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  1. Hello! I would like to know if the https://vndb.org/v11 plot is exactly the same as the anime (despite the bad endings), or i would be able to see some extra content and different routes Thanks!
  2. First, my congratulations for the project, it seems very consistent and beautiful, the plot seems very interesting and good to explore! I would love to help kickstarter, but I'm already collaborating with so many games that my budget is on the limit But without doubt I will help with the divulgation and I will help with feedback by answering your questions. What do you guys think? R: Very promising, particularly for me, I find very interesting paranormal and occult literature/plots Advice for how we can improve? R: In the kickstarter page says "romance with a variety of characters", I would like to take a look at the other characters, I think it is imperative to know all the possible romantic routes before downloading, At least for me, so it's very important to create a page in VNDB where you can put all the main and secondary characters and say a little about each one. Best/prefered social media? R: Facebook/Reddit How can we get more people to see this project? R: VNDB Page will be mandatory if you want to reach a large part of our community What are things we can do to generate more interest for our project? R: This will vary greatly as each person will have their own interests when looking for a VN, so i'll say mine: H-scenes, voiced characters, multiple endings, variety of choices. Good luck with Phantom Ban! looks really great and well-made, i hope i have helped
  3. Hello my friend! Welcome to Fuwa! I would like to know your favorite VN and Anime, please. Have Fun!
  4. Same reason here, lame design But i guarantee you, Da Capo II and III will not disappoint you, you get used to the artstyle during gameplay and will enjoy a lot! I will rec a VN with good design, good plot, choices, characters and really good love and drama with ANY of the routes, my favourite VN by far (don't judge me) BEHOLD! ~~~~~~ https://vndb.org/v6710 ~~~~~~
  5. It's hard for me to help you in this, I do a lot of research before starting a VN so I usually do not disappoint myself. Nor would it make sense for me to get a bad VN on the internet and tell you without having read it before. But based on my experience (of all of my reads) This was the worst and sickest: Https://vndb.org/v3161/ And its bad, because it started with a really good and promising plot, but i was getting really sick over time, i like sick stuff but that one was just boring and forced, and with a extremely bad design. Hint: If you are doing a youtube series would be really great if you mention Fuwa to help with divulgation, or at least the nickname of the members who helped you, would be fair. Good luck and good job! Please share the video when you finish
  6. My congratulations for the project, it seems very consistent and well designed, I would like to be able to help in Patreon but I am already collaborating with so many games that my budget is in the limit But I'll wait anxiously for the release and I'll definitely help with divulgation
  7. Question: Do we have some H-pics at the end of the dates?
  8. O-M-G looks so beautiful! Well done! I will give it a try for sure
  9. Congratulations! Can you create a VNDB or upload some pics of the game? So we can take a look before downloading it
  10. Hello, can you guys share some amazing anime tracks of this year? I will start with the Kiznaiver opening (really beautiful)
  11. ooooh, that is annoying, since i feel no connection with the other characters, but thank you!
  12. I'm reading Yosuga no Sora, and decided to start with Sora's route, but i'm having some problems, in the very beginning (first day at school) says that she locked herself on her room, and the walktrough says to choose the "knock" option, but nothing appears, the scene just keep going someone that have played can explain me what is happening?
  13. No news about Princess Evangile W Happiness and Imouto Paradise 2? omg
  14. I'm not from USA but we are all hoping that you guys will make America great again
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