been finished. From the looks of the progress updates, the side stories and training make up a significant amount of the remaining lines, and I imagine most people would be more interested in the routes themselves.