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  1. Funny you take issue with lolicon specifically. Aren't many 18+ BL VNs known for featuring rape and other non-consensual/hardcore sexual content? The risk that a rape victim might get "triggered" is no different, but I don't see you advocating for a ban of that (or for people to stop promoting it, whatever you want to call it).
  2. This. Short attention spans and the need for instant gratification are much more fundamental barriers facing VNs in the west than h-scenes, cultural attitudes or any of the other issues brought up in this thread. Trying to change VNs so that they appeal more to western sensibilities is an awful idea, it'll only serve to alienate the current fanbase in pursuit of a nonexistent market. The best we can hope for is to slowly expand the current niche fanbase so that the companies can sustain themselves and we can get more and bigger releases each year.
  3. What exactly does the update do? Does it fix all the CGs including the side routes?
  4. I'd rather this stay strictly as a restoration patch. Editing parts of the script people don't agree with could get messy quickly and it's beyond the scope of what's meant to be just a temporary fix.
  5. That's wrong though. There are h-scenes present in the original game, and some of them are canon too. They happen during the heroine routes (and it is obvious when they happen), only difference is that they were put into a separate menu for whatever reason.
  6. @Stormwolf I found Asahi annoying at first too but she really grew on me over the course of the story. She gets a lot more romantic development than Riku does. Also don't know how far you've got but Haruto does get slightly less insufferable later on.
  7. https://imgur.com/a/XGQeo Here are all the lines. The ED is just a black screen for me so I skipped it, maybe we're talking about different things?
  8. I just skipped through to the end and I counted 7 lines. It's broken into 2 parts I think. I was thinking the same thing as @wyldstrykr, either that or just post the lines here.
  9. Thanks, I'm pretty sure there were at least a few lines more though. Also, I only played through Manaka and Yuma's routes so far (and Yuma's didn't have any text at the end), so I didn't realise there would be untranslated text at the end of all the routes. If it's plot relevant wouldn't it be a good idea to provide a translation, even if it's not ingame?
  10. There's a bunch of text that's left untranslated at the end of Manaka's route. Does anyone know what it says?
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